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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2013,4,02,15,00SoloMid EU Invitational 2LR2Mistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralUncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.pngUncle Ruckus' RevengeSeriesLossMissing Data - Missing Data
2013,4,01,18,00SoloMid EU Invitational 3WR2Mistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralALTERNATE aTTaXlogo std.pngALTERNATE aTTaXSeriesLoss0 - 2
2013,4,01,15,00SoloMid EU Invitational 3WR1Mistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralMilllogo std.pngMilleniumSeriesWinMissing Data - Missing Data
2013,3,23,11,30Lille Summer PromotionSummer PromoMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralAtnlogo std.pngTeam ALTERNATESeriesLoss1 - 2
2013,3,19,18,00SoloMid EU Invitational 2LR3Mistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralUncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.pngUncle Ruckus' RevengeSeriesLoss1 - 2
2013,3,19,15,00SoloMid EU Invitational 2LR2AnexisLogo std.pngAnexis eSportsMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralSeriesWin1 - 2
2013,3,18,15,00SoloMid EU Invitational 2WR1Mymlogo std.pngMeetYourMakersMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralSeriesLoss0 - 0
2012,1,29,16,30Kings of EuropeThird PlaceTeam Sypherlogo std.pngTeam SypherMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralSeriesWin1 - 2
2012,1,28,17,00Kings of EuropeSemifinalsMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralCLGlogo2 std.pngCLG EuropeSeriesLoss0 - 2
2012,1,27,20,00Kings of EuropeGroup AMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralLogo std.pngexGBTBlueWin1 - 0
2012,1,27,19,00Kings of EuropeGroup ASK Gaminglogo std.pngSK GamingMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralRedWin0 - 1
2012,1,27,18,00Kings of EuropeGroup AMoscow Fivelogo std.pngMoscow FiveMistrallogo std.pngTeam MistralRedLoss1 - 0