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Name RP Release Date Chromas Legacy? Limited?
Cost Date Colors
Sabretusk Sejuani 975 RpPoints.png 2012-01-17 GreenCheck.png
Darkrider Sejuani 975 RpPoints.png 2012-01-17
Traditional Sejuani 975 RpPoints.png 2013-04-29 GreenCheck.png
Bear Cavalry Sejuani 1350 RpPoints.png 2013-08-01
Poro Rider Sejuani 975 RpPoints.png 2014-12-16 GreenCheck.png
Beast Hunter Sejuani 750 RpPoints.png 2016-02-04
Sejuani Dawnchaser 750 RpPoints.png 2016-11-17
Firecracker Sejuani 1350 RpPoints.png 2019-01-28 1215 RpPoints.png 2019-01-28 GreenCheck.png