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The Season 2 World Championship will begin on the 4th of October, and will be held in Los Angeles, California. Twelve qualifying teams from around the world will partake in the championship, which boasts the largest prize pool in the history of E-sports tournaments, at 2 million USD. The grand finals will take place on October 13th, while all other matches will take place the week before, between October 4th and 6th. The matches will be cast by Deman, Phreak, Jatt, and Rivington.[1]


  • Of the five first place teams (Team SoloMid, Moscow Five, Team WE, Taipei Assassins, and Azubu Frost) a random drawing was done to determine which four teams skip the group stage
    • The random drawing determined that Azubu Frost would go to the group stage
  • Eight teams are divided into two groups of four
  • Group stage is round robin, best of one matches
  • Top two teams of each group advance to the bracket stage
    • In case of a tie, a single sudden death elimination game will be played between the tied teams. In case of a three way tie, the teams will play a round robin until a winner is decided.[2]
  • Grand Finals are Best of Five, all other bracket matches are best of three
  • All matches will be played on the v1.0.0.147 World Championship Hotfix Patch with
    globally banned.[3]

Group A

Group B


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