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Team Liquid: Rebirth
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Team Liquid: Rebirth is a show produced by Team Liquid and distributed by HTC, one of TL's sponsors. The videos' synopsis describe the show as "a real story about Team Liquid, one of ten pro teams in the North American League Championship Series. This documentary series follows Team Liquid’s League of Legends team through the ups and downs of competitive gaming. The stories are raw and true to tone."

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
Season Three
23 2016-05-09 VOD 52m49s The Final Episode While still coming to terms with their strength as a team, Liquid enters playoffs against NRG, then encountering CLG, and lastly their match versus Immortals for 3rd/ 4th place in the season. Witness the players and staff experience the wins and losses of the last weeks in Spring Split, learning about their capabilities, and realizing what it means to be part of a team.
22 2016-03-23 VOD 27m20s Forever The regular season comes to an epic conclusion but Dardoch must come face to face with his temper. Can the team secure a playoff spot or will all be for naught?
21 2016-03-16 VOD 25m22s Dreamcatcher Fabby reflects on his time with Team Liquid Academy; meanwhile the rest of the guys prep to face Apex Gaming in the NACS Semifinals. Can they prevail with the new blood or will they be stuck in the challenger scene for another split?
20 2016-03-02 VOD 22m10s Awakening Esports psychology trainer Weldon Green bootcamps with the team for a week in order to change the team's negative mentality. Meanwhile, Lourlo struggles with his supportive role on the team. Can he put his concerns aside in order to take down Team Solo Mid or will the team crumble at the most crucial time of the split?
19 2016-02-24 VOD 21m34s Toil Matt delves into how hard pursuing his dream of playing in the LCS is. Meanwhile, the tension heats up as the team struggles to find its footing against Echo Fox and Immortals. However, a new primary shot-caller rises to the challenge.
18 2016-02-17 VOD 18m30s Captain The team recognizes Piglet's growth and maturity as a person and a player in the short amount of time they have all been together - but what really is the reason why Piglet went through such change? Meanwhile, the group must rise above the dominant Cloud9 in order to reach the top of the NALCS. Can they find the silver lining or will their game precipitate an unfavorable position in the standings going into week 6?
17 2016-02-11 VOD 15m28s TLOP The team shows promise in their match against Dignitas, meanwhile preparing to face an undefeated Immortals. Follow the guys as they further grow their bond as group, construct a game-plan to take down NALCS's only unbeaten roster and learn to deal with the emotional costs of winning and losing.
16 2016-02-03 VOD 17m29s Progress The team goes 2-0 week 3 of LCS! Follow the guys in their pre/post game discussions, watch Team Liquid Academy qualify for NACS, meet a new arrival to the gaming facility and hear from Fenix in Episode 16!
15 2016-01-27 VOD 20m23s Waves Follow Liquid as the team goes 0-3 and focuses on team building, communication and their personal friendships. Dinner turns into shopping for a gold chain for Matt to bling him out and the team comes back on Sunday's LCS match to tame Echo Fox.
14 2016-01-22 VOD 19m37s Squad As the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split begins, Liquid struggles to find their footing. Dropping a game to Renegades pushes Liquid to sub in Matt and Dardoch, LCS rookies. Watch as the team of 10 Liquid players lead by Locodoco form trust in one another!
Season Two
13 2015-09-07 VOD 35m11s Roads The team heads to Madison Square Garden in New York to play a third-place match against TIP. The team's fate rested in the hands of TSM vs CLG. The Gauntlet would decide the road ahead of Team Liquid, achieving worlds being the heaviest thought on the team's mind.
12 2015-08-21 VOD 21m26s Family The team's most important match of the split has arrived and general manager Steve "Jokasteve" Perino is sharing the experience with two important people: His parents. While the fate of Team Liquid's fight for Worlds unfolds in a Best of 5 match style against TSM, some of Jokasteve's own personal struggles & successes in Esports come to light.
11 2015-07-31 VOD 23m56s First As the season slowly draws to a close, we look back at what made our steady success possible: the support staff. While the boys in blue hit the Rift; Jokasteve, Mark Zimmerman, and Peter Zhang sit in the sidelines, forced to watch and hope that what they do helps the team. Find out what it is they do exactly in this episode of Rebirth.
10 2015-07-17 VOD 25m26s Rise Episode 10 of Rebirth will take you to the very beginning of the Split. Voyboy dropping from the team put us in a desperate situation but a fast business decision lead to the acquisition of FeniX.

At the time, it was just a gamble - an attempt to fill the hole left by our former star midlaner and a much needed replacement to join our world Champion Piglet.

9 2015-07-03 VOD 23m47s Memories Team Liquid went on a losing spree, going a collective 1-3 in the toughest part of their schedule. As they enter the second the rotation of the Split, Team Liquid has a lot to look back on. We explore Piglet’s past - how he got here and what drove him to pack-up and head to America.
8 2015-06-19 VOD 27m40s Fearless In the season premiere of Rebirth we follow Team Liquid's captain, Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera during the first three weeks of LCS. Christian's father visits at LCS and is able to witness his son perform for the first time since going pro. The team finds themselves tied for 1st.
- 2015-06-12 VOD 2m18s Trailer Team Liquid Rebirth will return on June 19th for a second season. New season featuring new characters. Gravity Cop, Christian Rivera (IWillDominate's Dad), & Team Liquid Academy.
Season One
7 2015-05-29 VOD 18m29s Hawaii After taking 3rd place in NA LCS, the team is given a chance to take a short vacation to Hawaii. Follow the team on their journey through Hawaii. Submarines, helicopters, beaches, and more.
6 2015-05-01 VOD 14m06s Ambition Team Liquid was out for blood, as they’d get their long awaited rematch against Team Impulse (formerly LMQ) for 3rd place. With great play coming from both teams, the series went to a game 5 where Team Liquid would use their momentum to come out on top.
5 2015-04-17 VOD 23m50s Confidence Playoff season has come and Team Liquid faces up against Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud 9. Team dynamic builds confidence and reinforces competitive play/communication. Follow the team as they make a run through playoffs and a chance at breaking their 4th place curse.
4 2015-04-03 VOD 25m47s Expectations Piglet has solidified his position on the Team Liquid lineup, but the team is still unable to perform to expectations. The team must battle to secure their position in the upcoming North American League Championship Series Playoffs.
3 2015-03-21 VOD 22m49s Decision Continuing off after Episode 2, Episode 3 of Rebirth goes into week 7 of the LCS. Despite a 5-1 record with substitute ADC Yuri “Keith” Jew, Team Liquid decides to return Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin, back to the starting line-up. Even though all the demands set for Piglet have been met, the team underperforms, falling 0-2 to Impulse and Team 8. The team must now try to figure out what they can do to succeed with our world champion.
2 2015-03-06 VOD 23m54s Arrival Continuing off after Episode 1, Episode 2 of Rebirth goes into week 5 and 6 of the LCS. Following a poor performance in previous weeks, Team Liquid found themselves with their backs against the wall. Change was needed so the team opted to sub out world champion, Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin, for their substitute ADC Yuri "Keith" Jew. While you get an inside look with the team on the Rift, you’ll follow FeniX as he shows you pro-gamer life outside the game itself.
1 2015-02-20 VOD 22m23s Conversation Episode One of Rebirth dives deep into the inner turmoil of Team Liquid's first five weeks in the NA LCS. Despite Team Liquid's initial first place finish following an explosive 2-0 opening week, the arrival of their world champion carry has ironically ended with them struggling to stay in the middle of the pack.

Vlog Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Description
3 2015-09-17 VOD 4m32s Visas, Top Lane, and Worlds Quas sits down to talk about what he has been doing over the last few weeks and shares his opinion on how North American top laners will perform on the world stage.
2 2015-08-15 VOD 3m40s TSM & the Road to MSG Quas, Peter, and Steve P. sit down to talk about what they have have been doing over the last few weeks in order to prepare for their matches against TSM and at Madison Square Garden.
1 2015-06-05 VOD 3m48s Seasons Start Xpecial "talks about stuff" by giving his thoughts on the start of the season and what to expect from Team Liquid this coming split.

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