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Satori Red

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Team has disbanded.
Satori Red
Satorilogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationMexico Mexico
CreatedOrganization 2014-02
LoL Division 2014-12-09
DisbandedLoL Division 2015-01-01
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Satori Red was a Mexican League of Legends team under the Satori organization.


The Satori organization was formed on February, 2014. On September, 2014 they decided to restructure and acquire a second roster forming Satori Red and Satori Blue looking for being one of the best teams on LAN region.

On October, 2014 they earned their greatest achievement to date, surprisingly winning Circuit of Legends 2014 October against Tesla Gaming, a Top 4 LAN/LAS team.

On January, 2015 the organization decided to disband Satori Blue and form a single roster under the banner Satori with Satori Red players plus 2 substiutes.


  • 2015
  • 2014

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Anti Edward Rosario 11Top Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-09-122014-09-12 2015-01-012015-01-01
H4ckerv2 Gustavo Leyva 12Jungle Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-12-302014-12-30 2015-01-012015-01-01
DCStar Carlos Méndez 13Mid Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-09-122014-09-12 2015-01-012015-01-01
Mike Miguel Rosales 14Bot Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-09-122014-09-12 2015-01-012015-01-01
Soren Carlos Ibarra 15Support Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-09-122014-09-12 2015-01-012015-01-01
BlizzardXD Martin Ordóñez 26 Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-12-302014-12-30 2015-01-012015-01-01
Nurak Luis Ordóñez 26 Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-12-302014-12-30 2015-01-012015-01-01
Zelos Paco Valdez 26 Retiredlogo std.pngRetired ??? 2014-12-302014-12-30
LiquidDiego Diego Padilla 12Jungle Satorilogo std.pngSatori 2014-09-122014-09-12 2014-12-252014-12-25



C ID Name Position Next Team
Holystream Hector Santana Sáenz Coach Satorilogo std.pngSatori
Chavez Javier Chavez Ornelas Coach Satorilogo std.pngSatori
Nalganeitor Pedro Roman Analyst Satorilogo std.pngSatori
Caesar Amadeus Analyst Satorilogo std.pngSatori
IchVanloy Javier Espinosa Analyst Satorilogo std.pngSatori
MrGore Mario Garcia Ulloa Marketing Satorilogo std.pngSatori
Xavy Becker Javier Rodriguez Linares Manager and CEO Casterlogo std.pngCaster


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Minimum place

Satori Red Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2014-12-212$150$ 150€ 122.66 ESLA Pro Triple L Season 1
0 : 3Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)logo std.pngLYN
 Anti,  LiquidDiego,  DCStar,  Mike,  MegaK,  Soren
2014-12-141$300$ 300€ 240.75 Enlace Gamer League Winter 2014
3 : 0BrawL eSportslogo std.pngBWL
2014-10-261$1,400$ 1,400€ 1,104.96 Circuit of Legends 2014 October
2 : 0Tesla Gaminglogo std.pngTesla
2014-09-28Q ESLA Pro Triple L Season 1 Qualifiers
2 : 0DnH Risinglogo std.pngDnH.RSN
Total Prize:USD 1,850


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