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Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid.png
LOCATION: North America North America
COACHES: Parth Naidu
MANAGERS: Andy "Reginald" Dinh
TEAM CAPTAIN: Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg
Logitech G HTC Cyberpower PC GEICO HyperX
WebIcon.png TwitchLogo.png FacebookIcon.png TwitterIcon.png Instagram.png YoutubeIcon.png SnapChatIcon.png
CREATED: 2011-01

Team SoloMid (TSM) is a North American eSports Team, created around the community website SoloMid.Net by brothers Andy "Reginald" Dinh and Dan "Dan Dinh" Dinh in September 2009. The team was first seen in early 2011 after being formed to participate in the Riot Season 1 Championship later that year. The organization has also previously hosted the now-disbanded Team SoloMid Evo. Team SoloMid currently also features divisions in Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft, CS:GO, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Vainglory.


Creation of Team SoloMid

The original Team SoloMid lineup consisted of Saintvicious, Reginald, Chaox, TheOddOne, and Locodoco to help represent Reginald's site It was stated that, "With AoN(All or Nothing) disbanding and Regi still wanting to play competitively, he formed a new AoN. Except this time, it would be branded as Team SoloMid to represent the website." Later, on February 23rd, 2011, Saintvicious left Team SoloMid to join Counter Logic Gaming. This led for the team to pick up subs for the upcoming months, such as FeedFest, Westrice, Chu8, Doublelift and Qlown. The month of April saw two major additions to TSM, with the arrival of Xpecial and The Rain Man.[1]

Riot Season 1 Championship

After the roster solidified with Reginald, TheOddOne, The Rain Man, Xpecial and Chaox, Team SoloMid attended the Riot Season 1 Championship on June 20th, 2011. TSM took first place in their group, going 2-1 and being the only team to lose to the Singaporean team, Xan. Team SoloMid then met the French against All authority squad in the semifinals of the double elimination playoffs. TSM was defeated by aAa 1-2 and knocked down to the loser's bracket. Team SoloMid met Epik Gamer, a fellow North American team, and defeated them 2-0 to advance to the loser bracket finals where they faced aAa for a second time. aAa started the best-of-three series with a one game advantage due to their previous win against TSM in the winner's bracket. In a close match, against All authority bested TSM and took the series. Team SoloMid ended the tournament in 3rd place and took home $ 10,000 USD.[2]

Pre-Season 2

Team SoloMid attended the National ESL Premier League Season 1 playoffs on July 16, 2011. In the group stage, Team SoloMid took first place, going 10-1 by defeating Counter Logic Gaming, compLexity, unRestricted, TeamLiquid, HKEGG, jpak and friends, Defy All Odds, OGODBEARS, Disciples of Da Gr8 Whale Lord, and LowELO, dropping their only set against Rock Solid. In the playoffs of NESL Season 1, Team SoloMid lost to unRestricted in the semifinals 0-2, sending them to the third place match to play against Rock Solid, where Team SoloMid came out on top 2-0.

The next event Team SoloMid participated in was the ESL Major Series - Season VIII. Team SoloMid defeated LowLandLions 2-1 in the semifinals, but fell to SK Gaming 0-2 in the finals, taking home second place.

On August 21, 2011, Team SoloMid attended the IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne. Team SoloMid went 3-0 in group stage, defeating Millenium, Team ALTERNATE, and MyRevenge. Advancing to the playoffs, Team SoloMid defeated FnaticRC 2-1. In the grand finals, TSM played against rival Counter Logic Gaming, who TSM lost to 1-2, taking second place at IEM Cologne.[3]

Flying back to the United States, Team SoloMid attended the 2011 MLG Pro Circuit - Raleigh on August 26, 2011. At the event, Team SoloMid took third in group stage, going 1-2, defeating Curse Gaming while losing to Counter Logic Gaming and Epik Gamer.

On October 9th, 2011, Team SoloMid participated in the IGN ProLeague Season 3 in Atlantic City. TSM took out compLexity 2-0 in the first round, but fell to Epik Gamer 1-2 in the semifinals, sending Team SoloMid to play for third place. In the third place match, Team SoloMid once again faced Counter Logic Gaming, who TSM lost to 0-2, taking home fourth place.

Four days later, Team SoloMid flew out to New York to participate in the offline IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York. Team SoloMid finished in 7th-8th place after going 0-3 in the group stages with losses against FnaticRC, Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas.

In late October of 2011, Team SoloMid moved into a gaming house located in the state of New York.

Team SoloMid participated in the 2011 MLG - Providence tournament, which was held from November 19 to November 20. In the first round, TSM took out RFLX Gaming 2-0 to advance to the second round, where they fell 1-2 to Epik Gamer. TSM advanced through the Loser's Bracket with a 2-0 victory over Dignitas, TSM once again played against Epik Gamer in the grand finals. Due to Major League Gaming's extended series rule, Epik Gamer started off with a 2-1 lead against TSM. Despite Epik's advantage, Team SoloMid came out victorious 4-2 over Epik Gamer, taking home first place.[4]

Season 2

On December 18, 2011, Team SoloMid attended the National ESL Premier League Season 2. In the playoffs, they defeated RFLX 2-1, compLexity 2-1, and v8 Esports 2-1, placing them in the winner's bracket final, where they lost to Counter Logic Gaming 0-2. Team SoloMid then lost to Curse Gaming 0-2, placing TSM in third overall in the tournament.

The first tournament of the 2012 year that Team SoloMid attended was the IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev, held on January 19. In the group stage, Team Solomid went 3-0 and took first, defeating SK Gaming, Curse Gaming and White Lotus. Advancing to the playoffs, Team Solomid defeated team Dignitas 2-0, qualifying for the finals where they faced Moscow Five. In the grand finals, Team SoloMid lost to Moscow Five 1-2, taking home second place.[5]

Two months after Kiev, on March 13, 2012, TheRainMan resigned from Team SoloMid, citing differences in training regimen plans, as TheRainMan wanted to focus more on solo queue while the rest of Team SoloMid wanted to focus on full team scrims. On the same day, Epik Gamer's Dyrus was announced to replace TheRainMan. The main reason for the acquisition of Dyrus was due to the fact that Dyrus was already living in the gaming house for TSM and was a top lane player, making it highly convenient to add him to Team SoloMid's roster.[6]

After the roster reformation, Team SoloMid appeared in the Leaguecraft ggClassic tournament, which ran from March 17th to April 1st. At the event, Team SoloMid went undefeated with wins over Raise Your Weapon, Curse Gaming, Jpak and Friends and 4Not.Fire, taking home first place.[7]

On April 6th, 2012, Team SoloMid attended IPL 4 in Las Vegas. In the playoffs Team SoloMid defeated v8 Esports 2-0 in the first round, Curse Gaming 2-0 in the second round and team Dignitas 2-1 in the third round, advancing to the grand finals. In the finals against Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid lost the first set 0-2, but came back to win the tournament in the second set, defeating Counter Logic Gaming 2-0 to take home first place.

On June 3rd, 2012, Team SoloMid took 1st place in the Reign of Gaming International Invitational. In the online playoffs, TSM defeated Ordinance Gaming 2-0 in the first round, Orbit Gaming 2-0 in the second round and Team Legion 2-0 in the third round to qualify for the offline finals. In the round robin offline finals event, Team SoloMid went undefeated, winning against Team SoloMid Evo, Teamless, and Curse Gaming EU 2-0. In the grand finals, Team SoloMid took on Team SoloMid Evo, whom TSM defeated 2-1.

One week later, Team SoloMid placed first in the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit - Spring. Team SoloMid was undefeated throughout the entire playoffs of the tournament, defeating MRN 2-0, Counter Logic Gaming EU 2-1, FnaticRC 2-0 and Dignitas 2-0. In the grand finals, Team SoloMid played against Counter Logic Gaming, who would be the first to take a set from Team SoloMid, with Counter Logic Gaming picking up the first set 2-1. Team SoloMid came back in the second set and took first place, defeating Counter Logic Gaming 2-1.[8]

Team SoloMid participated in the GIGABYTE Esports LAN on June 15, 2012. In the group stage, TSM went 3-0 and took first, taking out Counter Logic Gaming Black, Curse Gaming and Team Green Forest. In the playoffs, Team SoloMid defeated mTw.NA 2-0, and Counter Logic Gaming Prime 2-1. In the grand finals of the GESL, Team SoloMid faced off against and defeated Counter Logic Gaming Black 2-0 to take home first place.

From August 3rd through to August 5th 2012, Team SoloMid would compete in the first MLG 2012 Summer Arena for League of Legends, which was held in New York City. Team SoloMid would compete against three world class teams: Curse Gaming, Azubu Blaze and Team BLACK. Team SoloMid's strong LAN performance would come to a halt at this event, as they would drop all three games against the Korean team Azubu Blaze. TSM, however, wanting to prove that their recent dominant form was no fluke, came back in their next two matches against Curse Gaming and Team BLACK with back to back 3-0 victorys. TSM would then move on to the Grand Final to get a rematch with Azubu Blaze, but would once again get swept by the Korean team 0-2. TSM would finish the MLG Summer Arena Championship with a second place placing.[9]

Six days after their showing at the MLG 2012 Summer Arena, Team SoloMid would participate in the IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown. Once again showing their dominance in the North American scene, Team SoloMid would go through the entire tournament without dropping a single series to any team to take home first place, defeating Orbit Gaming, Singapore Sentinels, Team Legion and Curse Gaming.

On August 30th, 2012, Team SoloMid would fly out to Seattle, Washington to compete in the Season 2 North American Regional Finals. In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, Team SoloMid would sweep Monomaniac Ferus 2-0 to advance to the next round of the tournament. There in the semifinals, Team SoloMid would pull out a 2-1 victory over Curse Gaming. Team SoloMid would finish off the tournament strong, defeating Team Dignitas 2-0 in the grand finals to take home first place and qualifying for the Season 2 World Championship.

At the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles, Team SoloMid was given a bye through the group stage due to their first place regional finish. By drawing, they were slated against Azubu Frost in the quarterfinal round. Unfortunately for TSM, the Korean metagame once again proved superior as the North American squad failed to keep up with Frost's aggression and pressure. In a near déjà vu situation from MLG 2012 Summer Arena, SoloMid was swept 2-0, this time by the other Azubu team. TSM finished in 5th-8th place and took home $ 75,000.

Pre-Season 3

Team Solo Mid attended IPL 5 in Las Vegas on the 29th of November. Seeded in group C, TSM advanced 2-1 with wins over Meat Playground and Singapore Sentinels while dropping a game against Curse Gaming EU. After the group stages TSM was eliminated from contention by being swept 0-2 by both CLG EU and Azubu Blaze. Despite abstaining from streaming to prepare for the tournament, TSM did not perform as well as their NA counterpart CLG Prime who took 5th and 6th, and again could not take a game from the Korean teams. They ranked 9th-12th at the event and take home $1,500 in winnings.

On January 25th, Dan Dinh announced himself as a substitute player for TSM.[10]

Season 3
On February 7th, 2013, it was announced that Team SoloMid would compete under the name Team SoloMid Snapdragon in representation of the mobile processor brand of their newly acquired sponsor, Qualcomm. Also announced was a partnership with Qualcomm and CBS to produce a web reality series, GameCrib, exhibiting the daily lives of TSM.[11][12][13]

Two weeks after the launch of Season 3, Team SoloMid announced the acquisition of Jason "WildTurtle" Tran and Daryl "wingsofdeathx" Hennegan as substitute players on February 13th, 2013.

On March 25th, 2013, it was officially announced WildTurtle had replaced Chaox as Team SoloMid's AD Carry.[14]

After bringing in Wildturtle, TSM managed to come in first in the NA LCS Spring Season, securing their spot in the Summer Season. They also went on to win the NA LCS Spring Playoffs.

During the Summer Split, GameCrib was renewed for a second season and began airing on July 10, 2013.

As the NA LCS Summer Season began and progressed, TSM found themselves fighting to keep up with the middle of the pack and eventually ended the season with a .500 record of 14-14, coming in 3rd going into the playoffs, having public question if they will make it to Worlds with their shaky performances and the questioning of their team chemistry. The playoffs were held at PAX 2013. TSM went up against their old rivals, CLG but were able to best them in a 2-0. Next, Solo Mid faced the formidable and semi-favorite going into the matchup, Vulcun but were able to take another convincing 2-0 victory to gain a finals spot and more important, a seed at the Season 3 World Championship. TSM went up against the team that has dominated all season and their practice partner, Cloud 9. However, TSM were unable to best their competitor, losing 0-3 and taking home a respectable second in the playoffs.

At the Season 3 World Championship, TSM entered as the North American fan favorite. In the group stage, TSM was paired with of the CIS, Lemondogs of Europe, OMG of China, and the eventual tournament winners SK Telecom T1 2 of South Korea. Team SoloMid won only two matches of eight, winning only against Lemondogs and TSM took home 11th-12th place, along with North American 3rd seed Team Vulcun.

Pre-Season 4

On October 20th, 2013, it was announced that Ninjaken would join Team SoloMid as substitute.[15] The next day TSM announced that Dan Dinh and wingsofdeathx would no longer be substitutes for the team.[16]

On November 1st, 2013, Team SoloMid announced Altec as a substitute. The following day, Reginald stepped down from his role as mid laner to become coach and was replaced by Ninjas in Pyjamas's Bjergsen.[17]

Team SoloMid's first competition after the World Championship was the Battle of the Atlantic, in which North American teams competed against European teams for bragging rights and a money prize. As the second seed of North America, TSM faced the second seed of Europe, the Lemondogs, and handily won 2-0 against a roster that had recently been completely replaced.

Season 4

As the Season 4 North American LCS began, TSM was eager to show off its new mid laner Bjergsen. After losing its first match against Cloud 9, TSM shook off the loss and won eleven in a row, holding first place for a team-record eight weeks. Although they entered Week 10 with a 19-3 record and a one-game lead over rival Cloud 9, the team struggled to close out the season and finished second. TSM's 22 wins were still a team best and tied with Fnatic for fourth best of any team in LCS history.

In that split's playoffs, TSM faced longtime rival Counter Logic Gaming in their first series, and won 2-1, highlighted by a Bjergsen pentakill as Karma in Game 2. Advancing to the finals, TSM met Cloud 9 for the second consecutive time in the LCS playoffs, and lost 0-3 once more, as Cloud 9 won its tenth consecutive playoff game.

In early May, between the Spring and Summer splits of the LCS, TheOddOne stepped down to become a coach for the team. Amazing, a German player from the Copenhagen Wolves, joined the team as their new jungler. At the same time, support player Xpecial was benched and then removed from the team for his negative attitude, to be replaced by Gleebglarbu of challenger team Cloud 9 Tempest. Xpecial moved to Team Curse.

With its new roster in tow, Team SoloMid immediately faced a challenge in the summer split of the LCS. After having a rocky start, TSM found themselves in fifth place and struggling to stay afloat. Thereafter, TSM improved its record significantly and temporarily even held first in the league, albeit in a four-way tie. Days before Week 10 of the split, holding a tenuous grip on second place and a single game behind first-place LMQ, TSM announced the addition of Lustboy to the starting roster to replace Gleebglarbu. Lustboy had been the support for the Korean team CJ Entus Blaze, and had won the very first OnGameNet tournament at Champions Spring 2012. However, despite the formidable and well-known addition to the team, TSM finished with a paltry 3-3 record and had fallen to third to finish the season.

Entering the summer playoffs at Pax Prime 2014, TSM's luck began to change. Although they fell victim to a surprise backdoor ending by ZionSpartan in their first match against Dignitas, Team SoloMid came back to win the series 3-1. Subsequently, TSM faced LMQ, a team against whom they had a 0-4 record throughout the season. After a hard-fought series, even overcoming a Game 4 XiaoWeiXiao pentakill, TSM prevailed 3-2 and returned to the finals against Cloud 9. In their third consecutive playoff matchup against C9, as well as TSM's record fourth finals appearance, Team SoloMid finally came out on top and took the series 3-2. In the process, TSM handed Cloud 9 its first (and second and third) ever playoff losses, and secured a spot at the Season 4 World Championship, becoming the only team to attend all four World Championships.

At the 2014 World Championship Team Solomid was placed in Group B. TSM would place second in their group with a record of 4-2, advancing to the Playoffs. In the playoffs, TSM was placed against Samsung White in their first match and lost 3-1, thus having them place 5th-8th in the tournament.

Pre-Season 5

On October 11th, 2014, it was announced that Amazing left the team. Just 3 days after this announcement was made, on October 14th, Gleebglarbu announced that he left the team. On November 27th, it was announced that Santorin had join the starting roster.

Season 5

With a 5-2 standing in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split, Team SoloMid felt the need to challenge WildTurtle to help him get back his old form, thus trying out KEITHMCBRIEF for the AD position. According to the announcement, WildTurtle will remain as the starting AD for the team with KEITHMCBRIEF partaking in scrims.[18] By the end of the Regular Season, TSM finished with a tentative 5th place. The 5th place finish remains TSM's worst regular season performance in the team's history. Despite the doubts on the team's back, TSM managed to pull off two consecutive 3-1 wins against Gravity Gaming and Team Liquid respectively in the bracket stage en route to the Finals. TSM's win against Team Liquid guaranteed the team a spot in the 2015 World Championship as North America's 2nd seed. In the Finals, TSM was unable to beat longtime rival Counter Logic Gaming at Madison Square Garden, losing 0-3. With the season over, TSM traveled to Korea to bootcamp and scrim against international teams.

Team SoloMid failed to make it out of the group stage at the 2015 World Championship. On October 14th, the team announced the retirement of Dyrus and Santorin, while Lustboy will move from starting Support to Analyst.[19]

Season 6

Soon after this announcement, the players stepping in to fill the vacant roles were announced. On October 31st, Team SoloMid announced the acquisition of former Counter Logic Gaming ADC Doublelift (who had been removed from his former team by unknown circumstances) via a controversial video in which the player threw his old team's jersey in the trash.[20] This sparked hostilities between Doublelift and his old management, a situation that appears to remain mostly unresolved. Speculation was abound on two of the remaining open roles, top and support, with Hauntzer and Kasing rumored to be the front-runners to these roles, respectively.[21][22] During this time, there was also a conflict between H2K and TSM on contracting the former SK player, Svenskeren, with TSM winning the contract war after H2K resorted to legal threats in an attempt to sign the player.[23][24] All of these rumours were later confirmed by an official TSM announcement video, in which the final roster for IEM San Jose was revealed to be Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjergsen, Doublelift and KaSing.[25] After IEM San Jose, KaSing left the roster. It was later revealed that YellOwStaR would be the new support for Team SoloMid.[26] After falling short in the finals of Spring vs CLG, YellOwStaR returned to Fnatic and TSM held tryouts for a new starting support during their boot camp in Korea. The team ultimately chose Canadian rookie Biofrost to fill the role. TSM would then hire Weldon Green as their head coach, keeping Parth as their Strategic Coach. After a 17-1 performance in the Regular Season of the Summer Split, TSM defeated CLG 3-0 in the semifinals and Cloud9 3-1 in the finals. This gave TSM the first seed from North America at the 2016 World Championship, where they would be eliminated in the group stages with a record of 3-3. Shortly thereafter, Doublelift announced that he would not be playing with TSM for the 2017 Spring Split, stating he wished to take a hiatus from professional play and would be interested in rejoining the team for the Summer Split. This prompted TSM to seek new talent to fill the now vacant AD Carry role, bringing on former TSM ADC WildTurtle as a temporary substitute for IEM XI Oakland.


  • January 5th, CyberPowerPC sponsors Team SoloMid.[33]
  • February 3rd, Valkrin and Hi Im Gosu join.[34]
  • February 16th, Woodbuck is released as Head Coach.[35]
  • April 21st, TSM announce tryouts for the support role.[36]
  • April 26th, Jarge leaves.[37]
  • May 11th, YellOwStaR leaves.[38]
  • May 18th, Biofrost joins.[39]
  • May 30th, Weldon Green joins as Head Coach.[40]
  • November 1st, Doublelift announces a competitive hiatus for Spring split. Team open tryouts for AD role and brings in temporary substitute for IEM XI Oakland.[41]
  • November 15th, WildTurtle re-joins as a temporary sub for IEM XI Oakland.[42]
  • November 26th, Weldon Green leaves.[43]
  • December 07th, WildTurtle re-joins.[44]


  • Is the only team to appear in every NA LCS Final.[85]
  • Is the only team to appear in every League of Legends World Championship.

Player Roster

ID Name Contract
Top Laner USA Hauntzer Kevin Yarnell 11/18/2019
Jungler Denmark Svenskeren Dennis Johnsen 11/18/2018
Mid Laner Denmark Bjergsen Søren Bjerg 11/17/2018
AD Carry USA Doublelift Yiliang Peng 11/18/2019
Support China Biofrost Vincent Wang 11/18/2019
Sub AD Carry Denmark MrRalleZ Rasmus Skinneholm Signed

ID Name Stream
Canada TheOddOne Brian Wyllie

ID Name Next Team
Sub AD Carry Canada Hi Im Gosu
USA Valkrin Richard Royer
Streamer USA Dyrus Marcus Hill
Delta Fox
AD Carry Canada WildTurtle Jason Tran
FlyQuest eSports
AD Carry USA Doublelift Yiliang Peng
Team Liquid
Support France YellOwStaR Bora Kim
Sub Top Laner USA BillyBoss Billy Yu
Team Dignitas
Sub AD Carry Canada WildTurtle Jason Tran
Support South Korea Lustboy Jang-sik Ham (함장식)
Incredible Miracle
Cloud9 Tempest
Top Laner USA Dyrus Marcus Hill Retired.png Retired
Jungler Denmark Santorin Lucas Larsen
Team Huma
Sub Mid Laner USA Reginald Andy Dinh Coachlogo std.png Coach
Sub Jungler USA Ninjaken Andy Nong
Sub Top Laner USA MegaZero Patrick Glinsman
Support USA Gleeb Nicholas Haddad
Team Fusion Gaming
Jungler Germany Amazing Maurice Stückenschneider
Sub AD Carry Canada Altec Johnny Ru
Evil Geniuses
Sub Jungler USA Nightblue3 Rabia Yazbek
Support USA Xpecial Alex Chu
Team Curse
Jungler Canada TheOddOne Brian Wyllie Coachlogo std.png Coach
Substitute USA Wingsofdeathx Daryl Hennegan
Substitute USA Dan Dinh Daniel Dinh Coachlogo std.png Coach
AD Carry Canada Chaox Shan Huang
Team Coast
Top Laner USA The Rain Man Christian Kahmann
Team Solo Queue
Top Laner USA Westrice Jonathan Nguyen
Epik Gamer
Mid Laner USA FeedFest
AD Carry South Korea Locodoco Choi Yoon-sub (최윤섭)
MiG Frost
Top Laner USA Saintvicious Brandon DiMarco
Counter Logic Gaming

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Canada WildTurtle Jason Tran AD
IEM Season XI - Oakland
United Kingdom KaSing Raymond Tsang Support
IEM Season X - San Jose
USA Reginald Andy Dinh Mid Denmark Bjergsen 2014 Season League Championship Series North America Spring Week 7 - 8


ID Name Position
USA Reginald Andy Dinh Owner/Coach
India Parth Parth Naidu Head Coach
Mexico Revehaza Luis Lopez Position Coach

ID Name Position Next Team
USA Abaxial Alexander Haibel Assistant Coach
Keyd Stars
USA Weldon Weldon Green Head Coach
G2 Esports
Jarge Josh Smith Strategic Coach
Woodbuck KC Woods Head Coach
USA Jack Jack Etienne General Manager
South Korea Locodoco Choi Yoon-sub (최윤섭) Coach
Team Liquid

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-09-03 NA LCS.png 1st 2017 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 3 : 1
2017-08-06 NA LCS.png 1st 2017 NA LCS Summer Split 14-4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2017-07-08 2017RRBlues.png 1st 2017 Rift Rivals - Blue 3 : 0
2017-05-14 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.png 5th 2017 Mid-Season Invitational 4-6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2017-04-23 NA LCS.png 1st 2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 3 : 2
2017-03-26 NA LCS.png 1st 2017 NA LCS Spring Split 15-3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-20 Esltumbnail.png 3 - 4th IEM XI Oakland 1 : 2
Unicorns of Love
$ 10,000
2016-10-08 Worlds Logosmall.png 9 - 12th 2016 World Championship 3 - 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 150,750
2016-08-28 NA LCS.png 1st 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 3 : 1
2016-07-31 NA LCS.png 1st 2016 NA LCS Summer Split 17-1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2016-04-17 NA LCS.png 2nd 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2 : 3
Counter Logic Gaming
70 CP
2016-03-20 NA LCS.png 6th 2016 NA LCS Spring 9 : 9 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2016-03-06 Esltumbnail.png 3 - 4th IEM X World Championship 0 : 2
SK Telecom T1
$ 10,000

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-22 Esltumbnail.png 3 - 4th IEM X San Jose 0 : 2
$ 5,000
2015-10-10 Worlds Logosmall.png 13 - 16th 2015 World Championship 1 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 25,000
2015-08-23 NA LCS.png 2nd 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 0 : 3
Counter Logic Gaming
90 CP
2015-07-26 NA LCS.png 5th 2015 NA LCS Summer Split 11 : 7 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-05-08 MSI2015.png 5th 2015 Mid-Season Invitational 1 : 4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-04-19 NA LCS.png 1st 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 3 : 1
90 CP
2015-03-29 NA LCS.png 1st 2015 NA LCS Spring Split 13 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-03-15 Esltumbnail.png 1st IEM IX World Championship Katowice 3 : 0
Team WE
$ 108,414

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-06 Esltumbnail.png 3 - 4th IEM San Jose 0 : 2
Unicorns of Love
$ 5,000
2014-10-03 WC2014.png 5 - 8th 2014 World Championship 1 : 3
Samsung Galaxy White
$ 75,000
2014-09-01 NA LCS.png 1st 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 3 : 2
$ 50,000
2014-08-03 NA LCS.png 3rd 2014 NA LCS Summer Regular Season 16 : 12 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2014-04-20 NA LCS.png 2nd 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 0 : 3
$ 25,000
2014-04-06 NA LCS.png 2nd 2014 NA LCS Spring Split 22 : 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-10-04 RpPoints.png 11 - 12th Season 3 World Championship 2 : 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 30,000
2013-09-02 NA LCS.png 2nd LCS North America Season 3 Summer Playoffs 0 : 3
$ 25,000
2013-08-16 NA LCS.png 3rd LCS North America Season 3 Summer Regular Season 14 : 14 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2013-04-28 NA LCS.png 1st LCS North America Season 3 Spring Playoffs 3 : 2
Good Game University
$ 50,000
2013-04-19 NA LCS.png 1st LCS North America Season 3 Spring Regular Season 21 : 7 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2012 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-11-30 Ipllogo small.png 9 - 12th IGN ProLeague 5 0 : 2
Azubu Blaze
$ 1,500
2012-11-03 MLG-Logo-Small.png 5 - 6th 2012 MLG Fall Championship 0 : 2
CLG Europe
2012-10-05 RpPoints.png 5 - 8th Riot Season 2 World Championship 0 : 2
Azubu Frost
$ 75,000
2012-09-02 RpPoints.png 1st Riot Season 2 North American Regionals 2 : 0
Team Dignitas
$ 40,000
2012-08-12 Ipllogo small.png 1st IPL ProLeague Face Off 3 : 0
Team Curse
$ 20,000
2012-08-05 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2nd 2012 MLG Summer Arena 0 : 2
Azubu Blaze
2012-07-17 Championbase.png 4th Elite of Europe 1 : 2
Moscow Five
$ 500
2012-06-17 GIGABYTE Esports LAN.png 1st GIGABYTE eSports LAN 2 : 0
CLG Academy
$ 6,000
2012-06-10 MLG-Logo-Small.png 1st 2012 MLG Spring Championship 2 : 1
CLG Prime
$ 20,000
2012-06-03 1st Reign of Gaming International Invitational 2 : 1
Team SoloMid Evo
$ 10,000
2012-04-08 Ipllogo small.png 1st IGN ProLeague 4 2 : 1
Counter Logic Gaming
$ 25,000
2012-04-01 1st Leaguecraft ggClassic 2 : 0
$ 3,000
2012-03-10 Esltumbnail.png 7 - 8th IEM Season VI - World Championship 2 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) $ 2,200
2012-01-22 Esltumbnail.png 2nd IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev 1 : 2
Moscow Five
$ 6,000

2011 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2011-12-18 Epssmalllogo.png 3rd National ESL Premier League II 0 : 2
Team Curse
$ 900
2011-08-27 MLG-Logo-Small.png 3rd 2011 MLG Raleigh 1 : 2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2011-08-21 Esltumbnail.png 2nd IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne 1 : 2
Counter Logic Gaming
$ 6,000
2011-08-20 Emssmalllogo.png 2nd ESL Major Series VIII 0 : 2
SK Gaming
$ 3,250
2011-07-16 Epssmalllogo.png 3rd National ESL Premier League I 2 : 0
Rock Solid
$ 600
2011-06-20 RpPoints.png 3rd Riot Season 1 Championship 0 : 2
against All authority
$ 10,000


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