SoloMid Series

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Solomid Series
League Information
Server: North America
Event Type: Online
Country: United States USA
Prize pool: $ 30,000
Start Date: 2012-10-19
End Date: 2012-12-16
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Gunnar Optiks
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The SoloMid Series is a series of six weekly tournaments followed by one grand finals where seven invited teams and one qualifying team will compete for a $ 30,000 prize pool. Each team will earn points based on the rankings of the first six tournaments with the four teams with the most points will be entered into the final tournament.


  • Eight teams compete each week for six weeks
    • Seven teams invited, eighth team plays comes from a Qualifier
    • In the event that a team cannot participate in one of the weekly tournaments, a team from the Qualifier will be brought in as a substitute
  • After six weeks, top four teams are entered into a final tournament

Prize Money

Weekly Event:

Place Prize Points
1st $ 2,000 380
2nd $ 700 250
3rd $ 300 170
4th 115
5th/6th 75
7th/8th 50


Place Prize
1st $ 6,000
2nd $ 4,000
3rd $ 2,000


North America (8)

Team SoloMid

Team Curse

Team Dignitas

Team FeaR

Team NomNom

Team Dynamic

CLG Prime

Meat Playground
1 CLG Prime replaced Team Legion as Legion disbanded prior to the series starting.
2 Meat Playground qualified via a special qualifier tournament. For more information, click here.
3 The roster of Monomaniac Ferus was acquired by Team FeaR.
4 The roster of Orbit Gaming was acquired by Quantic Gaming. Quantic Gaming later disbanded, although the players remained as a team under the name Ex-Quantic, and then renamed themselves to Team NomNom.


Power Rankings

Place Points Team
1st 1,365
Team SoloMid
2nd 1,010
Team Curse
3rd 860
Team NomNom
4th 665
Team FeaR
5th 545
Team Dignitas
6th 505
Team Dynamic
7th 415
Pulse Esports
7th 415
Meat Playground
9th 380
CLG Prime
10th 245
Absolute Legends NA
11th 50
Chuuper's Troopers

Weekly Winners

Tournament Date Team
Week 1 October 19th-21st
Team SoloMid
Week 2 October 26th-28th
Team SoloMid
Week 3 November 9th-11th
CLG Prime
Week 4 November 16th-18th
Team Curse
Week 5 November 23rd-25th
Team Curse
Week 6 December 7th-9th
Team SoloMid
Finals December 13th-16th
Team Curse

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