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To create charts of team rosters during events, where the roster may change over the course of multiple rounds.



  • {{ExtendedRosterStart}}
    • |team1 through |team21 - Can optionally be used to specify an opponent for a particular column
    • |name1 through |name21 - Can optionally be used to specify a name for a particular column
    • If neither team nor name are specified, the number of the round will be printed for each column title
  • {{ExtendedRosterLine}} where the player only played one role
    • |flag - The flag of the country that the player is from
    • |player - The player's IGN
    • |name - The player's real name
    • |r1 through |r21 - Defaults to a red X; specify "yes" to change it to a green check to indicate the rounds in which the player played. It is good practice to write in "no" if the player did not play in a round that has already been played, but not necessary to the template's functionality.
  • {{ExtendedRosterLine}} where the player changed roles
    • |flag - The flag of the country that the player is from
    • |player - The player's IGN
    • |name - The player's real name
    • |roles - How many different roles the player played
    • |role1 through |role5 - The names of the player's roles
    • |role1r1 through |role5r21 - Similar to {{ExtendedRosterLine}}'s |r1 through |r21. You have to specify the rounds played for all roles.
  • {{ExtendedRosterEnd}}
    • (no arguments)


{{ExtendedRosterLine|flag=us|res=na|player=Ninja|name=Tyler Blevins|role=Top|r=y,y,y,y,y}}
{{ExtendedRosterLine|flag=us|res=na|player=FearItSelf|name=Justin Kats|role=Jungle|r=y,y,y,y,y}}
{{ExtendedRosterLine|flag=us|res=na|player=Hysteria|name=Jacob Reiser|role=Mid|r=y,y,y,y,y}}
{{ExtendedRosterLine|flag=us|res=na|player=Victory X|name=Cameron Thorlakson|role=AD|r=y,n,y,y,n}}
{{ExtendedRosterLine|flag=us|res=na|player=Snip3down|name=Eric Wrona|role=Support|r=n,y,n,n,y}}

Toprole icon.png
NinjaTyler Blevins

Junglerole icon.png
FearItSelfJustin Kats

Midrole icon.png
HysteriaJacob Reiser

AD Carryrole icon.png
Victory XCameron Thorlakson

Supportrole icon.png
Snip3downEric Wrona


{{ExtendedRosterEnd}} only contains |}, and so you may write that instead of using the template; however, this may be confusing for future editors of the page who aren't familiar with the template.

If you don't need the "Extended" part of this template, you may still use it by simply writing that the number of rounds = 0 in the start line:


Copyable Code

Copy the line appropriate to the number of items you want and paste it as many times as you need: