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Summoning Insight
General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles
FormatPodcast & Livestream
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Summoning Insight is a regular League of Legends talk show, hosted by Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles. The show was, for the first 26 episodes, produced for OnGamers, but has since become an independent production.


The two hosts, along with occasional guests, discuss topics of interest to hardcore enthusiasts of the professional League of Legends scene. Spanning all of the major competitive regions, the show takes its cues from topical themes to inform the in-depth discussions each episode revolves around.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Participants Links Length Topics/Titles
80 2019-08-11 Thorin, MonteCristo, and FORG1VEN VOD 158m Bot Lane Boomer
79 2016-10-20 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Froggen VOD 113m Thorin Does Not Recognise the Magna Carta
78 2016-10-12 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Zirene VOD 145m Papa's Got a Brand New Bodybag
77 2016-09-29 Thorin, MonteCristo, Soaz, Emily Rand, xGoomiho, LS, Deficio, Krepo, Locodoco and Kelsey Moser VOD 388m Worlds Prediction Orgy
76 2016-09-09 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 138m Many Roads to Sodomy
75 2016-08-15 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 160m LCK, LPL and LCS Playoffs
74 2016-06-30 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Achilios VOD 91m LCK
73 2016-06-23 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Shaunz VOD 157m Shaunz' time with Gambit Gaming, the new LCS format, various team discussions
72 2016-06-09 Thorin, MonteCristo, and MarkZ VOD 176m MarkZ's role in Team Liquid, Dynamic Queue, in depth NA scene coverage
71 2016-05-24 Thorin, MonteCristo, and pr0lly VOD 212m spring split H2K, MSI results, EU scene
70 2016-04-12 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Clement Chu VOD 177m in depth LMS scene coverage, MSI preview, brief other regional scene discussions
69 2016-03-23 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Dexter VOD 160m NA, EU LCS, LCK discussions
68 2016-02-23 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Amazing VOD 188m Amazing's time with TSM, coaching issues in Origen, brief individual scene coverage
67 2016-02-01 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Jankos VOD 200m Jankos' career up to this point, LCS meta, in depth EU scene coverage, NA/LCK discussion
66 2016-01-21 Thorin, MonteCristo, and LiQuiD112 VOD 134m EU/NA differences, Team Liquid in 2015, individual scene coverage
65 2015-12-30 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Kelsey VOD 187m China discussion, roster changes
64 2015-12-18 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 121m Riot Korea's dealings with OGN, recent roster moves and IEM X Cologne
63 2015-12-04 Thorin, MonteCristo and DoA VOD 156m IEM San Jose, DoA's experiences with casting OGN, lighthearted off-topic conversations, current off-season roster changes and rumors, and more
62 2015-11-20 Thorin, MonteCristo and Locodoco VOD 221m Locodoco's time with TSM, catching up from his last time on the show, becoming a content creator for Team Liquid and much more
61 2015-10-23 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 131m 2015 World Championship Post-Quarterfinal discussion
60 2015-09-24 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 134m 2015 World Championship Top 20 players
59 2015-09-19 Thorin, MonteCristo, Froskurinn, Dexter, IWillDominate, GoSuPepper, Clement Chu, Crumbz, and Razleplasm VOD 323m 2015 World Championship Predictions and Analysis
58 2015-09-04 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Dylan Falco VOD 196m Dylan's time as an analyst for TSM, NA and EULCS regionals, him becoming analyst for H2K, LCK coverage.
57 2015-08-28 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Emily Rand VOD 173m In-depth LPL discussion, LCK, Fnatic vs LPL teams, worlds talk
56 2015-08-21 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Froggen VOD 149m Alliance/Elements, EDG and China Playoffs, Korea Playoffs, Fnatic, TSM vs CLG, digressions about dogs
55 2015-08-15 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Shakarez VOD 166m Brazilian LoL scene, LCS quarter and semi finals
54 2015-08-04 Thorin, MonteCristo, and VandeR VOD 166m Early 2015 ROCCAT, EU ADCs, EULCS/NALCS quarterfinals, lore affecting the game, regional discussions
53 2015-07-24 Thorin, MonteCristo, and LS VOD 215m Regional coverage, TSM team issues and discussion, LS living in Korea
52 2015-07-17 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Sneaky VOD 225m Cloud9 and their issues, other NA teams, western coaching vs Korea, EU teams, Runeglaive, ADC problems, LCK and LPL coverage
51 2015-07-06 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Leviathan VOD 185m Leviathan's time with Gambit Gaming and Alliance, remote coaching, Elements, Spring split top meta, individual player discussions, EU LCS teams, LCK coverage
50 2015-06-24 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Clement Chu VOD 124m yoe Flash Wolves, ahq, TSM, BeBe, Toyz, NA LCS teams, LCK, EU LCS
49 2015-06-12 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 139m Individual EULCS team discussion, NA team discussion and ranking, LCK teams, LCK adcs, and issues with the classic format.
48 2015-06-05 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Freeze VOD 187m Freeze's choice to stay with Copenhagen Wolves, Fnatic's strength, Forg1ven and Rekkles, h2k's bot lane, SK's chances, incarnati0n and C9 vs TSM, Dyrus, NALCS teams, Seraph, and LCK discussion.
47 2015-05-29 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 280m Fnatic, Winterfox and Gambit Gaming roster swaps, EU team discussion, Monte addresses Link's comments, NA teams and their hierarchy, West vs. Korea chances in Bo5s at worlds, LPL roster changes, and OGN coverage.
46 2015-05-14 Thorin, MonteCristo, and pr0lly VOD 183m Discussion about the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational
45 2015-04-30 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 156m LPL Finals - EDG vs. LGD, Juggermaws around the world, LCK Semi-final - CJ vs. SKT, LCK Final - SKT vs. GE, NA Relegations, Hai's retirement, Hai saying TSM, EDG will win MSI, Hai saying the West's chances to win Worlds are "extremely good" and Krepo's retirement.
44 2015-04-23 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 189m EU and NA LCS finals discussion, the upcoming Mid Season Invitational, and brief coverage of LPL and LCK playoffs.
43 2015-04-18 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Kelsey VOD 174m Kelsey Moser, Chinese LoL scene expert, joins Monte and Thorin for Episode 43 of Summoning Insight.
42 2015-04-10 Thorin, MonteCristo, and dentist VOD 187m Karl "dentist" Krey, coach of Copenhagen Wolves, joins Monte and Thorin for Episode 42 of Summoning Insight.
41 2015-04-04 Thorin, MonteCristo, and FORG1VEN VOD 194m Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou, star AD Carry of SK Gaming, joins Monte and Thorin for Episode 41 of Summoning Insight.
40 2015-03-26 Thorin, MonteCristo, and lilsusie VOD 191m Susie 'lilsusie' Kim, former OnGameNet employee and esports interpreter and host, joins Monte and Thorin for Episode 40 of Summoning Insight.
39 2015-03-18 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Froskurinn VOD 145m IEM Katowice discussion
38 2015-03-05 Thorin, MonteCristo, and PapaSmithy VOD 202m In-depth discussion of LPL as a whole and WE in IEM.
37 2015-02-27 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Crumbzz VOD 214m Crumbzz' history with Dignitas, Koreans coming to NA, and regional overviews.
36 2015-02-13 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Nyph VOD 186m Elements' set-up, Rekkles and contrasting NA and EU.
35 2015-02-08 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Clement Chu VOD 266m Historical discussion of Taipei Assassins and World Elite's glory days. NA, EU and KR regions.
34 2015-01-18 Thorin, MonteCristo, and xPeke VOD 148m xPeke creating Origen, Alex Ich joining Team 8 & BrawL.NA, Riot taking over the LPL broadcast.
33 2015-01-09 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Chobra VOD 184m IEM Cologne, CLG poaching ZionSpartan, Riot taking over the LPL broadcast and the new LCK season.
32 2014-12-13 Thorin, MonteCristo, and LS VOD 169m IEM San Jose, Uzi to OMG and OGN pre-season
31 2014-12-03 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Krepo VOD 209m Rekkles to Alliance, Coaches and Coaching, Evil Geniuses, EU Expansion, Joe & Deman
30 2014-11-24 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Xpecial VOD 195m Xpecial's time in Team SoloMid and Curse Gaming
29 2014-11-14 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 132m Expansion and IEM San Jose tournaments, disappearance of top level Korean line-ups
28 2014-11-14 Thorin, MonteCristo, and FORG1VEN VOD 137m The off-season continues
27 2014-11-03 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 141m After-effects of Worlds and the busy off-season
26 2014-10-03 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Freeze VOD 147m Worlds groups C and D and the playoffs
25 2014-09-25 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 139m Worlds groups A and B
24 2014-09-17 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Drexxin VOD 193m The 20 best players at Worlds
23 2014-09-09 Thorin, MonteCristo, Alex Ich, Nukeduck, Crumbzz, IWillDominate, NintendudeX, LS and Kelsey Moser VOD 279m Worlds group predictions
22 2014-09-02 Thorin, MonteCristo, and nRated VOD 237m SK Gaming in 2014, Western teams at Worlds, LCS NA playoffs and Korean Regional Qualifier results
21 2014-08-26 Thorin, MonteCristo, and PR0LLY VOD 282m LCS NA playoff quarter-finals, Reginald's comments about Monte, LPL final and Korean Regional qualifier
20 2014-08-19 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Froskurinn VOD 226m LPL playoffs, Chinese LoL vs. Korea and the West, EU LCS playoffs, OGN Summer final (KT Arrows vs. Samsung Blue)
19 2014-08-12 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Saintvicious VOD 249m Curse, Voyboy vs. Shiphtur, NA LCS playoffs, Worlds group format and Faker 1v9ing in SK Telecom T1
18 2014-08-06 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Edward VOD 148m Gambit Gaming, Edward's career and CLG going to Korea
17 2014-07-22 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Tabzz VOD 191m Alliance, LCS EU, Lustboy to Team SoloMid
16 2014-07-15 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Crumbzz VOD 195m Team Dignitas, NA Worlds prospects, trinket changes and current jungle meta
15 2014-07-08 Thorin, MonteCristo, and sOAZ VOD 212m sOAZ's approach to the game, Fnatic's dedication, Riot not hosting all of Worlds in Korea
14 2014-07-03 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Kelsey VOD 139m Chinese LoL, LCS NA and the Lustboy potentially joining Team SoloMid
13 2014-06-24 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 187m Team SoloMid's record aganst the top 5, Gambit Gaming's Visa situation, the OGN Caster tier list, buff timers
12 2014-06-09 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Candy Panda VOD 170m SK Gaming, LCS NA and LCS EU.
11 2014-06-02 Thorin, MonteCristo, and ZionSpartan VOD 75m Coast's Spring split, Team Dignitas in the Summer split and LCS NA.
10 2014-05-27 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Locodoco VOD 190m OGN Spring final results, LCS NA and EU Summer predictions and Gleebglarbu's potential
9 2014-05-20 Thorin, MonteCristo, and mithy VOD 184m NA and EU transfers, OGN results
8 2014-05-13 Thorin, MonteCristo, and IWillDominate VOD 161m All-Stars and the need for coaching and analysis in the West
7 2014-05-05 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Locodoco VOD 218m NA and EU transfers, OGN Champions Spring semi-final results
6 2014-04-29 Thorin, MonteCristo, and dexter VOD 164m TheOddOne as a modern day jungler, Cloud 9 as the best NA team, OGN semi-finals match-ups
5 2014-04-22 Thorin, MonteCristo, and Froggen VOD 188m LCS NA and EU playoffs, Alliance as a team (their Spring split, shot-calling and line-up), Bjergsen vs. Faker
4 2014-04-15 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 165m OGN, LCS NA and LCS EU play-off series predictions.
3 2014-03-24 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 78m IEM World Championship breakdown (KT B, Gambit, fnatic, Cloud9) and SKT K vs. NaJin Shield from Masters.
2 2014-03-14 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 100m All-Star Invitational and an in-depth discussion of ROCCAT.
1 2014-02-07 Thorin and MonteCristo VOD 84m fnatic's struggles, nRated's influence on SK, KT B's fall and EDG as China's new hope.

Guests by Number of Appearance[edit]

Appearances Guests
5 Kelsey Moser13
4 Clement Chu, Crumbz12,Locodoco3, LS123
3 dexter2, Froskurinn, IWillDominate12, pr0lly
2 Edward, Emily Rand3, FORG1VEN, Freeze, Froggen, Krepo3, SoaZ3
1 Alex Ich1, Amazing, Candy Panda, Chobra, Deficio3, dentist, DoA, Drexxin, Jankos, Leviathan, lilsusie, LiQuiD112, MarkZ, mithy, NintendudeX1, nRated, Nukeduck1, Nyph, PapaSmithy, Razleplasm, Saintvicious, Shakarez, Shaunz, Sneaky, Tabzz, VandeR, xGoomiho3, Xpecial, xPeke, ZionSpartan, Zirene, Dylan Falco

1: These Guests appeared as a part of the 2014 Worlds Group Stage predictions (Ep 23).
2: These Guests appeared as a part of the 2015 Worlds Predictions Bonanza (Ep 59).

3: These Guests appeared as a part of the 2016 Worlds Predictions Orgy (Ep 77).

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