Season 2/Regional Finals - Da Nang

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Season Two/Regional Finals - Da Nang
League Information
Organizer: Garena
Event Type: Offline
Country Vietnam Vietnam
Format: Double Elimination
Prize pool: $ 10,000
Date: 2012-09-09
Links: Website


The Venues of Season 2 Championship SEA Regional Finals:
Tien Son Sports Hall, Da Nang

The Season Two Regional Finals - Da Nang will be the qualifier to determine which South East Asian team will advance to the Season 2 World Championship. It will take place at the Tien Son Sports Palace in Da Nang, Vietnam. Five teams from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines will compete for a $ 10,000 prize pool. Between matches, there will be performances from special guests, including Đông Nhi, Dưa Leo, Mr. T and Yanbi, Minh Hằng, Noo Phước Thịnh, Bảo Thy, and St.319.[1] The casters for this event were Phreak, Rivington and Djehuty.


  • Five teams qualify from individual country qualifiers
  • Double elimination bracket
  • Matches are best of one
  • Grand finals is a best of three with the team coming from the Winner's bracket starting with a one game advantage
  • Seeding will be determined by a random draw the day of the tournament

Prize Pool

10,000 USD (~206,500,000 VND) will be spread among all teams as follows

Place Prize (USD) Prize (~VND) Team
1st $ 5,000
S2WC Qual.
₫ 103,500,000 SAJlogo std.png Saigon Jokers
2nd $ 2,500 ₫ 51,625,000 Ssentinelslogo std.png Singapore Sentinels
3rd $ 1,500 ₫ 30,975,000 TNC PHlogo std.png TNC GG.PH
4th $ 1,000 ₫ 20,650,000 Klhlogo std.png Kuala Lumpur Hunters


The top team from each country's regional final will qualify for this tournament.

Saigon Jokers
Saigon Jokerslogo square.png
Vietnam QTV  
Vietnam Violet
Vietnam Archie
Vietnam Junie
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Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Kuala Lumpur Hunterslogo square.png
Malaysia Donmuri  
Malaysia GoldeN
Malaysia Hagane
Malaysia JaeYoong
Malaysia MoNk3yz
[Show/Hide Roster]

Singapore Sentinels
Singapore Sentinelslogo square.png
Singapore Chawy  
Singapore ToFuBoi
Singapore HaRleLuYaR
Singapore d4rkness
Singapore EquivocaL
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TNC GG.PHlogo square.png
Philippines KRL  
Philippines GTZ
Philippines LNC
Philippines JRD
Philippines CHL
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Blackbeanlogo square.png
Thailand Night Lights  
Thailand Insta
Thailand Eliade
Thailand Porschkub
Thailand Xllyra
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1TNC GG.PH was given the Philippine qualifier position as they acquired four members of the qualified team, Team Wild.[2]


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 0
  Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS 1
  Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS 1
  Klhlogo std.png KLH 0
  Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS 1
  TNC PHlogo std.png TNC PH 0
  BBlogo std.png BB W
  BBlogo std.png BB 0
  TNC PHlogo std.png TNC PH 1
  Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ
  Loser's bracket
  BBlogo std.png BB 0
  Klhlogo std.png KLH 1   TNC PHlogo std.png TNC PH 0
  Klhlogo std.png KLH 0
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 1
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 1
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ W


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