Tainted Minds

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Tainted Minds
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Team Information
Location: Australia Australia
Region: News Label - Oceania.png Oceania
Sponsor(s): Plantronics
Other Teams In Organization
Inactive LoL Teams Tainted Minds Blue
Created: LoL Division 2016-05-13
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Tainted Minds is an Oceanic team.


After Chiefs Black qualified for the 2016 OPL Split 2 under the organization The Chiefs eSports Club, the organization was forced to sell their seed due to the rule against sister teams, and Tainted Minds were the organization to acquire that seed, along with the majority of the team's roster.


  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency Australia Praedyth Mark Lewis 01 Top
Current Official Residency New Zealand Shok Ari Greene-Young 03 Mid
Current Official Residency New Zealand Low Omar Aboulkheir 04 AD
Current Official Residency Australia tgun Bradley Seymour 05 Support
Current Official Residency Australia Wzrd Joshua Russell 08 Sub/Mid
Current Official Residency New Zealand Broler Robbie Harrison 10 Sub/Support


C ID Name Role Next Team
Australia Only Jordan Middleton 02 Jungle Avlogo std.png Avant Garde
Australia Squidgy Alex Trott 04 AD Sinlogo std.png Sin Academy
Australia Tilting Isaac Bellamy 05 Support LGClogo std.png Legacy Genesis
Canada Cake Tristan Côté-Lalumière 09 Sub/AD Logo std2.png Team 8.1
Australia Rosey Andrew Rose 10 Sub/Support Abysslogo std.png Abyss Esports
USA ShorterACE Ryan Nget 07 Sub/Jungle Logo std2.png Team 8.1
Australia Pabu Jackson Pavone 06 Sub/Top Abysslogo std.png Abyss Esports
Australia ChuChuZ Aaron Bland 08 Sub/Mid LGClogo std.png Legacy Esports
Australia Grisha Gregory Epov 09 Sub/AD
Australia Fesh Josh Necovski 07 Sub/Jungle Chiefslogo std.png Chiefs Esports Club
Australia Zahe Michael Dunn 02 Jungle
New Caledonia Omni Thomas Trinh Dung 03 Mid Suspendedlogo std.png Suspended
New Zealand Lost Lawrence Hui 04 AD LGClogo std.png Legacy Esports
Australia Straawbella Isabella Chan 10 Sub/Support
South Korea SazaHu Lee Dong-hyun (이동현) 01 Top



C ID Name Position
Australia DSav Nick Bobir Founder/Co-Owner
Australia Boylez Brandte Boyles Co-Owner
New Zealand Saiclone Jonny Weatherly 11 Head Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
USA Inero Nicolas Smith 11 Head Coach EFXlogo std.png Echo Fox
Australia Fasffy Team Manager
Australia Blindturkey Joshua Patrizi Head Coach

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-08-20 OPL logo small.png A88th 2017 OPL Split 2 Regular Season 0 : 10 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2017-04-15 OPL logo small.png I1Q 2017 OPL Split 2 Promotion 2 : 0 X5logo std.png Team Exile5
2017-04-03 OPL logo small.png A66th 2017 OPL Split 1 Regular Season 3 : 7 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2016-07-27 OPL logo small.png A55th 2016 OPL Split 2 Regular Season 5 : 5 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)

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