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Season 2/Regional Finals/Europe/Qualifiers

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The Season 2 European Regional Finals will take place in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom. The top three teams from this tournament will qualify for the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles.


  • Due to a six-way tie for eighth place, a special tiebreaker is held
    • Two groups of three
    • Round robin best of threes
    • Top one team from each group advances to the finals
    • Winner of the finals qualifies for Regional Finals - Cologne

Tie-Breaker Results[edit]

Group Stage[edit]

Group A
1. Logo 2-0 0-0
2. Logo std.pngpah 0-1 0-0
2. Logo std.pngMebdi's Minions 0-1 0-0
Group A Matches
PAHLogo std.png 0 1 Logo std.pngELOH
PAHLogo std.png 0 0 Logo std.pngMEBD
MEBDLogo std.png 0 1 Logo std.pngELOH
Group B
1. Mymlogo std.pngMeetYourMakers 2-0 0-0
2. Logo std.pngOcelote World 0-1 0-0
2. Milllogo std.pngMillenium 0-1 0-0
Group B Matches
OCELLogo std.png 0 1 Mymlogo std.pngMYM
OCELLogo std.png 0 0 Milllogo std.pngMIL
MILMilllogo std.png 0 1 Mymlogo std.pngMYM


ELOHLogo std.png 2 0 Mymlogo std.pngMYM

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