Serrated Dirk (Item)

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Serrated Dirk
Serrated Dirk.png
UNIQUE: +10 Lethality (6.22 - 10 (based on level) armor penetration).
UNIQUE - Headhunter: After killing any enemy, your next damaging spell will deal 40 bonus physical damage to all enemies it hits (30 second cooldown).

Attack Dmg
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
Item Code3134
Long Sword.png + Long Sword.png + 400 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 1100 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 770 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Duskblade of Draktharr.png Edge of Night.png Youmuu's Ghostblade.png



Similar Items

Patch History


We added 2 lethality to the Serrated Dirk items when preseason began, but it turns out we probably didn't need to. This is a hit to Pantheon, by the way, in case you were CTRL+F'ing him.

 Serrated Dirk

LETHALITY : [12] 10

 Duskblade of Draktharr

LETHALITY : [20] 18

 Edge of Night

LETHALITY : [20] 18

 Youmuu's Ghostblade

LETHALITY : [20] 18


LETHALITY : [10] 12

Passive updated to grant your next ability bonus damage after killing a unit.

The Headhunter passive rewards assassins for premeditated trades and kill attempts, adding a chunk of damage to their combos if they last-hit a minion or monster before going on the offensive. It also serves as a wave or camp clearing tool for champions with area-effect abilities, enabling the roaming Dirk’s movement speed previously encouraged.

Bonus context: Headhunter is basically Dirk’s original passive with a facelift. Where the previous version was a smaller, persistent effect best suited for ranged poke and harass (proccing off basic attacks and single-target spells), this one’s a larger effect on a cooldown that triggers off any damaging ability. Headhunter is better aimed at assassins than the original and should be more rewarding for them to play around.

UNIQUE PASSIVE Headhunter After killing an enemy, your next damaging spell will deal 40 bonus physical damage to all enemies it hits (30 second cooldown)
OUT OF COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEED No longer grants 20 out of combat movement speed

Attack damage up. On-hit damage after kill removed. Out of combat movement speed added.

Assassins are best when they have to find the right moment to all-in their opponents. The ability to whittle their opponents down simply isn’t a major class strength for them. In other words, Most assassins want better roaming and better burst out of their items, not better lane harass. So, we’re giving it to them.

FLAT ARMOR PENETRATION No longer grants 10 flat armor penetration
LETHALITY UNIQUE Passive: +15 lethality (breaks even at level 8)
ONE-TWO No longer provides UNIQUE Passive: After killing a unit, your next basic attack or single target ability deals +15 bonus damage on-hit
KNIVES MAKE YOU FASTER UNIQUE Passive: +20 movement speed while out of combat

One half of the item formerly known as the Brutalizer. Doesn't look very sanitary.

We've essentially got context split across two items, so we'll tackle it here. The Brutalizer, while an amazing item for its cost, stats, and flexibility, was in some ways too desirable. By already being a 'complete' item in terms of stat profile, anything it upgraded to had to be 'Brutalizer But Bigger and/or Better'.

To tackle this, we split it up - one half with armor penetration, and the other with cooldown reduction. This gives us room to improve existing items and make new ones in the future for a variety of AD champions looking to utilize those stats without making Rengar (and all the other assassins hungry for your Flash cooldowns) harder to balance.

TOTAL cost : 1100 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + Long Sword + 400 gold
ATTACK damage : 20
armor penetration : 10
UNIQUE passive : After killing any unit, your next basic attack or single target spell deals 15 bonus damage