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Team has disbanded.
Team Nv
Team Nv.jpg
Team Information
Org Location
Frag Labs
CreatedOrganization 2012-02-DD
LoL Division 2013-09-01
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  • 2013
  • 2014

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Role Next Team
First Mate Prashay Narbey 11Top Absolute (Oceanic Team)logo std.pngAbsolute
Destinyy Mitchell Shaw 12Jungle Rich Ganglogo std.pngRich Gang
Cell Andrew Lahoud 13Mid None
MforMoon Chun Pang Mak 14Bot Sudden Fearlogo std.pngSudden Fear
Mattress Chris Manolis 12Jungle Absolute (Oceanic Team)logo std.pngAbsolute
incible Andrew Gong 25Sub/Sup None
Josker Josh 11Top None
Heavenz Patrick Chan 13Mid None
Intrepid Jordan Grafton 21Sub/Top Managerlogo std.pngManager
Bma Brendan Ma 22Sub/Jun Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports
DeltaFreeZe Minwoo Choi 26Substitute None
Kiimmmy Jisu Kim 26Substitute Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club
Cool Mog Matt Gulliver 11Top None
Pekka Kokko Nicholas Archer 26Substitute None
Esse Steve Truong 12Jungle None
Castiel Aleks Manevski 14Bot None
paws Sam Pourzinal 15Support None
Snow Emre Alpay 12Jungle None
Rain Richard Su 13Mid Little Wraithlogo std.pngLittle Wraith
Cpt Wobbles Cameron Jones 12Jungle Team VGRlogo std.pngTeam VGR



ID Name Position Next Team
Dox Derek Reball Owner None
Intrepid Jordan Grafton Manager None
Starjun Christian Dirk Coach Sin Gaminglogo std.pngSin Gaming
Voku Daniel Amaru Manager None
alysael Aly Manager None
Sangy Frank Li Manager Team Immunitylogo std.pngTeam Immunity


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Minimum place

Team Nv Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2014-10-184$600$ 522€ 408 Logitech CGPL Season 2 Winter
0 : 2Team Immunitylogo std.pngImm
 FBI BEST ADC,  Castiel,  Esse,  Cpt Wobbles,  Rain,  Snow,  paws
2014-07-207 - 8 ACL Sydney 2014
0 : 1UTS Esportslogo std.pngUTS
 Josker,  BMA,  HeavenzCurse,  First Mate,  Mattress,  illusional
2014-06-223 - 4$5,000$ 4,650€ 3,450 Oceanic Regional Tournament 2014 Winter Season
0 : 2Team Immunitylogo std.pngIM
 Intrepid,  Cool Mog,  Bma,  Heavenz,  FirstMate,  Mattress
2014-04-062$9,000$ 8,280€ 6,030 2014 Oceanic Regional Tournament Autumn Season
0 : 3Team Immunitylogo std.pngIM
 Pekka Kokko,  Mattress,  Heavenz,  FirstMate,  DeltaFreeze
2013-12-229 - 12 King of the Rift
0 : 2Logo std.pngTHE
 Skwiggle,  Esse,  Untalented,  FBI,  paws
2013-10-202$3,000$ 2,901.6€ 2,120.02 Plantronics ACL Sydney
1 : 2Team Immunitylogo std.pngIM
 FirstMate,  Esse,  Heavenz,  Castiel,  paws
Total Prize:USD 0 • AUD 17,600 • NZD 0

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