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Q4G Simpy PG Nationals 2020 Spring.png
Background Information
NameSergi Ruiz Boloix
Country of Birth
TeamBCN Squadlogo std.pngBCN Squad
Soloqueue IDsSimpy97 (EUW),
Social Media & Links
Infobox LOLProslogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Sep 2016 - Jan 2017
NeverBack Gaminglogo std.pngNeverBack Gaming
Jan 2017 - ??? 2017
Baskonia eSportslogo std.pngThunderX3 Baskonia
??? 2017 - ??? 2017
EMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyz Storm
Aug 2017 - Dec 2017
Bloody Wolveslogo std.pngBloody Wolves
Jan 2018 - Oct 2018
MAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD Lions
??? 2018 - Jan 2019
MAD Lions Academylogo std.pngMAD Lions Academy
Jan 2019 - Sep 2019
Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngMorning Stars
Sep 2019 - Oct 2019
Samsung Morning Starslogo std.pngMorning Stars
Oct 2019 - Nov 2019
Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic Gaming
Oct 2019 - Nov 2019
Aris Esportslogo std.pngAris Esports
Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
QLASH Forgelogo std.pngQLASH Forge
Jun 2020 - Present
BCN Squadlogo std.pngBCN Squad

Sergi "Simpy" Ruiz Boloix is a League of Legends esports player, currently substitute support for BCN Squad.



Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Simpy Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-05-15Q PG Nationals 2020 Summer Promotion
W : DQManguste eSportslogo std.pngMNG
DayDreamers Whitelogo std.pngDD Valkyrie,  Kamil,  Crocomux,  Taba,  Simpy
2020-05-07Q PG Nationals 2020 Summer Promotion OQ
2 : 0Adriatic Wolveslogo std.pngAW
DayDreamers Whitelogo std.pngDD Valkyrie,  Kamil,  Crocomux,  Taba,  Simpy
2020-02-277 PG Nationals 2020 Spring
3 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
QLASH Forgelogo std.pngQ4G Skar,  Khema,  Apples,  Taba,  Simpy,  Sekuar
2019-11-1313 - 16 Iberian Cup 2019
1 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngARC Ushuala,  Vixzy,  Von,  Bushy,  Simpy,  Howlin,  F1RE
2019-11-102 GLL 2019 Winter Phase A - Group B
3 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
Aris Esportslogo std.pngAES Cephei,  Maxibillion,  Rabbit,  Rogue,  Peppe,  NoCap,  Scripter,  Simpy,  Soap
2019-10-193 - 4 Dreamcup Spain 2019 Season 3
0 : 2Europe Saviors Anonymouslogo std.pngEUS.A
Stormbringerslogo std.pngSB Rubenxico,  CRoNiiK,  Kamikaze,  BleKz,  Legolas,  Bolyy1,  Simpy
2019-10-15Q Iberian Cup 2019 Qualifier
3 : 0S2V Esportslogo std.pngS2V.A
Logo std.pngIKE  Ushuala,  Vixzy,  Von,  Bushy,  Simpy
2019-10-12Q GLL 2019 Winter Play In
3 : 2Reformed Gaminglogo std.pngRG
Better Jungler Winslogo std.pngBJW Cephei,  CrazyRabbit,  Rogue,  Kryptonite,  Simpy
2019-10-10Q Iberian Cup 2019 Open Qualifier 2
2 : 0OKGG E-Sportslogo std.pngOKGG
Logo std.pngIKEA Ushuala,  Vixzy,  Von,  Bushy,  Simpy
2019-10-06Q GLL 2019 Winter Open Qualifier 3
2 : 0Gaming Hivelogo std.pngGHive
Better Jungler Winslogo std.pngBJW Cephei,  CrazyRabbit,  Jimsnop,  Kryptonite,  Simpy




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