Splyce Of Life

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Splyce Of Life
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"Splyce Of Life" is a documentary show following the players and support staff of Splyce.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title
9 2019-08-22 VOD 7m48s So Close To Second
8 2019-08-15 VOD 6m25s The Belt (Part 2)
7 2019-08-08 VOD 6m30s The Belt
6 2019-08-01 VOD 8m00s Victory from Defeat
5 2019-07-25 VOD 9m27s Natural 20
4 2019-07-18 VOD 7m16s Breaking the Streak
3 2019-06-27 VOD 8m07s Stretching the Competition
2 2019-06-20 VOD 7m53s The Internet is Down
1 2019-06-13 VOD 7m21s The SPY Who VLOGged Me

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