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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameErik Engel
Country of BirthGermany Germany
BirthdayAugust 14, 1996 (age 23)
RoleTop Laner
Favorite ChampsZedSquare.pngKha'ZixSquare.pngNidaleeSquare.pngLuxSquare.png
Soloqueue IDsRGESC tOfu, vin tOfu , myR tOfu
Team History
Aug 2012 - Dec 2012
Toprole icon.png
MyRevengelogo std.pngmyRevenge
Fed 2013 - Mar 2013
Toprole icon.png
VinationLogo std.pngVination eSports
Mar 2013 - Apr 2013
Toprole icon.png
Playing-DucksLogo std.pngPlaying Ducks
Apr 2013 - Jun 2013
Toprole icon.png
Revolt Gentlemen E-Sports Clublogo std.pngRevolt Gentlemen EUW
Jun 2013 - ??? 2013
Toprole icon.png
Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.pngTick Trick and Duck
Jan 2014 - ??? ????
Toprole icon.png
PENTA 1860logo std.pngPENTA 1860

Erik "tOfu" Engel is a League of Legends esports player who was previously the top laner for PENTA 1860.

There is a disambiguation page associated with the name tOfu. 3 other players share this ID.


Origins to korea, but lives in Germany. He started playing Dota for two years, and later on went over to playing CSS. After being focused in CSS, he continued on to League of Legends, and decided to not focus on other games.


Tournament Results

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Minimum place

TOfu (Erik Engel) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2013-07-250050085 - 8
EUW Challenger Series #9
1 : 2CHWLogo std.pngCW
Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.pngTTD
ESL Go4LoL 2013 May
1 : 0Logo std.pngONE
Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.pngTTD
ESL Go4LoL 2013 May - #143
Revolt Gentlemen E-Sports Clublogo std.pngRGESC EUW
EPS Germany 2012 Winter
2 : 0Gameddelogo std.pnggamed!de
MyRevengelogo std.pngmyR
 Gran Torino,


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