Scouting Grounds Circuit/2019 Season/Play Off

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SGC 2019 Play Off
SCG 2019 logo.png
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
North America
Event TypeSwiss
United States
Start Date2019-09-13
End Date2019-09-22
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The 2019 Scouting Grounds Circuit is the first year of North America's collaboration between FACEIT and Riot Games to expand the Scouting Grounds. Its purpose is to promote new talents within the North American League of Legends community and provide the community with an accessible and inclusive circuit made by multiple team-based competitive formats.



  • 16 teams participate
  • 5 rounds of Swiss bracket
  • Matches are best of one
  • Teams with 3 wins advance to Finals
    • Teams with 3 losses are eliminated


Qualified Teams
Tournament Seed Team Qualification Date
Player One Elite Series 1 Polar Acelogo std.pngPolar Ace 2019-08-28
2 The Expendableslogo std.pngThe Expendables 2019-08-28
Upsurge Premier League 1 Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance 2019-08-01
Upsurge Open Qualifier 1 ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANEW Esports 2019-08-05
BIG League 1 Team Frontlogo std.pngTeam Front 2019-08-29
2 Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDramatik Gaming 2019-08-29
Imperial Esports Pro League 1 Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMirage Esports 2019-08-30
2 Team Matrixlogo std.pngTeam Matrix 2019-09-08
Open Qualifier 1 1 Supernovalogo std.pngSupernova 2019-07-15
2 Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMaryville University 2019-07-15
Open Qualifier 2 1 Super Novalogo std.pngHyper Nova 2019-08-12
2 AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIXD 2019-08-12
Open Qualifier 3 1 Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTeam E Turner 2019-08-19
2 Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEmissary Esports 2019-08-19
Open Qualifier 4 1 FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFrostFire 2019-09-02
2 Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMirage Oasis 2019-09-06
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1ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANEW Esports5 - 0100%5W
2AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIXD4 - 180%1W
2Supernovalogo std.pngSupernova4 - 180%3W
4Super Novalogo std.pngHyper Nova3 - 260%1L
4Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMaryville University3 - 260%1L
4Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance3 - 260%2W
4Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTeam E Turner3 - 260%1W
4The Expendableslogo std.pngThe Expendables3 - 260%1W
9FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFrostFire2 - 340%1L
9Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMirage Oasis2 - 340%1L
9Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMirage Esports2 - 340%1W
9Polar Acelogo std.pngPolar Ace2 - 340%3L
9Team Matrixlogo std.pngTeam Matrix2 - 340%1W
14Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDramatik Gaming1 - 420%1L
14Team Frontlogo std.pngTeam Front1 - 420%3L
16Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEmissary Esports0 - 50%5L

Match Schedule[edit]

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Round 1
Fri 13 SepSat 14 SepSat 14 Sep2019,9,14,00,00 - 2019,9,14,00,00
Fri 2019-09-13
Sat 2019-09-14
Sat 2019-09-14
SNSupernovalogo std.png10Team Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX
PAPolar Acelogo std.png10Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS
HNSuper Novalogo std.png10Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK
MIRMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png10Radiancelogo std.pngRAD
MUMaryville Universitylogo std.png10Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O
EXPThe Expendableslogo std.png01Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTET
AVIAVIXDlogo std.png10Team Frontlogo std.pngTF
FFFrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png01ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW
Round 2
Sat 14 Sep - Sun 15 SepSun 15 SepSun 15 Sep - Mon 16 Sep2019,9,15,00,00 - 2019,9,15,21,00
Sat 2019-09-14
Sun 2019-09-15
Sun 2019-09-15
SNSupernovalogo std.png01ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW
FFFrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png01The Expendableslogo std.pngEXP
RADRadiancelogo std.png10Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS
TFTeam Frontlogo std.png10Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK
AVIAVIXDlogo std.png10Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTET
HNSuper Novalogo std.png10Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR
Sun 2019-09-15
Mon 2019-09-16
MIR.OMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png01Team Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX1
PAPolar Acelogo std.png10Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMU1
Round 3
Sun 15 SepMon 16 SepMon 16 Sep2019,9,16,00,00 - 2019,9,16,00,00
Sun 2019-09-15
Mon 2019-09-16
Mon 2019-09-16
ANWANEW Esportslogo std.png10Super Novalogo std.pngHN
DRMTKDramatik Gaminglogo std.png01Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O
TFTeam Frontlogo std.png01Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTET
AVIAVIXDlogo std.png10Polar Acelogo std.pngPA
RADRadiancelogo std.png01Supernovalogo std.pngSN
EXPThe Expendableslogo std.png10Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR
EMSEmissary Esportslogo std.png01FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFF
MTRXTeam Matrixlogo std.png01Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMU
Round 4
Mon 16 SepTue 17 SepTue 17 Sep2019,9,17,00,00 - 2019,9,17,00,00
Mon 2019-09-16
Tue 2019-09-17
Tue 2019-09-17
RADRadiancelogo std.png10Team Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX
TFTeam Frontlogo std.png01Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O
AVIAVIXDlogo std.png01ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW
SNSupernovalogo std.png10Polar Acelogo std.pngPA
FFFrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png10Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR
EXPThe Expendableslogo std.png01Super Novalogo std.pngHN
EMSEmissary Esportslogo std.png01Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK
MUMaryville Universitylogo std.png10Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTET
Round 5
Tue 17 Sep - Sun 22 SepWed 18 Sep - Mon 23 SepWed 18 Sep - Mon 23 Sep2019,9,18,00,00 - 2019,9,23,01,00
Tue 2019-09-17
Wed 2019-09-18
Wed 2019-09-18
ANWANEW Esportslogo std.png10Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS
AVIAVIXDlogo std.png10Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMU
PAPolar Acelogo std.png01Team E Turnerlogo std.pngTET
MIR.OMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png01The Expendableslogo std.pngEXP
RADRadiancelogo std.png10FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFF
SNSupernovalogo std.png10Super Novalogo std.pngHN
Thu 2019-09-19
Fri 2019-09-20
Fri 2019-09-20
TFTeam Frontlogo std.png01Team Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX2
Sun 2019-09-22
Mon 2019-09-23
Mon 2019-09-23
DRMTKDramatik Gaminglogo std.png01Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR2
1 Round 2: Matches rescheduled
2 Round 5: Matches Rescheduled

VODs & Match Links[edit]

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VODs & Match Links
Round 1
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Supernovalogo std.pngSNTeam Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX1 - 0
Polar Acelogo std.pngPAEmissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS1 - 0
Super Novalogo std.pngHNDramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK1 - 0
Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIRRadiancelogo std.pngRAD1 - 0
Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMUMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O1 - 0
The Expendableslogo std.pngEXPTeam E Turnerlogo std.pngTET0 - 1
AVIXDlogo std.pngAVITeam Frontlogo std.pngTF1 - 0
FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFFANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW0 - 1
Round 2
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Supernovalogo std.pngSNANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW0 - 1
FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFFThe Expendableslogo std.pngEXP0 - 1
Radiancelogo std.pngRADEmissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS1 - 0
Team Frontlogo std.pngTFDramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK1 - 0
AVIXDlogo std.pngAVITeam E Turnerlogo std.pngTET1 - 0
Super Novalogo std.pngHNMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR1 - 0
Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.OTeam Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX0 - 1
Polar Acelogo std.pngPAMaryville Universitylogo std.pngMU1 - 0
Round 3
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANWSuper Novalogo std.pngHN1 - 0
Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTKMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O0 - 1
Team Frontlogo std.pngTFTeam E Turnerlogo std.pngTET0 - 1
AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIPolar Acelogo std.pngPA1 - 0
Radiancelogo std.pngRADSupernovalogo std.pngSN0 - 1
The Expendableslogo std.pngEXPMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR1 - 0
Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEMSFrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFF0 - 1
Team Matrixlogo std.pngMTRXMaryville Universitylogo std.pngMU0 - 1
Round 4
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Radiancelogo std.pngRADTeam Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX1 - 0
Team Frontlogo std.pngTFMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.O0 - 1
AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIANEW Esportslogo std.pngANW0 - 1
Supernovalogo std.pngSNPolar Acelogo std.pngPA1 - 0
FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFFMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR1 - 0
The Expendableslogo std.pngEXPSuper Novalogo std.pngHN0 - 1
Emissary Esportslogo std.pngEMSDramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTK0 - 1
Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMUTeam E Turnerlogo std.pngTET1 - 0
Round 5
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANWEmissary Esportslogo std.pngEMS1 - 0
AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIMaryville Universitylogo std.pngMU1 - 0
Polar Acelogo std.pngPATeam E Turnerlogo std.pngTET0 - 1
Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR.OThe Expendableslogo std.pngEXP0 - 1
Radiancelogo std.pngRADFrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFF1 - 0
Supernovalogo std.pngSNSuper Novalogo std.pngHN1 - 0
Team Frontlogo std.pngTFTeam Matrixlogo std.pngMTRX0 - 1
Dramatik Gaminglogo std.pngDRMTKMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMIR0 - 1


Round 1
1ANEW Esportslogo std.png1-01-0
1AVIXDlogo std.png1-01-0
1Super Novalogo std.png1-01-0
1Maryville Universitylogo std.png1-01-0
1Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png1-01-0
1Polar Acelogo std.png1-01-0
1Supernovalogo std.png1-01-0
1Team E Turnerlogo std.png1-01-0
9Dramatik Gaminglogo std.png0-10-1
9Emissary Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
9FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png0-10-1
9Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-10-1
9Radiancelogo std.png0-10-1
9Team Frontlogo std.png0-10-1
9Team Matrixlogo std.png0-10-1
9The Expendableslogo std.png0-10-1
Round 2
1ANEW Esportslogo std.png1-02-0
1AVIXDlogo std.png1-02-0
1Super Novalogo std.png1-02-0
1Polar Acelogo std.png1-02-0
54Maryville Universitylogo std.png0-11-1
54Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-11-1
54Radiancelogo std.png1-01-1
54Supernovalogo std.png0-11-1
54Team E Turnerlogo std.png0-11-1
54Team Frontlogo std.png1-01-1
54Team Matrixlogo std.png1-01-1
54The Expendableslogo std.png1-01-1
134Dramatik Gaminglogo std.png0-10-2
134Emissary Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
134FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png0-10-2
134Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-10-2
Round 3
1ANEW Esportslogo std.png1-03-0
1AVIXDlogo std.png1-03-0
32Super Novalogo std.png0-12-1
32Maryville Universitylogo std.png1-02-1
32Polar Acelogo std.png0-12-1
32Supernovalogo std.png1-02-1
32Team E Turnerlogo std.png1-02-1
32The Expendableslogo std.png1-02-1
94FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png1-01-2
94Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png1-01-2
94Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-11-2
94Radiancelogo std.png0-11-2
94Team Frontlogo std.png0-11-2
94Team Matrixlogo std.png0-11-2
152Dramatik Gaminglogo std.png0-10-3
152Emissary Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
Round 4
1ANEW Esportslogo std.png1-04-0
21AVIXDlogo std.png0-13-1
21Super Novalogo std.png1-03-1
21Maryville Universitylogo std.png1-03-1
21Supernovalogo std.png1-03-1
63FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png1-02-2
63Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png1-02-2
63Polar Acelogo std.png0-12-2
63Radiancelogo std.png1-02-2
63Team E Turnerlogo std.png0-12-2
63The Expendableslogo std.png0-12-2
123Dramatik Gaminglogo std.png1-01-3
123Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-11-3
123Team Frontlogo std.png0-11-3
123Team Matrixlogo std.png0-11-3
161Emissary Esportslogo std.png0-10-4
Round 5
1ANEW Esportslogo std.png1-05-0
2AVIXDlogo std.png1-04-1
2Supernovalogo std.png1-04-1
42Super Novalogo std.png0-13-2
42Maryville Universitylogo std.png0-13-2
42Radiancelogo std.png1-03-2
42Team E Turnerlogo std.png1-03-2
42The Expendableslogo std.png1-03-2
93FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.png0-12-3
93Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png0-12-3
93Mirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.png1-02-3
93Polar Acelogo std.png0-12-3
93Team Matrixlogo std.png1-02-3
142Dramatik Gaminglogo std.png0-11-4
142Team Frontlogo std.png0-11-4
16Emissary Esportslogo std.png0-10-5



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