Secrets Revealed

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Secrets Revealed
General Information
HostTravis Gafford
CountryUnited States
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"Secrets Revealed" is a game show series hosted and produced by Travis Gafford. In it, he has two guests who have two envelopes each in front of them, one containing a truth and the other a lie about them personally. One guest chooses one of the two envelopes, and the other must then interrogate them to find out if what the envelope contained was a truth or a lie.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Link Length Guests
4 2019-06-20 VOD 7m25s Ovilee & Pastrytime
3 2019-04-25 VOD 8m21s Dash & MarkZ
2 2019-04-18 VOD 7m45s Phreak & Azael
1 2019-04-10 VOD 8m49s Kobe & CaptainFlowers

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