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Team has disbanded.
Seven Wars e-Sports
Seven Wars e-Sportslogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationBrazil Brazil
Created2013-12-10 LoL Division
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  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • January 10, Mob joins as manager.
  • January 31, Seven Wars e-Sports announces two lineups, Giants and Titans.[8]
  • April, pocco leaves the Titans lineup.[9]
  • April 15, Dotiing leaves the Giants lineup.[10]
  • April 21, team ceases its operations. Roster disbands.[11]
  • September 20, Seven Wars e-Sports announces the rebirth of the organization. Mob rejoins as CEO. Dotiing rejoins as streamer. Godz3r4 joins as coach/manager. Soto joins as analyst. Ins3ct joins as streamer.[12]
  • January 22, Coach Hydraz leaves.[2] Coach Necro joins and Kimi moves to the coach.[3]
  • February 5, esA and coach Necro leave.[4]
  • February 9, Zantins, Krow and RedBert leave.[5]

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Ares Lucas Siqueira 12Jungler None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Skeet Leonardo Parente 12Jungler None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Pkr Lucas Rabelo 13Mid Laner None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Damage Yan Sales 13Mid Laner None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

PerZ Heitor Perez 14Bot Laner None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Chakal Ricardo Hahn 14Bot Laner None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

NoSchool Demétrius Mendes 15Support None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Wust Rayner Santana 15Support None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Zephyro Renan Lima 21Sub/Top None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

BosK Gustavo Bosqui 23Sub/Mid None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Kyojin Bruno Ito 25Sub/Sup None 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-212016-04-21

Dotiing Jose Armando 11Top Laner TSC e-Sports Clublogo std.pngTSC e-Sports Club 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-152016-04-15

pocco Pedro Zanardi 11Top Laner Infinity Gaming e-Sportslogo std.pngInfinity Gaming e-Sports 2016-01-312016-01-31 2016-04-112016-04-??

Tomyy Leonardo Tomazzoni 11Top Laner None 2015-06-262015-06-26 2015-08-112015-08-??

Sáss Eduardo Sass 13Mid Laner Ilha da Macacada Gaminglogo std.pngIDM Gaming 2015-06-262015-06-26 2015-08-112015-08-??

Lorena 14Bot Laner None 2015-07-312015-07-31 2015-08-112015-08-??

Luk3z Lucas Santos 15Support None 2015-06-262015-06-26 2015-08-112015-08-??

bielz Gabriel Dallaruvera 12Jungler Estúdio XP e-Sportslogo std.pngEstúdio XP e-Sports 2015-06-262015-06-26 2015-08-112015-08-??

Theusma Matheus Lima 14Bot Laner Dexterity Teamlogo std.pngDexterity Team 2015-06-262015-06-26 2015-07-312015-07-31

Brucer Bruno Pereira 13Mid Laner Logo std.pngFrequency Gaming 2013-12-102013-12-10 ???

Zantins Lucas Zanqueta 11Top Laner Cyber Gamer e-Sportslogo std.pngCyber Gamer e-Sports 2013-12-102013-12-10 2014-02-092014-02-09

Krow Lucas Lohiz 12Jungler Logo std.pngFrequency Gaming 2013-12-102013-12-10 2014-02-092014-02-09

RedBert Ygor Freitas 15Support RMALogo std.pngRMA e-Sports ??? 2014-02-092014-02-09

esA Eidi Yanagimachi 14Bot Laner CNB govTLogo std.pngCNB e-Sports Club 2013-12-102013-12-10 2014-02-052014-02-05

Kimi Daniel Torrico Sub Coachlogo std.pngCoach 2013-12-10 2014-01-22

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament

Kimi Daniel Torrico Support
IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo



C ID Name Position

Mob Louic Carvalho CEO

Godz3r4 Júlio Freitas Coach/Manager

Soto Fernando Silva Analyst

Ins3ct Levi Arcanjo Streamer

Dotiing José Armando Streamer


C ID Name Position Next Team

Careca Eduardo Kenji Coach CNB Infinitylogo std.pngCNB Infinity

Kimi Daniel Torrico Coach None

Necro Guilherme da Silva Coach None

Hydraz João Lucas Coach None

Tournament Results

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Seven Wars e-Sports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2015-08-010020002R$2,750$ 797.5€ 715
BRCC 2015 Split 2 - Go4LoL July
0 : 1Big Godslogo std.pngB Gods

2015-06-280040004R$1,000$ 290€ 260
BRCC 2015 Split 2 - Razer Challenge
0 : 1Dexterity Teamlogo std.pngdeX

2014-01-290030043 - 4$4,500$ 4,500€ 3,285
IEM Season 8 Sao Paulo
0 : 2Milllogo std.pngMIL

IEM Season VIII Sao Paulo Qualifiers
3 : 2CNB govTLogo std.pngCNB
ESL Go4LoL 2013 August - BR #46
0 : 1Logo std.pngMEPU
Total Prize:BRL 3,750 • USD 4,500

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