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The Breakdown
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HostAidan "Zirene" Moon
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"The Breakdown" is a weekly show hosted by Aidan "Zirene" Moon showcasing the technical parts of certain games (or general overviews) from the prior week. The show was initially part of PrimeTime League, but after PTL ceased, The Breakdown was continued standalone. In 2016 and part of 2017, the show was hosted by Joshua "Jatt" Leesman. The first season went by the title "Team Fight Breakdown."

Episode List[edit]

2018 Season[edit]

Date VOD Length Topic
2018-10-26 VOD 12m27s How IG beat KT (Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals)
2018-08-31 VOD 24m56s How TSM Defeated FOX w/ Vision Control (NA LCS Quarterfinals)
2018-07-27 VOD 11m54s How FlyQuest Won the Base Race (NA LCS Summer Week 5)
2018-07-12 VOD 6m42s How the LPL toppled the LCK (Rift Rivals 2018)
2018-06-28 VOD 9m17s How Griffin Beat SKT (LCK Summer Week 1)
2018-05-25 VOD 10m09s How Royal Never Gave Up (MSI Finals)
2018-04-12 VOD 9m13s How Team Liquid Went from Cursed to 1st (NA LCS Spring Finals)
2018-03-29 VOD 3m06s Definitely NOT another TSM Breakdown (NA LCS Spring Quarterfinals)
2018-03-22 VOD 8m59s KING-ZONE's Macro Masterclass (LCK Spring Week 8)
2018-03-02 VOD 7m45s How to End a Game in 23 Minutes feat. FOX (NA LCS Spring Week 6)
2018-02-01 VOD 6m25s FOX’s Comeback Against TSM (NA LCS Spring Week 2)

2017 Season[edit]

Date VOD Length Topic
2017-11-09 VOD 6m12s The Championship Winning Play (Worlds Finals)
2017-11-02 VOD 6m04s How SSG wins without fighting (Worlds Semifinals)
2017-10-26 VOD 6m58s How SKT beat Misfits (Worlds Quarterfinals)
2017-10-18 VOD 7m29s How Misfits beat TSM (Worlds Group Stage Week 2)
2017-10-12 VOD 8m12s How SKT beat EDG (Worlds Group Stage Week 1)
2017-08-31 VOD 9m09s How Longzhu beat SKT (LCK Summer Finals)
2017-06-29 VOD 6m26s How aggressive ADCs win teamfights (NA LCS Summer Week 4)
2017-06-22 VOD 5m41s How spacing wins teamfights (NA LCS Summer Week 3)
2017-06-15 VOD 5m39s Baron throws H2K (EU LCS Summer Week 2)
2017-06-08 VOD 6m13s The Power of Rakan (NA LCS Summer Week 1)
2017-05-25 VOD 5m57s Setting up the Engage (MSI 2017 Finals)
2017-05-19 VOD 7m50s G2 vs. TSM Nexus Rush (MSI 2017 Group Stage)
2017-04-27 VOD 5m30s C9 vs. TSM Final Team Fight (NA LCS Finals)
2017-04-20 VOD 5m44s Winning a 3 vs. 5 Fight (EU LCS Semifinals)
2017-04-13 VOD 3m51s Ryu's Shockwave (NA LCS Quarterfinals)
2017-03-30 VOD 4m16s Anatomy of a Baron throw (NA LCS Spring Week 9)
2017-03-23 VOD 5m39s What makes a jungle invade work (NA LCS Week 8)
2017-03-16 VOD 7m37s Understanding late game decisions (LCK Spring Week 6)
2017-02-23 VOD 5m40s How SKT Wins Without Reliable Initiation (LCK Spring Week 5: SSG vs SKT)
2017-02-16 VOD 5m34s C9 vs FLY Team Fight (NA LCS Spring Week 4)
2017-02-09 VOD 5m03s Ivern's Competitive Strengths (EU LCS Spring Week 3)
2017-02-02 VOD 5m02s Realm Warp (NA LCS Spring Week 2: TSM vs TL)
2017-01-26 VOD 5m11s Deft's Ezreal (LCK Spring Week 1: ROX vs KT)

2016 Season[edit]

Date VOD Length Topic
2016-11-03 VOD 5m50s SSG vs SKT (Worlds 2016 Finals)
2016-10-27 VOD 7m57s ROX vs SKT (Worlds 2016 Semifinals)
2016-10-20 VOD 7m29s EDG vs ROX (Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals)
2016-10-13 VOD 5m36s C9 vs SKT (Worlds 2016 Group Stage Week 2)
2016-10-06 VOD 3m52s ROX vs G2 (Worlds 2016 Group Stage Week 1)
2016-09-03 VOD 6m37s C9 vs TSM (2016 NA LCS Summer Finals)
2016-08-25 VOD 4m31s CLG vs TSM (2016 NA LCS Summer Semifinals)
2016-08-18 VOD 5m01s SKT vs KT (2016 LCK Summer Semifinals)
2016-08-04 VOD 5m18s TSM vs IMT (2016 NA LCS Summer Week 9)
2016-07-21 VOD 6m52s APX vs C9 (2016 NA LCS Summer Week 7)
2016-07-14 VOD 5m16s S04 vs H2K (2016 EU LCS Summer Week 6)
2016-06-30 VOD 4m58s NV vs C9 (2016 NA LCS Summer Week 4)
2016-06-23 VOD 5m01s FNC vs SPY (2016 EU LCS Summer Week 3)
2016-06-16 VOD 5m02s JAG vs SSG (2016 LCK Summer Week 3)
2016-06-09 VOD 5m41s TL vs TSM (2016 NA LCS Summer Week 1)
2016-05-20 VOD 6m36s CLG vs SKT (MSI 2016 Finals)
2016-05-12 VOD 5m18s RNG vs SKT (MSI 2016 Group Stage)
2016-04-30 VOD 5m41s ROX vs SKT (2016 LCK Spring Finals)
2016-04-21 VOD 6m28s CLG vs TSM (2016 NA LCS Spring Finals)
2016-04-14 VOD 5m56s IMT vs TSM (2016 NA LCS Spring Semifinals)
2016-04-07 VOD 4m48s FNC vs VIT (2016 EU LCS Spring Quarterfinals)
2016-03-24 VOD 5m50s SKT vs ROX (2016 LCK Spring Week 10)
2016-03-17 VOD 4m56s SSG vs ROX(2016 LCK Spring Week 9)
2016-03-03 VOD 5m39s C9 vs CLG (2016 NA LCS Spring Week 7)
2016-02-24 VOD 4m39s VIT vs H2K (2016 EU LCS Spring Week 6)
2016-02-17 VOD 4m54s C9 vs TL (2016 NA LCS Spring Week 5)
2016-02-10 VOD 5m03s ROC vs FNC (2016 EU LCS Spring Week 4)
2016-02-03 VOD 4m06s SKT vs ROX (2016 LCK Spring Week 3)
2016-01-29 VOD 3m57s NRG vs IMT (2016 NA LCS Spring Week 2)
2016-01-23 VOD 5m04s TSM vs CLG (2016 NA LCS Spring Week 1)