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Laughing Coffins Specialkey.jpg
Background Information
NameOnoufrios Lazaridis (Ονούφριος Λαζαρίδης)
Country of Birth
BirthdayMay 11, 1995 (age 25)
Mid Laner
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsGoodGuyOnu (EUW)
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Sep 2017 - Apr 2018
Laughing Coffinslogo std.pngLaughing Coffins
Jun 2018 - Feb 2019
Sinner Gaminglogo std.pngSinner Gaming
Apr 2019 - May 2019
Retric eSportslogo std.pngRetric eSports
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020
Laughing Coffinslogo std.pngLaughing Coffins
May 2020 - Sep 2020
Pyrsos Esportslogo std.pngPyrsos Esports
Sep 2020 - Oct 2020
Different Dimensionlogo std.pngDifferent Dimension
Oct 2020 - Nov 2020
CowBoySquad Imperials Esportslogo std.pngCBI Esports
Jan 2021 - Present
CowBoySquad Imperials Esportslogo std.pngCBI Esports

Onoufrios "Specialkey" Lazaridis (Greek: Ονούφριος Λαζαρίδης) is a League of Legends esports player, currently mid laner for CowBoySquad Imperials Esports.



Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Specialkey Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-12-132 GL2D 2020 Winter Playoffs
2 : 3Zerolag Esportslogo std.pngZRL.A
CowBoySquad Imperials Esportslogo std.pngCBI Vertigo,  Gjerg,  CuHigh,  Specialkey,  Druxy,  Babayaga,  ReverseMentality
2020-11-293 GL2D 2020 Winter
22 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR
CowBoySquad Imperials Esportslogo std.pngCBI Kerpeten,  Rell1keth,  Gjergsen,  Goodboy,  Vango,  Specialkey,  CUHigh,  Blue,  Paparotis123,  Druxy,  Babayaga,  rikos100,  ReverseMentality
2020-09-29NQ GLL 2020 Winter Qualifiers
0 : 3Zerolag Esportslogo std.pngZRL
Different Dimensionlogo std.pngDD JohnGiannis,  DontChoke,  Specialkey,  Rayyy,  Levi
2020-09-26Q GLL 2020 Winter Open Qualifier
2 : 0No Game No Life (Greek Team)logo std.pngNGNL
Different Dimensionlogo std.pngDD JohnGiannis,  DontChoke,  SpecialKey,  Rayyy,  Levi
2020-07-077 GLL 2020 Summer
4 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR
Pyrsos Esportslogo std.pngPRS JaxPlank,  J1m,  jimsnop,  Specialkey,  Tsounis,  RektLess,  Blue,  Godsoap,  SemperSolus
2020-01-284 GLL 2020 Spring Phase A - Group A
1 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Laughing Coffinslogo std.pngLC Maxibillion,  Alason,  McFitty,  GoodGuyOnu,  Scripter,  GodSoap
2020-01-195 - 8 GameAthlon 2020 Winter
L : WGreek Regenesislogo std.pngGRE
Laughing Coffinslogo std.pngLC Maxibillion,  Rektless,  Specialkey,  Scripter,  Soap,  ElGramo
2020-01-12Q GameAthlon 2020 Winter Open Qualifier 2
1 : 0Logo std.pngAGOR
Logo std.pngWE T Maxibillion,  Rektless,  Specialkey,  Scripter,  Soap,  ElGramo
2020-01-10NQ GameAthlon 2020 Winter Open Qualifier 1
0 : 1Logo std.pngSIZE
Logo std.pngWE T Maxibillion,  Rektless,  Specialkey,  Scripter,  Soap,  ElGramo
2018-06-21NQ LGC Season 4 Qualification
0 : 1Logo std.pngGAME
Sinner Gaminglogo std.pngSinner Veylot,  Rossg7,  Specialkey,  Kapcy,  Jay Twist



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