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SK Telecom T1 x Gugudan Special Match

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SK Telecom T1 x Gugudan Special Match
Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png
Tournament Information
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
FormatHowling Abyss Blind Pick
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline
CountrySouth Korea South Korea
AddressOGN E-Stadium
S-Plex Center 15th Floor
31 Mabongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

The SK Telecom T1 x Gugudan Special Match was a special charity event organized by OGN to benefit child safety in South Korea and featuring SK Telecom T1 and K-Pop girl group Gugudan.


In 2017, SK Telecom partnered with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department for the "Neighborship" campaign to promote child safety, particularly to prevent lost or kidnapped children.[1] From there, SKT contacted Gugudan about participating in a promotional event for the campaign in order to attract more children who could benefit from it; since debuting in 2016 as Jellyfish Entertainment's first girl group, Gugudan had become popular among newer K-Pop girl groups and included two members of I.O.I., formed on the hit Korean reality/variety show Produce 101.

Gugudan practiced with OGN LCK casters CloudTemplar and Dangun for the event and eventually selected five of their nine members to play in the event – leader Hana (Shin Bo-ra), Mimi (Jung Mi-mi), Haebin (Han Hae-bin), Soyee (Jang So-jin), and Hyeyeon (Cho Hye-yeon). Although the event took place in September, the video was not released until October 10.


  • Blind pick on Howling Abyss
  • Game 1 – SKT vs. Gugudan
    • SKT plays without Runes or Masteries, with alternative mice and with boxing gloves
    • Winner donates 1,000 alert trackers to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency[2]
  • Game 2 – Mixed Teams (Team Huni vs. Team Faker)
    • Beginning with the captains, the sides take turns asking each other multiplication questions until a question is missed
    • The winner picks a player, after which the loser chooses a player in response
    • With the exception of the final round (when only one SKT member and one Gugudan member are left), an SKT member must pick a Gugudan member and vice versa


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SKT vs. Gugudan

SK Telecom T1 1 0 Gugudan

Mixed Teams

Team Selection:

  • Huni vs. Faker – Huni wins and picks Hana, Faker picks Mimi
  • Hana vs. Mimi – Hana wins and picks Wolf, Mimi picks Peanut
  • Wolf vs. Peanut – Wolf wins and picks Hyeyeon, Peanut picks Soyee
  • Hyeyeon vs. Soyee – Hyeyeon wins and picks Bang, Soyee picks Haebin (last person remaining)
Team Huni 1 0 Team Faker

VOD Timestamps


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