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The Rune Mage
Release Date: February 21, 2009
Cost: 450 BE 260 RP
Primary Attribute: Mage
Secondary Attribute: Fighter
Resource: Mana
Health Mini Icon.png Health: 570 (+ 98)
HealthRegen Mini Icon.png Health Regen: 1.4 (+ 0.11)
Mana Mini Icon.png Mana: 400 (+ 50)
ManaRegen Mini Icon.png Mana Regen: 1.2 (+ 0.16)
MovementSpeed Mini Icon.png Movespeed: 340
AttackDamage Mini Icon.png Attack Damage: 55.04 (+ 3)
AttackSpeed Mini Icon.png Attack Speed: 0.625 (+ 2.112%)
Range Mini Icon.png Range: 550
Armor Mini Icon.png Armor: 21.552 (+ 3)
MagicResist Mini Icon.png Magic Resist: 30 (+ 0)
Young Ryze Released: 2009-07-18 / Special
Tribal Ryze Released: 2010-03-04 / 520 RP
Uncle Ryze Released: 2010-07-04 / 520 RP
Triumphant Ryze Released: 2010-09-01 / Special
Professor Ryze Released: 2010-10-05 / 975 RP
Zombie Ryze Released: 2010-10-18 / 975 RP
Dark Crystal Ryze Released: 2012-02-20 / 975 RP
Pirate Ryze Released: 2012-10-26 / 975 RP
Ryze Whitebeard Released: 2015-12-08 / 750 RP
SKT T1 Ryze Released: 2016-08-18 / 975 RP


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Widely considered one of the most adept sorcerers on Runeterra, Ryze is an ancient, hard-bitten archmage with an impossibly heavy burden to bear. Armed with immense arcane power and a boundless constitution, he tirelessly hunts for World Runes—fragments of the raw magic that once shaped the world from nothingness. He must retrieve these glyphs before they fall into the wrong hands, for Ryze understands the horrors they could unleash on Runeterra.

Ryze was just a young man when he first learned of the powerful arcane forces that lay hidden across the world. While on a diplomatic mission, Ryze overheard his master, Tyrus, in discussion with another wizened old mage. In hushed tones, they spoke of the potential danger of something called ‘World Runes.’ As Tyrus noticed his pupil, he abruptly ended the conversation, tightly clutching the scroll that never left his side.

Over the following decades, knowledge of the Runes began to spread as more were unearthed. The world’s brightest minds studied the ancient glyphs, attempting to determine the powers they possessed. Few could even begin to understand the importance of their origins, or the sheer power held within them. Some surmised that the Runes were integral to the creation of Runeterra itself. The first use of these mysterious artifacts proved catastrophic, as they reshaped the landscape of entire nations. Mistrust quickly grew as those who knew of the Runes imagined such “Makers’ Might” being used as a weapon.

Ryze and Tyrus traveled between various nations, trying to quell paranoia and encourage restraint, but their missions became increasingly precarious. Relentlessly, they strove to avert multiple disasters, but Ryze could sense his master’s growing desperation.

Tyrus’s worst fears were realized when he and his student were mediating a standoff between two warring nations, not far from Ryze’s boyhood village of Khom. Each army accused the other of plotting to use runic weapons against the other, and each was prepared to do the same in self-defense. As tensions grew out of control, Tyrus could see it was a conflict he could not mediate. With the two sides determined to go to war, he could do nothing but flee with his protégé.

They had escaped halfway across a mountain range before the battle erupted. Ryze suddenly felt the earth fall away beneath him. The ground seemed to retch and squeal, while the sky above them recoiled as if mortally wounded. Tyrus grabbed Ryze and screamed unheard commands, but the words were swallowed by the unnatural silence around them. For the first time, they were witnessing the effects of two World Runes at war.

Seconds later, reality settled. Ryze and Tyrus clambered to the ruins of a nearby peak and looked back upon the valley where the two armies previously stood. Below, they saw insanity—destruction so massive that it defied all physical sense. The armies, the people, the very land itself were gone. An ocean that was previously beyond a day’s journey was now rushing to meet them. Ryze could only fall to his knees and stare into the great hole left in the world. The devastation was complete. Nothing remained. Not even the village he once called home.

Open warfare raged across Runeterra. The first horrors of the Rune Wars sparked fear and aggression among those who now realized the power at their command. Even Ryze felt the urge to join the conflict to prevent further devastation of the kind unleashed on his people. Tyrus was there to stay the hand of his pupil, counseling that the path of vengeance would lead only to more heartache. Ryze was initially vexed by his master’s words, but he soon came to accept Tyrus’s wisdom.

Traveling across the world to meet with those who held the Runes, Tyrus pleaded for sanity. To ensure the future of Runeterra, he asked that every World Rune be locked away beyond the reach of man. Deeply sobered by the imminent threat of annihilation, some agreed to turn over their World Runes to Tyrus, while others refused to cast aside their newfound power and influence.

Tyrus continued his work, attempting to remove all World Runes from the reach of humanity. Yet as hope for Runeterra grew, Tyrus seemed to unravel. Ryze saw his master grow more distant. While Tyrus dealt with the Runes, he began to send his student on missions that seemed to have little importance.

Ryze was on one such menial errand when he received word of a new cataclysm, this time to the southwest of Valoran, in Icathia. The mage rushed to the scene of the devastation, beset with concern for his master and friend, hoping that he had survived. Upon his arrival, Ryze was elated to find that Tyrus was indeed safe. But Ryze’s relief was short-lived. Next to the scroll he had never been allowed to read, sat two World Runes.

The older mage explained that once the World Runes were in play, he had no choice but to use them himself. Ryze was horrified as he realized Tyrus had not just survived the disaster, he had caused it. He continued his bitter tirade, telling his student that humanity was a reckless child, playing with power it did not understand. Tyrus could no longer play the role of diplomat for ignorant power-mongers. He had to stop them.

Though Ryze tried to reason with Tyrus, it was no use. The infinitely wise paragon he’d looked up to since childhood was gone. Before him stood a flawed man, susceptible to the same temptations as the fools he decried. The Runes had corrupted him deeply, and he was sure to use them again and again, taking more of the world away each time.

Ryze had to act, even if it meant destroying his only true friend. He unleashed every ounce of arcane energy he could muster. Tyrus reached for the Runes, determined not to relinquish their power. In grasping for them, the corrupted mage had left himself momentarily defenseless to Ryze’s onslaught. A moment later, Tyrus’s corpse lay smoldering on the floor.

Ryze trembled with emotion as his mind struggled to process what he had done.

As he regained his senses, he found himself alone with the World Runes, their glow inviting him to possess them. Steeling himself, he picked up the strange symbols one by one, and immediately felt them transforming him into something greater, or more terrible, than he could ever otherwise be.

Shuddering, he dropped the Runes and backed away. If these glyphs could corrupt a mage with the strength and integrity of Tyrus, how was Ryze to handle them?

He then realized that if he walked away, someone else would find the Runes and use them. At that moment, Ryze understood the scale of his task. As long as any World Rune remained in play, the Rune Wars would continue and surely doom all Runeterra.

Unsure what possible next step to take, Ryze saw the scroll Tyrus always carried with him. Tentatively, Ryze unfurled the scroll and was illuminated by a radiant glow. Suddenly, Ryze knew what he must do.

Ever since that day, Ryze has wandered the world, driven by the same unseen beckoning that both guides and terrifies him. He constantly rejects the promise of power within each Rune, choosing instead to bind them in secret locations no one can access. He has spent centuries performing the task, his life abnormally prolonged by the magic he has absorbed carrying out his duty. Even after all this time, Ryze cannot afford to slow. The World Runes have begun to emerge once more, and the world has forgotten the price of wielding them.

"Take care with this world. What is made can be unmade."

- RyzeSquare.png Ryze


Ryze would have been cold if his body wasn’t simmering with nervous energy. With all that weighed on him that day, the harsh Freljordian elements scarcely seemed to have an effect. Neither was he daunted by the distant howl of a hungry ice troll. He had come to do a job. Not one he relished, but one that had to be done, and one he could no longer avoid.

As he approached the gates, he could hear the rustling of fur cloaks over pine timber as the warriors of the tribe rushed to inspect him. In seconds, their spears were poised atop the gate, ready to kill, should he prove unwelcome.

“I’ve come to see Yago” said Ryze, pulling back the hood of his cloak just enough to reveal his violet skin. “It’s urgent.”

The stoic faces of the warriors atop the fence flashed with surprise at the sight of the Rune Mage. They climbed down and worked in unison to open the heavy hardwood gates, which seemed to croak apprehensively at the sight of the interloper. This was not a place that saw many visitors, and those it did see usually ended up on pikes as a deterrent to others. Ryze, on the other hand, had a reputation that granted him access to even the most hostile regions of Runeterra—

—For a few minutes, anyway, if no problems arise, he thought.

His face betrayed none of those uncertainties as he walked between the columns of fierce, wind-chapped faces that seemed to judge him, looking for any reason to try him. A young boy, no more than five, gaped at Ryze, bravely leaving his grandmother’s side for a closer look.

“Are you a warlock?” asked the boy.

“Something like that” replied Ryze, barely glancing at the boy as he continued his stride.

He found the path that led toward the rear of the fortification. To his surprise, the village had hardly changed since he had last seen it, many years before. He made his way to an unmistakable structure of domed crystalline ice, its brilliant azure hue standing out among the dull surroundings of wood and earth.

He was always a wise man. Maybe he’ll cooperate, thought Ryze as he entered the temple, steeling himself for whatever lay in wait.

Inside, an old frost mage was pouring wine into a dish on an altar. He turned to see Ryze approaching, and seemed to judge him silently. Ryze felt his heart sink in dread. After a moment, the man smiled, and embraced Ryze like a long-lost brother.

“You look thin” said the mage. “You should eat something.”

“You shouldn’t” replied Ryze, nodding to Yago’s slightly sagging paunch.

The two friends laughed long and easily, as if they had never been apart. Ryze slowly felt his guard begin to drop. There were very few people in the world he would call friend, and it did his soul good to talk to one. He and Yago spent the next hour reminiscing, eating, and catching up. Ryze had forgotten how good it felt to converse with another human being. He could easily stay a fortnight with Yago, drinking wine and sharing tales of triumph and loss.

“What brings you so deep into the Freljord?” asked Yago at last.

The question jolted Ryze back to reality. He quickly recalled the words he’d carefully prepared for this point in the conversation. He told a story of his days in Shurima. He’d gone to investigate a tribe of nomads that had swelled in wealth and land, to the size of a small kingdom, almost overnight. On closer inspection, Ryze found a World Rune in their possession. They resisted, and…

Ryze lowered his tone to suit the silence of the room. He explained that sometimes awful things must be done for the world to remain intact. Sometimes those awful things are better than the horrible cataclysm that would otherwise unfold.

“They must be kept safe” said Ryze, finally coming to his point. “All of them.”

Yago nodded grimly, and the warmth that had been rekindled between the two friends instantly evaporated.

“You would take it from us, knowing it is all that keeps the trolls away?” asked Yago.

“You knew this would come” said Ryze, offering no solution. “You’ve known for years.”

“Give us more time. In the spring, we will head south. What chance do we have in winter?”

“You’ve said those words before” Ryze said coldly.

To his surprise, Yago took him by the hands, making a gentle plea.

“There are many children among us. And three of our women are swollen with child. You would doom us all?” asked Yago desperately.

“How many are in this village?” asked Ryze.

“Ninety-two” replied Yago.

“And how many are in the world?”

Yago fell silent.

“It can wait no longer. Dark forces gather to take it. It leaves with me today” Ryze demanded.

“You would use it for yourself” accused Yago, erupting in a jealous rage.

Ryze looked into Yago’s face to see that it had been transfigured into a scowling visage—that of a fiend, no longer recognizable as the man Ryze once had once known. Ryze started to explain that he had learned long ago not to use the Runes, that doing so would always come with too high a price. But he could tell this madman before him was not one to be reasoned with.

Suddenly, Ryze felt a severe pain, and found himself writhing on the floor, saliva dripping from his mouth. He looked up to see Yago in a casting stance, his fingers crackling with power that no mortal being should possess. Coming to his senses, Ryze rooted the frost mage in place with a ring of arcane power, giving himself just enough time to get to his feet.

Ryze and Yago circled each other, clashing with powers the world had not seen in ages. Yago seared Ryze’s flesh with what felt like the power of twenty suns. Ryze countered with a potent series of arcane bursts. After what seemed like hours, the combined power of their attacks breached the walls of the temple, and brought the thick ice dome crumbling down upon them.

Badly wounded, Ryze dug himself out of the rubble and got to his knees. He saw a blurred image of Yago, battered, and fumbling to open a lockbox that he’d dug out of the debris. Ryze could tell by the lust in his eyes what he was reaching for, and what would surely happen once he had it.

With his magic energy drained, Ryze leapt on the back of his old friend and began to garrote him with the belt from his own robe. He felt nothing; the man who he had loved deeply just minutes ago was now merely a task in need of completion. Yago struggled mightily, his legs flailing, searching for a foothold. Then he fell dead.

Ryze pulled a key from Yago’s necklace and unlocked the box. He removed the World Rune, its otherworldly pulse beating with a warm orange glow. Wrapping the Rune in a scrap of his dead comrade’s robe, he gingerly placed it in his satchel and hobbled out of the temple, breathing a mournful sigh at the loss of another friend.

The Rune Mage limped toward the village gate, past the same wind-chapped faces that had watched him arrive. He looked askance at them, expecting an attack, but the villagers made no move to stop him. These were no longer fierce defenders; these were people who looked stunned to be facing their own end. They looked at Ryze with big, helpless eyes.

“What are we to do?” asked the grandmother, with the young boy still clutching her furs.

“I’d leave” said Ryze.

He knew if they stayed, the trolls would descend on the village come nightfall, leaving none alive. And outside the village, worse dangers lurked.

“Can’t we come with you?” called the young boy.

Ryze paused. Part of him—a vestige of irrational compassion deep within—screamed, Take them. Protect them. Forget about the rest of the world.

But he knew he couldn’t. Ryze trudged into the deep Freljordian snow, choosing not to look back at the faces of those he was leaving. For these were the faces of the dead, and his business was with those who could still be saved.

There are many on Runeterra who are attracted to the study of magic or, in recent times, the emerging field of techmaturgy. For most, pursuit of such knowledge is formalized in a college or university. The halls of traditional study were never for Ryze, however, who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra than those who tried to teach him. He struck out on his own as a young man to discover what already called to him. Ryze traveled the world, seeking the wisdom of powerful hermits, witches, and shamans - anyone who had something to share beyond what was taught in the city-states of Valoran. When he had learned all he could from these fonts of wisdom, Ryze turned to seek the lost, forgotten, and forbidden knowledge in the world, delving into mystical worlds where others feared to tread.

Ryze's tireless searching for magical knowledge led him to an ancient form of spellcraft known as thorn magic. This art required Ryze to tattoo spells on his body, permanently infusing his being with vast arcane power and finally fulfilling his need to bond with the mystical energies of Runeterra. His travels also led him to uncover the giant indestructible scroll he now carries on his back - the purpose of the inscribed spell remains a secret only Ryze knows. He claims it is an abomination - something that he must safeguard from the world. This has piqued the curiosity of many, though no one is sure how to separate the scroll from Ryze, or if it is possible to overcome the rogue mage to do so. Since then, Ryze has joined the League of Legends to study the magical creatures and powerful will-workers that fight there, in order to complete his exploration of mystical Runeterra.

"Ryze is no longer just a mage - he has become a creature of magic itself."

- High Councilor Heywan Relivash

The halls of traditional study were never for Ryze, who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra than those who tried to teach him. As a young man, he traveled the world, seeking the wisdom of powerful hermits, witches, and shamans. When he had learned all he could, Ryze turned to seek the lost, forgotten, and forbidden knowledge in the world. This led him to an ancient form of spellcraft known as thorn magic. This art required Ryze to tattoo spells on his body, infusing his being with vast arcane power. His travels also brought him to the giant indestructible scroll he carries on his back. The purpose of the inscribed spell is a secret only Ryze knows. However, he claims it is an abomination, something that he must safeguard from the world. Today, Ryze has joined the League of Legends to study the magical creatures and powerful will-workers that fight there, in order to complete his exploration of mystical Runeterra.
"There is no doubt. Ryze is no longer a mage - he has become a creature of magic."
Candidate: Ryze

Date: 24 September, 10 CLE


Ryze strides along the marbles halls; face deliberate, jaw set and determined. His eyes hold a sense of urgency and undeniable purpose that is mirrored in his gait. His simple traveler's clothes pose a stark contrast to the elaborate tattoos that snake their way across his wiry frame, marring every inch of his exposed flesh.

Slung over his powerful back hangs a scroll; precious cargo from how he cradles it. From the embossed spellbook in his grip to the lesser scraps of parchment at his side, nothing is borne with more reverence. He stops for a moment beneath an archway marked by a double door and an inscription: "The truest opponent lies within." The Rogue Mage extends a hand, parting the portal, before striding boldly inside.


Ryze stood for a moment in the dark, calm but alert. He sniffed the air. There was something here... a tangible presence.

"A visitor?" called a voice from the black, "How strange. I loathe uninvited guests!"

Every muscle in his body tightened like a coiled spring. Out of the darkness strode a lithe, beautiful woman, dressed in a loose fitting dress. From neck to fingertips, she was covered in tattoos.

"Lilith?" he gasped, "How did you find me?"

She reached out a slender hand, lightly drawing her long nails down Ryze's bare chest.

"Ryze," she purred, "You cannot hide from me." She drew in closer, catching him in her embrace. "I have a secret," she whispered, pulling herself close to his cheek. "I will never let you go!" she snarled, biting his earlobe suggestively. He shivered.

The pinch in his ear became a sharp sting. He heard an impact and fell reeling to the ground, catching himself on pure, unmarked hands. He recognized them as his own, but that was impossible. He hadn't seen his bare flesh in years.

"Trespasser!" rasped Lilith's voice.

"Pardon, mistress," he started, climbing to his feet on the ramshackled porch of a lonely cabin, "I am weary and in search of shelter for the evening. The Howling Marsh is no place to be caught after dark."

"I do not shelter insufferable wayfarers," she replied, folding her arms implacably. A slight breeze caught her wild hair.

Ryze sneered. "I am not to be trifled with..."

She cut him off. "Trifled?!" she screeched, extending a finger. Energy crackled along the patterns on her arm, racing across the distance between them. First it was just the jolt. The breath rushed from his lungs and for a moment he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was lying on his back in the mud, gasping. His body tingled, and he shook from head to foot. Lilith stood over him, silhouetted in the setting sun, Energy still coursing along the ink in her tattoos.

"You will learn respect, vagabond," she said, even voiced once again.

"Please, mistress," Ryze gasped, "spare my life."

She knelt over him, leaning in just inches from his nose, her hair falling into his face. She dug her fingernails into the shirt over his chest, "Why, pretty thing? Why should I spare your life?"

He inhaled sharply through the pain in his chest, "Because I have been searching for you for my entire life," he stammered, "and it would break my heart to die, now."

Lilith sat up slightly. She smiled. "How interesting," she replied. Ryze's strength failed him and he passed out.

He awoke lying face down on a plush mattress, arms and legs spread wide. He tried to move, but found himself bound tightly in place. Next to him on the pillow lay a series of razor sharp thorns and a font of violet liquid.

"Awake so soon," Lilith muttered coyly, entering the room through a beaded curtain. She climbed onto the bed with him, straddling his lower back. "Tell me, wayfarer," she quipped, reaching for her implements, "what is it about me that is so fascinating?" She dipped a barb into the inkwell.

"I have studied magic since I was a boy," Ryze croaked into the pillow. He felt a twinge in the nape of his neck and he winced.

"Don’t squirm!" Lilith shouted, bringing a hand down hard on his shoulder with an audible smack. Ryze gritted his teeth through the pain and continued. The burning sensation spread as she went about her bloody work.

"Always, my masters taught me patience, to remain in control, to never surrender to my passions," she changed needles. He could feel blood and ink pooling in his open wounds. "They called me a liability; refused to finish training me," he went on, "You know another way."

"Charlatans," Lilith spat, wiping the blood from his back with her dress. She bent low over him, her hot breath on his neck. She whispered, "but we know better, don't we. Magic is Energy. All our enthusiasm; our rapture; our fury. They are conduits for our power." She licked her lips. "I can show you the way."

She freed his limbs. "Now roll over," she snapped, another needle clutched lightly in her fingers, "I haven't finished."

Ryze grudgingly obeyed, though his body throbbed with pain. Above him in the rafters hung an elaborate scroll on stretched parchment, larger than a tapestry. "What is that?" he asked, remembering himself.

Lilith's face grew ashen. The room around him fell away to darkness. "You stole it from me!" she shrieked, arms flailing, tears streaming down her face, "How could you?! Betrayer! Betrayer!" She struck him a dozen times before he could restrain her.

"I had no choice!" he cried, "You wouldn't listen! You would bring ruin on us all!"

Lilith scoffed. "Why do you want to join the League, Ryze?"

Ryze released her and she pulled away. He adjusted the scroll on his back. "I must keep it safe."

She smiled. "How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

Ryze determined countenance returned. "I will do what I must," he replied.

He raised a hand to shield his face as the doors to the League of Legends swung open, and light came pouring in.


Arcane Mastery.png Arcane Mastery [Passive]

Innate: Ryze's spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana, and his maximum Mana is increased by (+5% per 100).
Overload.png Overload [Q]
Cost: 40 Mana Cooldown: 6 seconds Range: 100

Passive: Rune Prison.png Rune Prison and Spell Flux.png Spell Flux rest Overload's cooldown and charge a Rune for 4 seconds, up to 2 Runes.
Active: Unleashes a runic blast, dealing magic damage to the first enemy struck. Any active Runes are discharged.

If 2 Runes are discharged, they Overload, shielding Ryze and increasing his Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

Magic Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 / 185 (+45%) (+3% bonus)
Shield: 65-150 (+60%) (+3% bonus)
Movement Speed: 25 / 25 / 31 / 34 / 37 / 40%
Rune Prison.png Rune Prison [W]
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 Mana Cooldown: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 seconds Range: 615

Active: Instantly root an enemy for 0.75 seconds and deal magic damage. Magic Damage: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+60%) (+1% bonus)
Spell Flux.png Spell Flux [E]
Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 Mana Cooldown: 3.25 / 3 / 2.75 / 2.5 / 2.25 seconds Range: 615

Active: Apply Flux to an enemy, dealing magic damage.

Spells consume Flux for bonus effects:
Overload.png Overload: Deals more damage and spreads to nearby enemies with Flux.
Rune Prison.png Rune Prison: Root duration is increased to 2 seconds.
Spell Flux.png Spell Flux: Spreads Spell Flux to nearby enemies, dealing 50% damage.

Spells that kill enemies affected by Flux spread Spell Flux to nearby enemies.

Magic Damage: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+30%) (+2% bonus)
Overload.png Overload Increased Damage: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80%
Realm Warp.png Realm Warp [R]
Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 180 seconds Range: 1750 / 3000

Active: Ryze opens a portal to a location. After 2 seconds, all allies near the portal are teleported to that location.

If Ryze becomes unable to cast or move, Realm Warp is cancelled.

Patch History


E mana cost increased at early ranks.

High waveclear in mid lane is particularly worrisome in two cases: when it over-enables a champion to roam and affect side-lanes, and when it allows a hard-scaling champion to avoid fights until late-game. In Ryze's case, we've got both problems at play, so we're making his waveclear more expensive to keep up early game.

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

COST : [40/55/70/85/100]
60/70/80/90/100 mana

E damage increased at early ranks. E spread damage decreased. R cooldown increased.

Compared to other mages with good waveclear, Ryze's method (spread Spell Flux, then pop with Overload) is one of the more difficult to get right. Mistiming Spell Flux against a low-health minion often means you lose out on both the spread and the last hit, making the gap between high- and low-tier Ryzes particularly stark. Given that Ryze has been popping off in pro again (despite questionable performances on live servers), we're making Ryze's waveclear easier to access in the early game while reducing its overall potency. Realm Warp's cooldown is also targeted at pro play, given how much harder it is to coordinate in solo queue.

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

DAMAGE : [50/75/100/125/150]
SPREAD DAMAGE : [100%] 50%

Realm Warp.png R - Realm Warp

COOLDOWN : [120] 180 seconds

Activating Stopwatch or Zhonya’s now cancels Ryze’s ultimate as though he had been interrupted by crowd control.

When the original decision was made to allow Ryze to use Zhonya's Hourglass to guarantee his ultimate, we were on the fence about this interaction, but it was deemed acceptable because he paid a significant cost to access it. Zhonya's Hourglass either came later in the game, or delayed core items in Ryze's already expensive build. Now that the Inspiration tree has made Zhonya's effect much easier to access, we’re not comfortable with keeping this low gameplay interaction intact.

THE ULTIMATE CC Activating Stopwatch or Zhonya's now cancel's Ryze's ultimate as though he had been interrupted by crowd control.


BASE HEALTH : [558.48] 570

W ratio increased.

Ryze has been in a pretty weak place for a while. We don’t want to make it any easier for him to reach his strong late game, but we think he could use a bit more damage in his combo once he’s started to really build ability power.

Rune Prison.png W - Rune Prison

RATIO : [0.2] 0.6 ability power

Spell Flux still spreads if its target dies while E is mid-air.

We’re making Spell Flux more forgiving on higher-latency environments.

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

LAG FORGIVENESS : If Spell Flux’s target dies while the projectile is traveling, Spell Flux will still spread to nearby enemies

Q cooldown resets on W/E cast, not hit.

Much like Karthus, Ryze’s quick combos create a large gap between low and high ping players by decreasing accessibility to his combos. We’re making his resets a bit more fluid to bridge that gap.

Overload.png Q - Overload

ANTICIPATION : Cooldown reset now occurs when Rune Prison or Spell Flux are cast, rather than when they hit their targets

W duration reduced, E cooldown now scales down with ability level

Ryze has been a constant in Patch Notes this year - this stems from the fact that we're still working to reduce the gap between pro play and regular play. This time we're aiming to reduce his reliability at setting up ganks - for its reliability, Rune Prison’s point-and-click root results in success far too often. The long root also lets Ryze players on low-ping environments churn out combos (WQEQ) that aren’t similarly with even a little latency added to the mix. Together with that, we're also reducing the amount of pressure he puts on waves and enemies - we want Ryze's enemies to have more opportunities to interact with the minion wave without getting Flux’d in the process.

Rune Prison.png W - Rune Prison

BASE ROOT DURATION : [1] 0.75 seconds (empowered duration unchanged)

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

COOLDOWN : [2.25 seconds] 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 seconds

Q bonus damage on E’d targets reduced.

Despite 7.1’s changes to reduce Ryze’s early game safety, the Rune Mage is still machine-gunning everyone to death once he eventually scales into mid/late game. That said, this is a far larger problem in pro play than normal play, and nerfing base damages would just make that worse. We’re targeting Q’s bonus damage, ensuring power’s pulled more heavily from matches where Ryze players are far more diligent in priming their targets with Spell Flux before tossing out an Overload.

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

Q BONUS DAMAGE VS FLUX’D TARGETS : [40/55/70/85/100%] 40/50/60/70/80%

Less shield and Movement Speed on Q

One of the goals of Ryze’s 2016 update was to diversify his strengths beyond raw offensive threat. Adding defense- and utility-oriented tuning levers meant we’d have the means to balance around his damage, not just the damage itself. That brings us to today. Ryze has retained his historic late-game potential, but he’s not struggling nearly enough to get there. Overload’s shield and speed boost are too effective a safety net, especially early on while Ryze is still scaling up. Making him more vulnerable to unfavorable matchups gives opponents a window to hinder his progression toward late-game carry status, but if Ryze can navigate the added risk, his payoff is the same as it’s always been.

Overload.png Q - Overload

OLD SHIELD : 60~200 at levels 1-18 (50 + 10 per level from levels 1-12, + 5 per level from levels 13-18)
NEW SHIELD : 65~150 at levels 1-18 (60 + 5 per level)
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [25/30/35/40/45/50%] 25/28/31/34/37/40%

Realm Warp’s rank 1 tooltip and indicator have been fixed.

While we could have documented this with the other bugfixes at the bottom of the patch notes, the truth is that with a busted range indicator, most players probably haven’t been taking advantage of Realm Warp’s increased range. In other words, this bugfix might create more impact than the actual buff last patch. Hence, full-fledged patch notes.

Realm Warp.png R - Realm Warp

BUGFIX : Realm Warp's tooltip and range indicator have been updated to match last patch’s cast range increase (now 1750 at rank 1)

R cast range up at rank 1.

We knew going into Ryze’s update that his new kit has a steep mastery curve. Buffing him while players are still in a learning period can be risky: today’s “balanced” Ryze quickly becomes overpowered once players begin to use him optimally. That said, it’s been long enough for us to be comfortable giving Ryze a bit more to get excited about when he hits 6.

Realm Warp.png R - Realm Warp

RANGE : [1500/3000] 1750/3000


Ryze, the Rune Mage, will be updated with the launch of patch 6.14! To learn more, check the following links:

Q damage down. R cooldown up.

In the hands of an experienced player, Ryze is a cut above the competition. The ability to rapid-fire massive damage, CC or waveclear - all with very low downtime - makes it easy to see why Ryze is the go-to for some of the best players in the world. We’re limiting Ryze’s effectiveness when cycling through the entire spellbook to give opponents moments of downtime to capitalize on. Unless they’re rooted (and then rooted again, and again, etc).

Overload.png Q - Overload

DAMAGE : [60/95/130/165/200] 60/90/120/150/180

Desperate Power.png R - Desperate Power

COOLDOWN : [50/40/30 seconds] 50 seconds at all ranks

Q damage up.

Our last round of changes to Ryze left him feeling weak in the wake of his passive's spell-cap, so we're tossing him some love. We're still working on our long-term vision for Ryze (and continuing to monitor his state on live) but in the meantime we're letting him pack more of a punch, especially when weaving his signature combos.

Overload.png Q - Overload

DAMAGE : [60/85/110/135/160] 60/95/130/165/200

Passive capped at 5 spellcasts. Ult cooldown lowered.

To put it lightly, the discrepancy between a new Ryze player and a Ryze veteran is staggering. Not unlike Alistar's changes above, Ryze is often balanced around what he's capable of doing rather than what he does realistically with those 5 seconds of Supercharge. With the long-term goal of finding a sustainable balance state for Ryze long-term, we're starting off by giving him a clearly defined and achievable 'best case' for Arcane Mastery. With a hard cap in place, we can follow-up by making the rest of Ryze's kit work within that band - like focusing Ryze's mastery around how many times you can enter (and optimize) Supercharge, instead of just cramming spell combos into onerotation. There's lots to adjust going forward, but this is a necessary first step if Ryze is ever to get off the wild balance rollercoaster he's been on for a while.

Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery

DURATION : Now lasts for 5 spell casts or 2.5-5 seconds (based on rank of Q - Overload).

Desperate Power.png R - Desperate Power

COOLDOWN : [80/60/40 seconds] 50/40/30 seconds


In a world without Mana potions (and generally less early Mana regeneration), we've identified a few champions for some emergency rations, giving early Mana boosts until they can get their footing and purchase items to make up the deficit. This also means we can really understand which champions relied on Mana potions as a crutch to limp through the early to mid game, and we can give additional love if necessary.


The following champs have +50 base Mana and -3 Mana scaling (net -1 Mana at level 18):

Passive stack duration down. Q damage down. E ratio and damage down as well.

"Not much to see here, just toning down Ryze's damage in a few areas, particularly his early-game spikes in the laning phase. We still view Ryze as a hyper-carry that needs team support to make it to his ultra-rapid-fire lategame, but the compensation buffs we gave him for removing the 'Perma-Root' in 5.12 went too far in making him self sufficient. Hypercarries without any exploitable windows are no bueno, so we're ensuring Ryze has the appropriate amount of risk for the reward you get for letting him reach his super-charged, spell-slingin' slaughter-state."
  • Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • STACK DURATION : 10 seconds 6 seconds
  • Overload.png Q - Overload
    • DAMAGE : 60/95/130/165/200 60/85/110/135/160
  • Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux
    • DAMAGE : 50/66/82/98/116 36/52/68/84/100
  • RATIO : 0.3 ability power 0.2 ability power

Oh boy.

"Ryze has a lot of changes beneath, but to help parse them we have to break down exactly what the issues with his ‘perma-root' case are, aside from all of the keyboards you've broken in the last week or two.
Let's nail down the first issue: counterplay. This one gets said a lot but to clarify - counterplay doesn't always mean ‘let's turn it into a skillshot!' - counterplay can exist on targeted abilities with levers like duration or cooldowns. In Ryze's case, getting supercharged violates pretty much all of these and leaving all but the most CC-Immune targets unable to do much else.
Next is the speed at which he's able to reach that power spike - Ryze has historically been a late-game champion, with much of his matches feeling like a ‘race against time' ala Nasus or Kog'Maw. When he's able to access that level of output as early as level 3 or 5, there's no time to mount an offense (or anything, really) to bring to the fight.
So how do we get to fixing those? Our start is lowering the maximum potential of his Rune Prison chaining (thus increasing his windows of ‘not-rooting you') and necessitating Overload as a first-max pushes back the point in the game that he's able to Ryze out on people significantly while making sure he isn't just the best once he does reach that state."
  • General
    • DIDN'T YOU WATCH THE TRAILERS : Ryze's targeted spells (W - Rune Prison, E - Spell Flux) no longer cancel his active Movement or Attack orders
  • Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • PASSIVE DURATION : 6 seconds 2.5 seconds
    • PASSIVE STACK DURATION : 12 seconds 10 seconds
    • SPELL COOLDOWN FLOOR : 0.25 seconds removed
  • Overload.png Overload
    • [NEW] Passive : Increases the duration of Arcane Mastery's supercharged effect to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds
    • BASE DAMAGE : 65/95/125/155/185 60/95/130/165/200
    • COST : 30/35/40/45/50 Mana 40 Mana at all ranks
    • MISSILE WIDTH : 50 55
  • Rune Prison.png W - Rune Prison
    • ROOT DURATION : 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds
    • BASE DAMAGE : 65/95/125/155/185 80/100/120/140/160 damage

W and E no longer grant passive stacks / trigger cooldown effects if he casts them just as the target dies.

"Sorry about that!"
  • Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • WHOOPS : Fixed a bug where Ryze could use W - Rune Prison and E - Spell Flux on a dying target to build passive stacks without completing the spellcast (or using Mana)

Q damage up at later ranks, Arcane Mastery and Desperate Power now last 6 seconds at all ranks.

"We've got some follow-up adjustments for everyone's favorite rogue mage with bad teeth - specifically just streamlining some of those buff durations."
  • Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • SUPERCHARGED MASTERY : All buffs (stacks, shield, etc) associated with Arcane Mastery now apply at the end of the spells' cast time beginning of spells' cast time
    • SUPERCHARGED DURATION : 3/4/5/6 seconds (based on ranks in R - Desperate Power) 6 seconds at all ranks
  • Overload.png Q - Overload
    • BASE DAMAGE : 65/90/115/140/165 magic damage 65/95/125/155/185 magic damage
  • Desperate Power.png R - Desperate Power
    • DURATION : 4/5/6 seconds 6 seconds at all ranks

'No longer one-shots people with MuraMana.

"Not much to see for the Rogue Mage in this patch besides some changes to a pretty goofy interaction between MuraMana and his opponents' melting faces. We're still evaluating what kind of love Ryze will need (if any) post-update as people learn what builds and skill orders work best, but he's right at the top of our radar for emergency rations if need be."
  • Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • CLARITY : While stacking, Arcane Mastery's icon is grey to differentiate 'charging' and 'ready' states
  • Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux
    • YOU KNOW WHY : No longer triggers single-target spell effects (Rylai's, MuraMana) on instances of damage beyond the first
  • Desperate Power.png R - Desperate Power
    • BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where casting a spell as Desperate Power's buff expired caused that spell to not go on cooldown


"Ryze has been updated! Check out the article if you want the full story, or just below if you want the specifics."
  • General
    • SPELL SWAG : Ryze's ability visual effects, audio and icons have been updated!
    • BASE MANA REGEN : 0.8 1
    • ARMOR GROWTH STAT : 3.9 3.0
  • NEW Arcane Mastery.png Passive - Arcane Mastery
Casting a spell grants a stack of Arcane Mastery for 12 seconds. At 5 stacks, Ryze becomes supercharged for 3/4/5/6 seconds (increasing with ranks of Desperate Power), gaining a shield that blocks (20 + 5 per level) (+8% of maximum Mana) damage and causing his spellcasts to reduce the cooldown of his other spells by Overload's cooldown, to a minimum of 0.25 seconds.
  • Overload.png Q - Overload
    • [REMOVED] OVERLOADED : No longer passively grants cooldown reduction
    • [NEW] IT'S A SKILLSHOT : Is now a line skillshot that stops at first enemy hits
    • [NEW] WIDTH : 50
    • RANGE  : 625 900
    • COST  : 60 Mana 30/35/40/45/50 Mana
    • MANA RATIO : 6.5% of maximum Mana 2/2.5/3/3.5/4% of maximum Mana
    • ABILITY POWER RATIO : 0.4 ability power 0.55 ability power
    • COOLDOWN : 3.5 seconds 4 seconds
  • Rune Prison.png W - Rune Prison
    • BASE DAMAGE : 60/95/130/165/200 65/95/125/155/185
    • MANA RATIO : 4.5% of maximum Mana 2.5% of maximum Mana
    • ABILITY POWER RATIO : 0.6 ability power 0.4 ability power
  • NEW Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux
Unleashes an orb that deals damage and reduces the Magic Resist of targets hit by a percentage, stacking up to 3 times.
After hitting, Spell Flux bounces to nearby enemies and Ryze (up to a total of 6 secondary targets) before returning to the original target.
  • DAMAGE : 50/66/82/98/114 (+2% maximum Mana) (+0.3 ability power)
  • RETURN DAMAGE : 25/33/41/49/57 (+1% maximum Mana) (+0.15 ability power)
  • Desperate Power.png R - Desperate Power
    • COOLDOWN : 70/60/50 seconds 80/60/40 seconds
    • DURATION : 5/6/7 seconds 4/5/6 seconds
    • [NEW] DESPERATE MASTERY : Increases Arcane Mastery's duration to 4/5/6 with rank
    • [NEW] DESPERATE COOLDOWNS : Passively grants 10/20/30% cooldown reduction

Q damage up.

"We've all seen this one before. A true terror in toplane, Ryze has become a shadow of his former self - so we're slapping some charge back into Overload to see if we can't inch him back to reasonable levels. Carefully."
  • Overload.png Q - Overload
    • BASE DAMAGE : 40/60/80/100/120 magic damage 55/75/95/115/135 magic damage

Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 9)

"We're continuing our comprehensive pass at the game's older character textures. As with previous installments, our goal is to improve parity with newer releases and make sure everybody looks at home on the Rift. "
  • KayleSquare.png Kayle
    • Base, Battleborn, Judgment, Silver, Unmasked, Viridian
  • Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin
    • Base, Acolyte, Dragon Fist, Muay Thai, Traditional
  • PantheonSquare.png Pantheon
    • Base, Full Metal, Myrmidon, Perseus, Ruthless
  • RumbleSquare.png Rumble
    • Base, Bilgerat, Rumble in the Jungle
  • RyzeSquare.png Ryze
    • Base, Dark Crystal, Human, Pirate, Professor, Tribal, Triumphant, Uncle, Zombie

Q's base damage has been reduced across all ranks.

"As a strong late game scaling champion, Ryze's ability to bully out other top laners early is pretty bonkers, so we're reducing his base damage in lane while still leaving his ability to scale past laning phase intact. We'll be keeping an eye on Ryze over the next few patches, however, as these nerfs might be on the light side for how dominant a champ he is."
  • Overload.png Q - Overload
    • BASE MAGIC DAMAGE : 60/85/110/135/160 40/60/80/100/120

v4.3 We’ve buffed Ryze’s base health and increased Overload’s range.

“In previous patches, we cemented Ryze’s role as a mid-range mage. Now, we’re helping him adjust.”

  • 'General
    • BASE HEALTH: 446 ⇒ 500
  • Overload.jpg Q - Overload
    • RANGE: 600 ⇒ 625

'Summary: We've improved the responsiveness of Ryze's basic attacks. Additionally, we've increased his base Movement Speed along with Desperate Power's Movement Speed bonus.

'Context: We like Ryze's current direction as a mid-range, face-melting mobile caster, and these changes represent further iterations on that same path. Having additional base Movement Speed and a more responsive basic attack will also help out his laning phase.


  • Adjusted recommended items to incorporate Spirit Visage instead of Banshee's Veil
  • Base Movement Speed increased to 340 (from 335)
  • Improved basic attack to be more responsive

Desperate Power

  • Movement speed increased to 80 (from 60/70/80)

'Summary:The ranges of Ryze's spells are being reduced this patch, but his Desperate Power Movement Speed buff has been increased to compensate.

Context: With his spell range and high late game damage, Ryze could effectively nuke back line squishies from distance while still playing the role of “tanky beast” (when built in that way). We wanted to refocus on Ryze's core identity as a mid-range mage, meaning his positioning and proximity to the enemy team is more important than before, while his increased speed should allow him to get up close to priority targets to melt their delicate little faces.

  • Overload
    • Cast range reduced to 600 from 650
  • Rune Prison
    • Cast range reduced to 600 from 625
    • Mana cost reduced to 60/70/80/90/100 from 80/90/100/110/120
  • Spell Flux
    • Cast range reduced to 600 from 675
  • Desperate Power
    • Movement Speed increased to 60/70/80 from 35/45/55


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.


  • Fixed a bug where Ryze's autoattack could be interrupted by Spell Flux


  • Updated tool-tips


  • Base attack damage increased to 55 from 49
  • Base missile speed increased to 2400 from 1400
  • Recommended items updated on The Crystal Scar/Summoner's Rift
  • Animations updated for Overload, Rune Prison, and Spell Flux
  • Overload
    • Mana ratio reduced to 6.5% from 7.5%
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.2
    • Overload base damage increased to 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 from 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140
    • Range reduced to 650 from 700
  • Rune Prison
    • Mana ratio reduced to 4.5% from 5%
    • Mana cost adjusted to 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 from 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140
    • Duration reduced to 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds from 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds
  • Spell Flux
    • Added a 1% Mana ratio
    • Missile speed reduced
    • Bounce radius increased to 400 from 375
    • Now prioritizes enemy champions over Ryze
    • Mana cost adjusted to 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 from 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140
  • Desperate Power
    • Passive Mana component removed
    • Active now adds 35 / 45 / 55 Movement Speed


  • Overload Mana ratio reduced to 7.5% from 8%


  • Overload base damage increased to 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 from 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130


  • Overload Mana ratio reduced to 8% from 10%
  • Desperate Power spell vamp now scales to 15 / 20 / 25% from 15% at all levels


  • Overload
    • Cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds form 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7
    • Base damage reduced to 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 from 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210
    • Mana cost changed to 70 at all levels from 30 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110
    • Missile speed increased to 1,400 from 1,200
    • Ability power ratio decreased to 0.2 from 0.45
    • Range increased to 675 from 600
  • Rune Prison
    • No longer deals damage per tick and deals 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 damage up front (down from 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 over the duration)
    • Ability power ratio changed to a flat 0.6 from 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 (depending on snare duration)
    • Now deals 5% of Ryze's maximum Mana in bonus damage
    • Cast range increased to 625 from 600
    • Duration reduced to 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 seconds from 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4
  • Spell Flux
    • Ability power ratio per hit reduced to 0.35 from 0.38
    • Cooldown increased to 14 seconds from 9
    • Mana cost reduced to 60 / 75 / 90 / 110 / 130
  • Desperate Power
    • No longer grants ability power but now grants 15% spell vamp
    • Area of effect damage percentage reduced to 50% from 65%
    • Cooldown changed to 70 / 60 / 50 from 50 at all levels
    • Duration changed to 5 / 6 / 7 seconds from 8 at all levels
    • Now grants a passive 75 / 150 / 225 Mana
  • Reduced base magic resistance to 30 from 35
  • Fixed a bug where Ryze's base Mana regen did not get updated properly during the previous patch's revamp


  • Fixed a bug where Spell Flux was doing less AoE damage than intended when used in combination with his Arcane Mastery ability


  • Overload now has 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10% cooldown reduction
  • Rune Prison
    • Duration increased to 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 seconds form 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2 / 2.4
    • Now deals damage over 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /6 ticks (evenly split by the duration) instead of every 0.4 seconds
  • Spell Flux magic resistance reductio nchanged to 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 from 15 at all levels
  • Desperate Power cooldown increased to 50 seconds from 40


  • Base damage increased to 50 from 47
  • Armor increased to 11 from 10
  • Armor per level increased to 3.9 from 3.7
  • Spell Flux
    • Magic resistance debuff no longer stacks
    • Magic resistance debuff increased to 15 from 12


  • Rune Prison no longer prevents the target from attacking, and only immobilizes


  • Desperate Power ability power bonus reduced to 50 / 80 / 110 from 60 / 100 / 140


  • Spell Flux magic resistance reduction on hit reduced to 12 from 15 per hit


  • Overload damage reduced to 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 from 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210
  • Spell Flux
    • Damage increased to 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 from 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130
    • Ability power coefficient increased to 0.38 from 0.33
  • Desperate Power cooldown reduced to 40 seconds at all levels from 60 / 50 / 40
  • Increased base Movement Speed to 310 from 300
  • Increased attack range to 550 from 425
  • Increased base damage to 49.5 from 45
  • Increased base Mana to 305 from 293
  • Increased base Mana regen to 4.9 from 4.6
  • Increased base health to 446 from 420
  • Increased health gain per level to 86 from 78
  • Increased base armor to 14.2 from 10.1
  • Increased armor gain per level from 3.7 to 3.2


  • New Passive - Arcane Mastery
    • After casting a spell all other spells have their cooldown reduced by 1.5 seconds
  • Overload
    • Base damage changed to 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 from 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260
    • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.45 from 0.8
    • Gains additional damage from 10% of Ryze's maximum Mana as opposed to 12% of his current Mana
    • Cooldown reduced to 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 seconds from 15 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8
    • Mana cost reduced to 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 from 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180
  • Rune Prison
    • Duraiton reduced to 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2 / 2.4 seconds from 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3
    • Mana cost reduced to 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 from 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160
    • Cooldown reduced to 14 seconds from 16
  • Spell Flux - Now a regular skill
    • Bounces a static 5 stimes between minions, enemy Champions, and Ryze
    • Damage is 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130
    • Ability Power ratio of 0.33
    • Applies a stacking -15 magic resistance debuff to every enemy target it hits with a max stack of 5. Duration is 5 seconds
    • Cooldown is a 9 seconds at all levels
    • Mana cost is 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
    • Range is 700
    • Missile speed drastically increased
  • Desperate Power - New Ultimate
    • A self-targeted instant cast buff that lasts 8 seconds
    • Gives Ryze 60 / 100 / 140 additional ability power and grants all his spells 65% AoE damage
    • 60 / 50 / 40 second cooldon
    • Costs 0 Mana


  • Spell Flux Damage reduced from 300 / 400 / 500 to 240 / 360 / 480
  • Rune Prison Range reduced from 600 to 550


  • Desperate Power now properly shows the particle


  • Overload Mana cost modified from 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 to 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180


  • Overload damage increased from 20 / 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 to 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260
  • Increased base damage from 39 to 42


  • Overload ability power ratio reduced from 1.0 to 0.8
  • Spell Flux ability power ratio reduced from 0.75 to 0.7

May 23, 2009 Patch

  • Spell Flux ability power ratio reduced from 1 to 0.75 (per bounce)

May 15, 2009 Patch

  • Made new recommended items

May 9, 2009 Patch

  • Rune Prison ability power ratio increased from 0.24 to 0.4

April 25, 2009 Patch

  • Updated recommended items

April 11, 2009 Patch

  • Corrected Overload's tooltip (the base damage portion showed off low numbers)

Alpha Week 4

  • Spell Flux damage changed from 260 / 340 / 420 to 300 / 400 / 500
  • Rune Prison
    • Cast range changed from 625 to 600
    • Damage increased to 80 per second from 75 per second

Alpha Week 3

  • Overload bonus damage changed from 20% of current Mana to 12% of current Mana

Alpha Week 2

  • Arcane Mastery
    • Tooltip updated to reflect the appropriate ability functionality
    • Increased the spell coefficient
  • Fixed attack timing bugs
  • Fixed tooltip typos for Rune Prison and Overload


  • 2018

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