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TSM: Legends
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TeamTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid
CountryUnited States
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TSM: Legends is a weekly show that revolves around the daily lives of the players of Team SoloMid.

Episode List[edit]

Season Five[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
22 2019-08-19 VOD 17m44s Changing Gear With a newly solidified roster, the team takes on Clutch in the LCS quarterfinals.
21 2019-08-09 VOD 24m51s Enter Spica In a last-minute change, the team brings Spica up from TSM Academy to the main team.
20 2019-08-03 VOD 20m22s Reconstruction Amidst midseason struggles, TSM Academy Coach Peter Zhang and TSM Reginald return to scrims to help the team refine their playstyle and identity.
19 2019-07-27 VOD 18m29s Reality Check Why TSM is struggling with consistency.
18 2019-07-21 VOD 25m31s Choices Why TSM chose Akaadian as their starting jungler.
17 2019-07-13 VOD 20m03s Creativity The team recovers from Rift Rivals and takes the lessons they've learned back to the LCS.
16 2019-06-27 VOD 18m31s Inconsistency Week 4 games and more.
15 2019-06-22 VOD 20m51s Returning to Form Week 3 games and more.
14 2019-06-15 VOD 18m58s Better Together Week 2 games and more.
13 2019-06-08 VOD 24m41s Waves Summer split begins.
12 2019-04-27 VOD 43m45s St. Louis Spring finals.
11 2019-04-13 VOD 31m36s We're All Gonna Make It Playoff games.
10 2019-04-06 VOD 30m27s Just the Start Week 10 games and more.
9 2019-03-30 VOD 25m02s Momentum Week 9 games and more.
8 2019-03-23 VOD 24m11s Broken Blade Week 8 games and more.
7 2019-03-15 VOD 17m54s Frustrations Week 7 games and more.
6 2019-03-09 VOD 21m15s Smoothie Week 6 games and more.
5 2019-03-02 VOD 19m49s Brotherhood Week 5 games and more.
4 2019-02-23 VOD 19m51s Wrath Week 4 games and more.
3 2019-02-16 VOD 22m48s Akaadian Week 3 games and more.
2 2019-02-08 VOD 15m58s Decisiveness After ups and downs throughout the first 2 weeks of LCS, the team seeks ways to improve.
1 2019-02-01 VOD 20m30s New Beginnings New faces, same places: with a fresh roster the LoL squad look to take back their throne.

Season Four[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
21 2018-09-26 VOD 55m19s Journeys Follow the team's journey as they go from the third-place match through the gauntlet.
20 2018-09-08 VOD 19m51s Shortcomings TSM in the Semifinals.
19 2018-09-01 VOD 28m15s Bonds The team faces Echo Fox in the 2018 Summer Split Quarterfinals!
18 2018-08-26 VOD 29m55s Breathe The team navigates their way through must-win matches in week 9 of the Summer Split.
17 2018-08-18 VOD 23m49s Morale The team has found their footing late into the season and is continuing to fight for a playoff spot while improving their mentality.
16 2018-08-11 VOD 20m14s Memories Week 7 games and more. 100th total episode.
15 2018-08-04 VOD 22m12s Now or Never Week 6 games and more.
14 2018-07-30 VOD 21m51s The Small Things Week 5 games and more.
13 2018-07-22 VOD 25m27s Grig An episode revolving around the player.
12 2018-07-08 VOD 18m42s Growth Week 3 games and more.
11 2018-06-30 VOD 17m47s Changes The team is going through some changes.
10 2018-06-24 VOD 14m05s Reboot TSM makes their return in the Summer Split.
9 2018-04-05 VOD 20m51s Collapse TSM's quarterfinal run.
8 2018-03-24 VOD 22m44s Falling into Place Games and events during Week 9.
7 2018-03-16 VOD 17m51s Vengeance Games and events during Week 8.
6 2018-03-09 VOD 18m03s Progress Games and events during Week 7.
5 2018-03-02 VOD 14m01s The Staff About the people supporting the team.
4 2018-02-23 VOD 18m42s MikeYeung An episode about MikeYeung's history.
3 2018-02-16 VOD 15m15s Zven Delving into Zven's past.
2 2018-02-09 VOD 15m48s Mithy Mithy dives deep into his past in the latest episode of TSM: LEGENDS.
1 2018-02-02 VOD 30m06s Joining Forces New faces, new challenges. The season 4 premiere of TSM: LEGENDS is here!

Season Three[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
24 2017-11-21 VOD 1h01m Worlds The team heads to China to compete in the 2017 League of Legends World Championship!
23 2017-09-22 VOD 24m06s Boston The team heads to Boston to compete in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Finals vs. Immortals!
22 2017-09-04 VOD 11m36s Legacy The team faces Dignitas in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Semifinals!
21 2017-08-17 VOD 16m01s Reputation As the regular season comes to a close, the team reflects on the split and looks forward to playoffs!
20 2017-08-09 VOD 16m45s No Regrets Pro player or streamer? Learn which lifestyle Doublelift prefers!
19 2017-08-01 VOD 16m24s Adapting The team continues searching for answers as the struggles of adapting to the new patch hinders their LCS performance.
18 2017-07-25 VOD 16m19s Expectations Week 6 games and more.
17 2017-07-14 VOD 16m34s Clashes Week 5 games and more.
16 2017-07-03 VOD 18m01s Biofrost Biofrost reminiscences on his time in the challenger scene and how 2016 was a huge shift in his career. The team faces Flyquest and Echo Fox in week 4 of the NA LCS.
15 2017-06-26 VOD 18m02s Enter MrRalleZ European AD Carry, MrRalleZ, joins the team for a tryout. TSM looks to bounce back from their shaky start in the NA LCS.
14 2017-06-19 VOD 18m32s Balance The team searches for a way to create a balance between the lanes.
13 2017-06-12 VOD 19m40s Doublelift Returns The team faces Cloud9 in a Spring Finals rematch! Doublelift returns to the starting lineup.
12 2017-05-29 VOD 31m36s Brazil (MSI 2017) After capturing their 5th NA LCS championship, the team heads down south to Brazil to compete in the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.
11 2017-05-06 VOD 29m36s Vancouver The team travels to Vancouver for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Finals!
10 2017-04-21 VOD 17m17s Flying High The team faces FlyQuest in the NA LCS Semi-finals!
9 2017-04-07 VOD 25m53s On Top In the final week of the NA LCS Spring Split, the team faces off against their former teammate - Doublelift, as they look to cement their spot as the first seed.
8 2017-03-27 VOD 18m01s Warming Up As the regular season winds down, the team look to finish strong as they face off against FlyQuest and Echo Fox.
7 2017-03-19 VOD 18m41s Confidence Confidence can be both a good and a bad thing. The team faces NV and IMT in week 7 of the NA LCS!
6 2017-03-13 VOD 20m02s Forward The team looks to continue their win streak as they face CLG and Dignitas!
5 2017-02-27 VOD 21m12s Upswing The team faces the two top teams in the LCS, Flyquest and Cloud9!
4 2017-02-18 VOD 20m13s Off Guard The team faces NV and FOX!
3 2017-02-13 VOD 18m40s Identity The team works toward finding their new team identity as they face off versus CLG and Phoenix1.
2 2017-02-06 VOD 20m08s Shotcalling The team moves on from their shaky first week of LCS and look ahead to new challenges.
1 2017-01-27 VOD 32m07s Reunited The team reunites and begin their journey in the 2017 NA LCS season. They face Cloud9 in a 2016 Summer Finals re-match and Wildturtle faces his former team; Immortals.

Season Two[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
27 2016-11-04 VOD 41m39s San Francisco The team heads to San Fran to compete at Worlds 2016.
26 2016-09-30 VOD 20m13s Bootcamp After winning the LCS Finals, the team heads to Korea to bootcamp for the upcoming World Championship.
25 2016-09-13 VOD 38m28s Toronto The team travels to Toronto and faces rivals Cloud 9 in the 2016 NA LCS Summer Finals.
24 2016-08-27 VOD 20m03s Revenge The players reflect on their loss to CLG in Las Vegas before facing them once again in the Summer Semifinals.
23 2016-08-10 VOD 25m40s Milestones The team faces IMT in a much anticipated rematch. Doublelift reaches new milestones.
22 2016-08-02 VOD 20m56s Upset The team suffers their first blow. They face P1 and NV in Week 8 of the NA LCS.
21 2016-07-24 VOD 22m53s Sacrifices Learn more about what the players must sacrifice in order to compete at the highest level. TSM faces FOX and TL in the LCS.
20 2016-07-16 VOD 22m02s Turning Points The players reflect on important turning points throughout their careers. They face C9 and APX in the LCS!
19 2016-07-09 VOD 22m05s Rise The team tries to continue their rise and dominance in the North American LCS as they approach the mid-split and face their long-time rivals; CLG.
18 2016-07-03 VOD 21m08s Evolution Learn more about Hauntzer's origins! The team faces FOX and NV in the NA LCS.
17 2016-06-25 VOD 20m58s Focus After a bad week of scrims, the team attempts to regain focus in the LCS.
16 2016-06-17 VOD 20m42s Aggression The team looks to continue their aggressiveness and dominance in the NA LCS.
15 2016-06-10 VOD 25m05s Support The team returns to NA from their Korean bootcamp with a new Support and seek revenge as they face off against CLG in the NA LCS Summer Split opening match.
14 2016-05-27 VOD 28m38s Tryouts After the departure of YellOwStaR, the team heads to South Korea to bootcamp and to tryout new Supports.
13 2016-04-26 VOD 38m30s Vegas TSM heads to Las Vegas to face CLG in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Finals!
12 2016-04-15 VOD 20m03s Mortals The team's games and results in the NA LCS Spring Split Semifinals.
11 2016-04-09 VOD 26m56s Leaders How can three leaders coexist on one team? TSM faces Cloud 9 in the NA LCS Spring Split Quarterfinals.
10 2016-03-26 VOD 21m43s Tough Split The team looks to finish the regular season strong for a higher seed in playoffs. A familiar face returns!
9 2016-03-22 VOD 18m42s Oversight The team looks to use the experience they gained at IEM in week 8 of the NA LCS.
8 2016-03-19 VOD 42m36s IEM Katowice 2016 The team test their skills vs. international opponents at IEM Katowice.
7 2016-03-11 VOD 19m31s Work in Progress The team tries to refine their play before heading off for IEM Katowice.
6 2016-02-26 VOD 21m39s Hardships The team goes through a rough patch in Week 6 of LCS.
5 2016-02-19 VOD 23m45s Triumph With the help of Weldon Green, Doublelift faces his former team in a rematch from Week 1!
4 2016-02-12 VOD 20m19s Adversity The team looks to finally break the 1-1 LCS curse.
3 2016-02-05 VOD 20m44s Growing Pains TSM goes through a rough patch in the first couple weeks of NA LCS 2016.
2 2016-01-29 VOD 25m56s Building Confidence The new team begins to mesh; Week 2 games.
1 2016-01-22 VOD 34m34s Fresh Start Meeting the new players and covering their games in Week 1.

Season One[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
31 2015-10-22 VOD 33m53s Finished Covering the second week of group stage, Dyrus and Lustboy retiring, and the departure of Santorin.
30 2015-10-08 VOD 25m16s Hello Paris Following the team in Paris during the first week of group stage.
29 2015-09-30 VOD 18m12s Goodbye Korea The team leaves Korea after their bootcamp and prepares for worlds.
28 2015-09-21 VOD 30m00s Communication Discussions of the team's opponents in their worlds group draw.
27 2015-09-13 VOD 29m31s Korean Bootcamp The team regroups after MSG and heads to Korea to bootcamp.
26 2015-08-29 VOD 44m31s Summer Finals Their series against CLG in New York.
25 2015-08-21 VOD 30m01s Summer Semifinals Their series against Team Liquid.
24 2015-08-14 VOD 22m47s Summer Quarterfinals Their series against Gravity.
23 2015-07-31 VOD 47m04s New Approach Reginald brings the team's recent weaknesses into light; the team plays LoL Charades.
22 2015-07-24 VOD 10m16s Pushing On The team's Week 8 games.
21 2015-07-17 VOD 42m30s Adjustments Reginald steps in to address recent issues.
20 2015-07-10 VOD 30m41s New Blood Having KEITH start as ADC during Week 6.
19 2015-07-03 VOD 23m06s Improving Signing of KEITH.
18 2015-06-26 VOD 25m24s Wake Up Call WildTurtle's possible benching.
17 2015-06-19 VOD 26m16s All-Time Low Reflecting on the team's recent poor performance.
16 2015-06-12 VOD 22m55s El Clasico The team's classic rivalry with Counter Logic Gaming.
15 2015-06-05 VOD 16m18s Summer Split Begins First weeks of the 2015 NA LCS Summer Season.
14 2015-05-16 VOD 51m8s MSI Their experience at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.
13 2015-04-24 VOD 21m38s Spring Finals LCS Spring Split finals vs Cloud 9.
12 2015-04-17 VOD 18m08s Spring Semifinals Their set of games vs Team Impulse.
11 2015-04-10 VOD 16m36s Prepared The team plays card games; TSM's recently signed SSB player Leffen cameos.
10 2015-04-03 VOD 20m50s First Week 9 games.
9 2015-04-01 VOD 14m56s Holding On Week 8 games.
8 2015-03-27 VOD 56m45s IEM Katowice In depth coverage of TSM's participation in the event.
7 2015-03-20 VOD 19m34s Stepping Up Week 7 games; talk of the upcoming IEM Katowice.
6 2015-03-18 VOD 27m06s The Long Run Week 6 games; the team tries out Steam VR.
5 2015-03-06 VOD 29m29s Struggles Games of Week 5 and Dyrus discussing top lane issues.
4 2015-02-28 VOD 33m30s Rivals Games of Week 4; highlighting the rivalry of TSM vs CLG.
3 2015-02-20 VOD 25m55s Onward TSM perseveres through the arguments and moves onward in Week 3 of the NA LCS.
2 2015-02-11 VOD 34m25s Tension Follow TSM as they face former teammates in both Winterfox and Team Liquid in Week 2 of LCS.
1 2015-02-04 VOD 26m45s A New Season Join TSM as they begin their journey into the Spring Split at the LCS Week 1 to see if they are still the number 1 team in North America.
0 2015-01-30 VOD 0m55s Teaser Trailer Preview trailer.


Date VOD Length Title Description
2016-12-02 VOD 21m47s IEM Oakland The team returns to NorCal with substitute AD, Wildturtle, to compete at IEM Oakland!
2015-12-09 VOD 50m58s IEM San Jose Follow the new TSM LoL roster as they compete at IEM San Jose!


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