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The Dutch League is the top-level Dutch League of Legends league. Along with sister league the Belgian League, it has been part of the EU Masters circuit since the national league's formation in early 2020. Both leagues serve as successors to the BPL.

Main Events

StartEndTournamentPrize PoolFirstRunner-Up
Dutch League 2020 Country Finals
€ 10,000TBDlogo std.pngTBDTBDlogo std.pngTBD
Dutch League 2020 Summer Playoffs
€ 6,250LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLionsPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSV Esports
Dutch League 2020 Summer
€ 1,250Team THRLLlogo std.pngTeam THRLLPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSV Esports
Dutch League 2020 Spring Playoffs
€ 6,250Defusekidslogo std.pngDefusekidsPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSV Esports
Dutch League 2020 Spring
€ 1,250PSV Esportslogo std.pngPSV EsportsDefusekidslogo std.pngDefusekids


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