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BKT Sek 2017 Spring.png
Background Information
NameJakkid Krinbai (จักรกฤษณ์ กลิ่นใบ)
Country of Birth
BirthdayAugust 1, 1995 (age 25)
Prev Residencies
TeamDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNator
Favorite Champs

Competitive IDsWitch, Jakkid, N0 Game No Life, Capnakub, SekK, Sek
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Apr 2013 - Dec 2013
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Dec 2013 - May 2014
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH Flashdive
May 2014 - Jul 2014
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Feb 2015 - Jan 2016
3 Pigletlogo std.png3 Piglet
Jan 2016 - Mar 2016
Go To Sleeplogo std.pngGo To Sleep
Apr 2016 - Apr 2016
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Apr 2016 - Aug 2016
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Aug 2016 - Sep 2016
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Sep 2016 - Jan 2017
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
Jan 2017 - May 2017
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans
May 2017 - Dec 2017
SEA Serpentslogo std.pngSEA Serpents
Jan 2018 - Mar 2018
Underdoglogo std.pngUnderdog
Mar 2018 - Jun 2018
MEGAlogo std.pngMEGA
Jun 2018 - Nov 2018
MEGAlogo std.pngMEGA
Nov 2018 - ??? ????
The Nativeslogo std.pngThe Natives
Mar 2019 - Present
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNator

Jakkid "SekAlive" Krinbai (Thai: จักรกฤษณ์ กลิ่นใบ) is a League of Legends esports player, currently jungler for DeToNator. He was previously known as Witch, Jakkid, N0 Game No Life, Capnakub, and Sek.


Season 3[edit]

Jakkid "Witch" Krinbai joined Bangkok Titans in April as the starting AD carry. His first major appearance with the team was in the final week of the Spring season of the 2013 Garena Premier League (GPL), where he was unable to propel the team out of last place. He changed his name to Sek and played with the team for the entirety of the 2013 GPL Summer. While the team improved with a 6th place finish, it continued to struggle to make an impact in the Southeast Asian scene. In the local Thai scene, Bangkok Titans was more dominant. Sek competed with the team in the 2013 LCS Pro League Thailand, achieving a 1st place finish in playoffs, and in the Thailand Grand Championship 2013 (where he played top lane), coming in 2nd.

2014 Season[edit]

Sek stayed with Bangkok Titans for the 2014 GPL Winter, but the team only managed to win one game and was eliminated in Group Stage. He left the team afterward, joining one of their biggest domestic rivals, MiTH Flashdive. He competed with the team in the local 2014 Thailand Pro League (TPL), but the team was unable to usurp Bangkok Titans' regional dominance. He left the team and substituted for Bangkok Titans during the first two weeks of the 2014 GPL Summer, playing both AD carry and top lane.

2015 Season[edit]

At the beginning of 2015, Sek changed his name to Jakkid and joined 3 Piglet, a new team with many former members of Bangkok Titans and MiTH Flashdive. Jakkid played a variety of roles for the team, including AD carry, jungler, and mid lane. The team performed well during the 2015 TPL Summer, but ultimately came in 3rd, behind Bangkok Titans and Go To Sleep.

2016 Season[edit]

At the beginning of the season, 3 Piglet disbanded. Jakkid changed his name to N0 Game No Life and joined Go To Sleep as its starting jungler. The team finished in 2nd place in the 2016 TPL Spring, behind Bangkok Titans. Midway through the tournament, N0 Game No Life changed his name to Capnakub. Following the sudden departure of Bangkok Titans' longtime top laner WarL0cK, Capnakub changed his name back to Sek and returned to the team to fill the vacancy.[19] In the 2016 GPL Spring, he split time playing top lane with InTreso, although Sek played the majority of the games. After a 2nd place finish behind Saigon Jokers, the team rearranged its roster, with Lloyd playing top lane and InTreso at AD carry. Sek became the primary substitute, filling in for various roles as needed. In the 2016 GPL Summer, he became the starting jungler, while 007x became a substitute. The team finished in 2nd place.


Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Sek Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2019-09-075 - 6 LST 2019 Summer Playoffs
0 : 2Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngAXE
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN Potter,  Sekzahajuku,  Archeny,  Coldenfeet,  Richhh,  Mon
2019-09-014 LST 2019 Summer
4 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN Coldenfeet,  Sekzahajuku,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Richhh,  Mon
2019-07-2017 - 32 LoL Dell Gaming Championship Thailand 2019
0 : 1Logo std.pngTHE
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN C0ldenfeet,  Potter,  Sek,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Rich
2019-06-29Q LST 2019 Summer Thailand National Qualifier
2 : 0Mythus Esportslogo std.pngMYT
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN Coldenfeet,  Sekzahajuku,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Richhh
2019-04-072 LST 2019 Spring Thailand National Minor
0 : 2MEGAlogo std.pngMEGA
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN Potter,  SekAlive,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Rich,  Altar,  Mon
2019-04-06Q LST 2019 Spring Thailand National Qualifier
4 - 0Blanklogo std.pngRR
DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDTN Potter,  SekAlive,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Rich,  Mon
2018-12-09NQ LOC Series III Thailand Qualifier
0 : 1MEGAlogo std.pngMEGA
The Nativeslogo std.pngTNT Potter,  SekAlive,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Arale,  Rich,  Mon
2018-10-281 The Legend Arena: Legends Are Born Here
2 : 0Underdoglogo std.pngUDG
The Nativeslogo std.pngTNT Potter,  Sek,  Archeny,  KazeTAR,  Arale,  Blueprint
2018-08-192 SEA Tour 2018 Summer
0 : 3Ascension Gaminglogo std.pngASC
MEGAlogo std.pngMG WarLocK,  Haise,  Secr3t,  C0ldenfeet,  Whatthejes,  Sek
2018-06-06NQ 2018 Asian Games SEA Qualifier
5 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
Thailand (National Team)logo std.pngTHA WarL0cK,  Sek,  Pupy,  Coldenfeet,  Whatthejes,  Porsche




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