Rumble on the Rift 2018

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Rumble on the Rift 2018
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 North America
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Rumble on the Rift is a competition featuring 2 teams consisting of personalities and influencers from the LoL community. The tournament took place at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, California.



The tournament is composed of up to 7 different games with rulesets designed by the tournament organizers. Each game has a pre-determined challenge happening at 10 minutes and a community-voted one happening at 15 minutes as follows:

  • Game 1 - Won by Meme Team (Led by Bustin, against Darshan).
    • 10 Minutes - Every 2 minutes, each player exchange seat with the member of their team that is to their left.
    • 20 Minutes - Sheriff Caitlyn's Challenge: Two players per team must be handcuffed together for the rest of the game.
  • Game 2 - Won by Dream Team (Led by Nicki Taylor, against YourPrincess).
    • 10 Minutes - Shopkeeper Quizz: Team captains are brought to the center of the stage and asked questions about item gold cost (Bo2). Loser mustn't play for 30 seconds and is disconnected from the game.
    • 20 Minutes - Duos: Captains must play Tandem with another team member that isn't part of the game.
  • Game 3 - Won by Meme Team (Led by BunnyFuFuu, against Hai).
    • 10 Minutes - Each team members must relay themselves to go find mushrooms in the crowd, hidden by the audience.
    • 15 Minutes - Remove Scurvy: 3 members from each team must go in the center and eat an orange.
  • Game 4 - Won by Meme Team (Led by Yassuo, against Wingsofdeath).
    • 10 Minutes - Chairs are removed for every players of both teams (allowed back at 15 minutes).
    • Additional Challenge - Viewers vote on the items players must buy.
  • Game 5 - Won by Dream Team (Led by BoxBox, against Voyboy).
    • 10 Minutes - Fog of War: Both captains are blindfolded for 3 minutes and led by coaches (RF Legendary leading BoxBox and Heisendong leading Voyboy)
    • 15 Minutes - Everyone must go to the Baron Pit. 1v1 duels are elected until only 5 players remain.
  • Game 6 - Won by Dream Team (Led by Imaqtpie, against Tyler1).
    • 10 Minutes - Faceroll: For 2 minutes, players must put their left hand behind their back and play with their face or another body part.
    • 15 Minutes - Curse of the Sad Mummy: Team captains must be wrapped in toilet papers by their team members until they ressemble AmumuSquare.png Amumu
  • Game 7 - Dr. Mundo Dodgeball - Won by Dream Team (Led by Imaqtpie, against Tyler1).

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