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Tournament Results
Minimum place

TH Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-09-033 VCS 2020 Summer Playoffs
2 : 3MESlogo std.pngGAM
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS Zeros,  Sorn,  TH,  Divkid,  Bie,  Violet
2020-08-165 VCS 2020 Summer
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS Zeros,  TH,  Sorn,  Pake,  But1,  Divkid,  Bie,  Violet
2020-05-251 EVOS Charity Showmatch 2020
2 : 1Box Gaminglogo std.pngBOX
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS HYPE,  Sorn,  Pake,  Bie,  But1,  Harbinger,  TH,  Divkid,  Violet
2020-05-233 - 4 Pulsefire Cup 2020
0 : 2Phong Vũ Buffalologo std.pngDBL
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS But1,  TH,  Sorn,  Pake,  Divkid,  Bie
2020-04-123 VCS 2020 Spring Playoffs
1 : 3Team Flashlogo std.pngFL
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS But1,  TH,  Sorn,  Pake,  Divkid,  Bie,  Violet
2020-04-054 VCS 2020 Spring
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
EVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS TH,  But1,  Sorn,  Pake,  Divkid,  Bie,  Violet
2019-12-15NQ VCS 2020 Spring Promotion
1 : 3Adonis Esportslogo std.pngADN
QTV Gaminglogo std.pngQG Hiro,  Kaiz,  Ciel,  Genza,  Jisoo,  Zodiac,  Nevan
2019-08-117 VCS 2019 Summer
4 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR
QTV Gaminglogo std.pngQG Nevan,  Hiro,  Ciel,  Genza,  Jisoo,  Zodiac,  QTV,  Thạnh Trị
2019-03-023 - 4 Cube Young 2019
2 : 1Team Flashlogo std.pngFL
Cube Adonis Hutechlogo std.pngADN.HU ivyMias,  Y1,  Hiro,  Noodles,  ShinD
2018-12-09NQ LOC Series III Vietnam Qualifier
0 : 2Team Flashlogo std.pngFL
Poke Gaminglogo std.pngPOKE No1pun,  Chase Your Dream,  Decision,  Hasmed,  Ngày Khác Lạ,  Max hiroˆˆ,  suicidalthoughts
TH 1v1 Tournament Results
DatePlEventPrizeTeamLast Result
2020-08-0817 - 32Challenge The Sword GodEVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS0 : 1 ⁠Team Secret (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngDNK
2020-04-265 - 8One For All 1vs1 CupEVOS Esportslogo std.pngEVS0 : 2 ⁠Phong Vũ Buffalologo std.pngBigkoro