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The TeSL Drafts will hold in April 15th, May 29th and July 17th, 2013.

First Round[edit]

  • The First Round hold in April 15th,2013. The entire journey will on streams.


Taiwan (20)
Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngKimik Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngMoon Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngJackson Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngKuruCat Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngulRD
Submarines logo std.pngBeat Submarines logo std.pngAtu Submarines logo std.pngWinds Submarines logo std.pngKukuku Submarines logo std.pngNaz
Cheetahs Logo std.pngMorning Cheetahs Logo std.pngCatLatte Cheetahs Logo std.pngpresident Cheetahs Logo std.pngYaumo Cheetahs Logo std.pngREAL1RON
Defenders Logo std.pngSteak Defenders Logo std.pngClurinus Defenders Logo std.pngbonbon Defenders Logo std.pngsW0RDaRT Defenders Logo std.pngRatis


Second Round[edit]

  • The Sound Round hold in May 29th,2013.


Released Players (6)
Wayispiderlogo std.pngkukuku Wayispiderlogo std.pngulRD Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngClurinus
Gamania Bearslogo std.pngYaumo E-Sports Dragons Prologo std.pngpresident E-Sports Dragons Prologo std.pngCatLatte
Not Picked Players (3)
Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngMoon Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngJackson Submarines logo std.pngAtu


# Player Role Old Team New Team
01 ulRD Top Wayispiderlogo std.pngWayi Spider Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngyoe IRONMEN
02 president Mid E-Sports Dragons Prologo std.pnge-Sports Dragons Pro Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngyoe IRONMEN
03 Jackson Mid Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngHeavy Artillery Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngyoe IRONMEN

Third Round[edit]

  • The Third Round hold in July 17th,2013.


Released Players (6)
Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngBonBon Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngJackson Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngpresident
Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngReal1ron Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngulRD Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngVac
Not Picked Players (3)
Submarines logo std.pngAtu Heavy Artillery Logo std.pngMoon E-Sports Dragons Prologo std.pngCatLatte
Gamania Bearslogo std.pngYaumo Wayispiderlogo std.pngkukuku Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngClurinus


# Player Role Old Team New Team
01 ulRD Top Yoe IRONMENlogo std.pngyoe IRONMEN Wayispiderlogo std.pngWayi Spider

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