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Team LoLPro
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LOCATION: North America North America
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CREATED: LoL Division 2012-06-01
DISBANDED: 2014-09-06

Team LoLPro is a North American League of Legends team, formed in October 2013 during Curse Gaming roster changes. The name was formerly used by a European team formed by the Curse Gaming organization in June of 2012 when the lineup of Absolute Legends transferred to Curse.


Formation of Curse Gaming EU

On June 1st, 2012, gaming organization Curse purchased Absolute Legends' roster, consisting of extinkt, Sleper, Malunoo, xinec, YoungBuck, and team manager Flyy. Curse's European squadron would be known as Curse Gaming EU.

Season 2

Curse Gaming EU's first event would be at the Reign of Gaming International Invitational. Curse Gaming EU qualified for the tournament originally under the flagship of Absolute Legends, but the players would move to Curse midway. In the qualifiers, Curse Gaming EU would defeat Team ALTERNATE, SK Gaming, and exHCL 2-0 to qualify for the offline finals event along with Teamless, Team Solomid, and Team SoloMid Evo. However, Curse EU's success would end at the offline event, going 0-6 against Teamless, Team SoloMid, and Team SoloMid Evo. In the third place match, Curse Gaming EU would lose 1-2 against Teamless, ending the event with a fourth place finish.

A week after the event, Curse Gaming EU would replace their top lane player Youngbuck with former Absolute Legends top laner Angush.

Six days after the roster change, Curse Gaming EU would take third at the DreamHack Summer 2012 offline LAN, qualifying through the online qualifiers. In the group stage, Curse Gaming EU would place first, going 3-0, defeating FnaticRC, PAH, and Millenium. However, Curse EU would fall to Moscow Five in the semifinals 0-2, relegating Curse EU to play in the third place match. There, Curse would defeat FnaticRC 2-1 to take home third place.

On July 17th, 2012, Curse Gaming EU would place first at the Elite of Europe online tournament. Curse EU would have a strong showing at the tournament, defeating FnaticRC 2-0 in the quarterfinals, Team SoloMid 2-0 in the semi-finals, and Mousesports 2-1 in the grand finals.

Season 3

On January 2013, Team LoL Pro took part in LCS Qualifiers, but the team failed to take part in LCS and team disbanded later.

Pre-Season 4

Curse announced their roster changes to Curse Gaming and the (re)formation of Curse Gaming EU, now renamed Team LoLPro, moving two of Curse Gaming's old members as well as the addition of Cruzerthebruzer and TrickZ. A support player was not announced initially.[1] On October 14th Cop rejoins the main Curse Gaming roster and demunlul joins as starter AD. On November 1st, Team LoLPro's new roster debuts in the ALCS with Hauntzer in the top lane, heavenTime in the jungle, Nyjacky in the mid lane, LOD as ADC, and Apexy as Support.


To read about Absolute Legends history, click here.

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Thinkcard Thomas Slotkin Jungle
CLG Academy
USA Flaresz Cuong ta top
USA Yusui David Usa mid
USA Keith Yuri jew Support
Team Liquid
USA Patoy Jordan blackburn Sub/support
Team SoloMid
USA Apollo Apollo Price AD
Team Impulse
Canada heavenTime Simeon Jeon Jungle
Final Five
Canada LOD Ben deMunck AD
Team Curse
USA Hauntzer Kevin Yarnell Top
Curse Academy
USA Lohpally Derek Abrams AD
Canada Apexy Leon Tang Support
China Nyjacky Jacky Wang Mid
Team Liquid
USA Cruzerthebruzer Cruz Ogden Top
Team Dignitas
USA TrickZ Brian Ahn Jungle
USA Demunlul Jonathan McCulloch AD
USA Cop David Roberson AD
Team Curse
Lithuania extinkt Vytautas Melinauskas Mid
Sweden Malunoo Tobias Magnusson Jungle
Lithuania Sleper Algirdas Saliamonas AD
Czech Republic Mozilla Pavel Klaban Top
Germany LeDuck Titus Hafner Support
Lithuania Angush Aurimas Gedvilas Top
Poland Creaton Jakub Grzegorzewski AD
Poland SuperAZE Piotr Prokop Support
Denmark xinec Andreas Krogsbøll Support
Netherlands YoungBuck Joey Steltenpool Top
SK Gaming
USA Hoodstomp Devon Mark AD

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
USA Saintvicious Brandon DiMarco Mid Lithuania extinkt Reign of Gaming International Invitational
USA Patoy Jordan Blackburn Support
IGN ProLeague Season 5


ID Name Position
USA iVillain William Hoag Analyst/Coach/Manager

Team Achievements

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-11-03 BMCup Small.png 1st 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Fall 2 : 1
$ 7,500
2014-08-23 CS NA logo.png 4th 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer Playoffs 1 : 3
Team Coast
$ 3,000
2014-08-01 CS NA logo.png 4th 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer #2 1 : 2
Team 8
$ 2,000
2014-06-22 CS NA logo.png 2nd 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer #1 0 : 2
Team Coast
$ 4,000
2014-06-11 BMCup Small.png 3rd 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Summer 2 : 0
Denial eSports
$ 1,750
2014-03-02 1st GottaCon 2014 League of Legends Championship 2 : 1
Wounded Nerds
$ 1,500
2014-02-02 TeamRZR Logo.png 3rd Razer League of Legends Clash 2 : 0
$ 200

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-12-29 1st Razer League of Legends Holiday Bash 2 : 0
Team 8
$ 2,500
2013-12-19 2nd Amateur League Championship Series Season 1 0 : 3
Curse Academy
$ 1,000

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-12-01 Ipllogo small.png 9 - 12th IPL 5 1 : 2
Team Curse
$ 1,500
2012-11-23 DH-star.png 5 - 8th DreamHack Winter 2012 1 : 2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 2,200
2012-11-20 2nd The Siege 0 : 2
Moscow Five
€ 2,500
2012-11-11 1st Tales of the Lane 0 : 2
€ 15,000
2012-08-23 5 - 8th Campus Gaming Party: Berlin 1 : 1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 1,125
2012-08-18 Esltumbnail.png 5 - 8th Season 2 Regional Finals 0 : 2
$ 10,000
2012-07-29 Esltumbnail.png 4th European Challenger Circuit: Poland 1 : 2
SK Gaming
$ 2,800
2012-07-17 Championbase.png 1st Elite of Europe 2 : 1
$ 4,000
2012-06-18 DH-star.png 3rd DreamHack Summer 2012 2 : 1
$ 7,500
2012-06-03 ASUS Republic of Gamers 4th Reign of Gaming International Invitational 1 : 2
$ 2,000

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Previous Curse Gaming EU roster
Left to Right: flyy, Angush, extinkt, Malunoo, Sleper, xinec, and Panky