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Spirit Stone (Item)

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Item was removed in Patch 4.20.
Spirit Stone
Spirit Stone.png
UNIQUE - Butcher: Against monsters, deal 20% bonus damage and restore 6% of damage dealt as health and 3% as mana.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR
Item Code1080
Hunter's Machete.png + Faerie Charm.png + Rejuvenation Bead.png + 15 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 700 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 490 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Spirit of the Elder Lizard.png Spirit of the Spectral Wraith.png

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]

  • Removed.


  • Item Removed from Howling Abyss.


  • COMBINE COST: 40 gold ⇒ 15 gold (total cost remains the same)

“We like the changes we made to the Spirit Stone line in patch 4.1, so these are just some general tweaks to promote a wider variety of junglers.”

  • BUTCHER PASSIVE HEALTH RESTORE: 8% damage dealt ⇒ 6% damage dealt
  • BUTCHER PASSIVE MANA RESTORE: 4% damage dealt ⇒ 3% damage dealt
  • BUTCHER PASSIVE UTILITY: Health / Mana restore no longer halved for area-effect spells


  • Now gives 8% of damage dealt to monsters as health and 4% as mana (half effect for area of effect spells)
  • No longer has health or mana regen
  • No longer has Maim passive

25/11/2013 Gameplay Hotfix

  • UNIQUE Passive - Maim
    • Health return on hit increased to 5 from 3


  • Now also grants 3 health on hit versus monsters


  • UNIQUE Passive - Rend changed to UNIQUE Passive - Maim
    • Now deals 10 bonus magic damage to monsters with every basic attack


  • Combine cost reduced to 40 gold from 140 (total cost reduced to 700 gold from 800)

v1.0.0.152 Spirit Stone added