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Rogue (European Team)

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Rogue (European Team)logo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
Team LocationEurope Europe
Head CoachSimon "fredy122" Payne
Find Your Grind
Steve Aoki
Created2016-05-03 (Organization)
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Current Roster
RGE 2019 Spring.png

Rogue is a European team.


Rogue is an American organization best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege teams. In 2018, the organization was rumored to be joining the EU LCS as part of the 2019 European franchise program.[1] On November 20, Riot Games confirmed Rogue as one of the ten partner teams for the LEC 2019 Spring Split.[2]

2019 Season

Rogue signed a roster containing of experienced players in Profit, Kikis, Sencux, HeaQ, and Wadid. After a horrible 0-8 start to the Spring Split they brought in rookie top laner Finn and veteran support VandeR from their academy team and picked up 2 wins in the next 3 weeks. Due to being out of playoff contention already Rogue gave up on the split and changed back to their original roster to have a more competitive roster on the academy squad for the rest of their split.


  • 2019
  • 2018

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends Joined

Finn Finn Wiestål 2Top Laner 2021-11-15 2019-02-12

Profit Kim Jun-hyung (김준형) 3Top Laner 2021-11-15 2018-12-02

Inspired Kacper Słoma 4Jungler 2021-11-15 2019-05-27

Larssen Emil Larsson 5Mid Laner 2021-11-15 2019-05-28

HeaQ Martin Kordmaa 6Bot Laner 2021-11-15 2018-11-30

Woolite Paweł Pruski 7Bot Laner 2021-11-15 2019-05-29

Vander Oskar Bogdan 8Support 2019-11-18 2019-02-12


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Selfie Marcin Wolski 13Mid Laner Rogue (European Team)logo std.pngRogue Esports Club 2019-05-162019-05-16 2019-05-282019-05-28

Wadid Kim Bae-in (김배인) 15Support FlyQuestlogo std.pngFlyQuest 2018-11-292018-11-29 2019-05-162019-05-16

Sencux Chres Laursen 13Mid Laner ROG Schoollogo std.pngROG Esport 2018-12-012018-12-01 2019-05-132019-05-13

Kikis Mateusz Szkudlarek 12Jungler None 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-05-022019-05-02
Note: Teams are free to switch players between their LEC and Academy rosters as long as their roster for each game complies with the rules outlined in their respective ERL. Therefore, more players are eligible to start than are listed on this page - we will only list those that do play.



C ID Name Position

Frank Franklin Villareal Co-Founder, Co-Owner, CEO, & President

Derek Nelson Co-Founder & CEO

Amish Shah Co-Owner

Dave Bialek Co-Owner

ODEE Michael O'Dell Chief Gaming Officer

Steve Aoki Steven Hiroyuki Aoki Investor

Nicky Romero Nick Rotteveel van Gotum Investor

Anna Baumann Managing Director and General Counsel of Europe

Hendrik Mokrusch Executive Assistant

Tien Ho Gia Tien Ho Head of Marketing

Hadaka Sean Mulryan General Manager for North America

flyy Tomislav Mihailov 90General Manager for Europe

Jesper Bakker Lead Graphic Designer

otter Brian Thomas 90Player Development

Karou Lisa Heinrich Team Manager

fredy122 Simon Payne 90Head Coach

Blumigan Marcus Blom 90Assistant Coach
Ismael Pedraza Performance Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team

Avin Cody Gerard Head Analyst None

Edward Edward Abgaryan 90Assistant Coach Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUnicorns Of Love

Xirreth Urszula Klimczak Behavioural Analyst & Mental Coach None

Player League Participation

Note that tiebreaker games ARE included in this display even though they are typically not included for regular-season records.


VanderTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngFC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngFC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png236
SencuxSplycelogo std.pngSplycelogo std.pngSplycelogo std.pngSplycelogo std.pngMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png167
HeaQGiants Gaminglogo std.pngNinjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png117
KikisUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngG2 Esportslogo std.pngFnaticlogo std.png
G2 Esportslogo std.png
Mysterious Monkeyslogo std.pngTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png116
WadidTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2 Esportslogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png115
ProfitNinjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png89
FinnRogue (European Team)logo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png10
WooliteCHWLogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png66
LarssenH2k-Gaminglogo std.pngRogue (European Team)logo std.png18
InspiredRogue (European Team)logo std.png16

Tournament Results

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Rogue Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
LEC 2019 Summer
7 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR

LEC 2019 Spring
2 - 16Blanklogo std.pngRR

Total Prize:



  • 2018

External Links


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