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State of the League
General Information
HostTnomad - Travis Gafford
FormatPodcast & Livestream
CountryUnited States
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State of the League was a podcast hosted by Travis "Tnomad" Gafford. Guests invited onto the show included top foreign players and notable members of the League of Legends community.


The podcast borrowed the format from Starcraft's State of the Game, hosted by JP McDaniel. The weekly podcasts were over an hour in length and the topics of discussion usually started off with talking about what the hosts and guests had been up to recently and then transition into talk about recent competitive matches and leagues. They also talked about the game in a more general sense, effects of patches, new meta game developments, etc. At the end of the show there was a Questions & Answers section where audience members sent inquiries to State of the League that could be directed towards all the hosts or one person in particular.

There was also an after-show to State of the League, which featured various guests and discussed topics sometimes unrelated to League of Legends. Sometimes there was a community game involving pro players and fans of the show or giveaways such as PAX Sivir and Riot K9 Nasus.

Previous Guests[edit]

Episode List[edit]

Date # Participants Links Length
2013-01-19 42 Travis, Lautemortis, AtomicN, Nickwu, and Heartbeattt VOD 1:06:56
2012-12-21 41 Travis, Krepo, TheOddOne, Chaox, Marn, and Kobe24 VOD 3:16:32
2012-11-22 40 Travis, Bischu, Chuuper, Lautemortis, Scarra, LiNk and Doublelift VOD 2:01:15
2012-09-27 39 Travis, Muffinqt, Nhat Nguyen and Zekent VOD 1:41:24
2012-08-23 38 Travis, Muffinqt, Lautemortis and Nientonsoh VOD 57:06
2012-06-28 37 Travis, Muffinqt, Xpecial, Panky and TheOddOne VOD 1:05:41
2012-05-30 36 Travis, Muffinqt, Doublelift, Wickd, Snoopeh, Wingsofdeathx, and Krepo VOD 2:08:00
2012-05-23 35 Travis, Muffinqt, Doublelift, Scarra, and Crumbzz VOD 2:02:10
2012-05-16 34 Travis, Muffinqt, Scarra, Wingsofdeathx, and MLG Lee VOD 2:12:01
2012-05-09 33 Travis, Muffinqt, Nhat Nguyen, HotshotGG, and Doublelift VOD 1:47:01
2012-05-02 32 Travis, Muffinqt, Dan Dinh, Xpecial, LiQuiD112, and DontMashMe VOD 2:08:23
2012-04-26 31 Travis, Muffinqt, Wingsofdeathx, OnionBagel, and Malunoo VOD 2:18:56
2012-04-18 30 Travis, Muffinqt, Dyrus, Voyboy, NintendudeX, and Kobe24 VOD 2:08:31
2012-04-07 29 Travis, Doublelift, Nhat Nguyen, Dyrus, HotshotGG, and Scarra VOD 57:46
2012-03-21 28 Travis, Muffinqt, Nhat Nguyen, Westrice, and I Will Dominate VOD 1:57:16
2012-03-14 27 Travis, Dyrus, Chaox, Xpecial, Snoopeh, BaronCast, and Hatperson VOD 2:02:07
2012-03-07 26 Travis, Dyrus, Nhat Nguyen, and NintendudeX VOD 2:29:46
2012-02-29 25 Travis, HotshotGG, Scarra, Skyyart, Mellisan, and Ocelote VOD 2:07:45
2012-02-22 24 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Dyrus, and I Will Dominate VOD 2:26:58
2012-02-15 23 Travis, Doublelift, Muffinqt, Chauster, and Krepo VOD 1:44:23
2012-02-01 22 Travis, Wickd, Jatt, Skyyart, and Pyri VOD 2:10:55
2012-01-25 21 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Wickd, Jatt, Xpecial, and Locodoco with appearance by Day[9] VOD 3:12:06
2012-01-18 20 Travis, Dyrus, Nhat Nguyen, Dan Dinh, and Atlanta VOD 1:52:05
2012-01-11 19 Travis, Doublelift, Dyrus, Wickd, HotshotGG, and Reginald VOD 2:00:19
2011-12-21 18 Travis, Wickd, Scarra, Snoopeh, TheOddOne, and saintvicious VOD 3:43:47
2011-12-15 17 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Dyrus and Scarra VOD 2:19:40
2011-12-07 16 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Wickd, Nhat Nguyen, and Atlanta VOD 2:24:21
2011-11-23 15 Travis, Doublelift, Dyrus, TheOddOne, Voyboy, and Lautemortis VOD 2:14:14
2011-11-15 14 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Wickd, Jatt, Elementz, and Stonewall VOD 2:38:51
2011-11-09 13 Travis, Doublelift, HotshotGG, Scarra, Snoopeh, and Salce VOD 2:16:42
2011-11-02 12 Travis, Doublelift, Wickd, Jatt, and Guardsman Bob VOD 2:25:54
2011-10-25 11 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Dyrus, HotshotGG, Elementz, Dan Dinh, and Reginald with appearance Matt Marcou VOD 2:02:25
2011-10-18 10 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, HotshotGG, and Elementz VOD 1:54:09
2011-10-11 9 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Nhat Nguyen, and Westrice VOD 1:13:48
2011-09-30 8 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, and Chaox, with appearance by Zeroes VOD 1:11:49
2011-09-22 7 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, and Crumbzz with appearance by BROSTATUS VOD 1:30:22
2011-09-15 6 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, and TreeEskimo with appearance by FearGorm VOD 1:28:31
2011-09-05 5 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, and Lapaka VOD 1:27:41
2011-08-31 4 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, and Dyrus VOD 1:30:00
2011-08-22 3 Travis, SYDTKO, and Ravenite VOD 1:11:51
2011-08-14 2 Travis, Doublelift, Dyrus, and PureGoldenBoy VOD 55:32
2011-08-07 1 Travis, Doublelift, and SYDTKO VOD 58:01
2011-08-04 0 Travis, Doublelift, SYDTKO, Nat, Petethepally, and StarSorrow VOD 16:28

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