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"SKlog" (also stylized as #SKlog) is a weekly show that follows the day by day happenings of the SK Gaming team and support staff, culminating in their LEC game days.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Synopsis
10 2019-04-04 VOD 9m29s The Rookie Team That Made it to Playoffs
9 2019-03-21 VOD 9m19s Forcing a Tiebreaker & Reaching Playoffs
8 2019-03-12 VOD 7m55s The Play-off Race
7 2019-02-28 VOD 8m49s The German Derby Revenge
6 2019-02-19 VOD 10m16s Brokenshard takeover and going 2:0
5 2019-02-12 VOD 15m34s Haircuts, Minecraft and Major Changes.
4 2019-02-05 VOD 15m04s The 'Didn't Ask' week
3 2019-01-30 VOD 10m20s Support for the team and a German derby
2 2019-01-23 VOD 10m42s Opening LEC and facing Fnatic
1 2019-01-15 VOD 9m22s New office, Mercedes shoot & Riot camera day

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