The LEC Vlog (Excel)

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The LEC Vlog
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TeamExcel Esportslogo std.pngExcel Esports
CountryUnited Kingdom
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"The LEC Vlog" is, as the title suggests, a video log series following the players and support staff of Excel Esports in the newly renamed and franchised LEC.

Episode List[edit]

Season Two[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title
19 2019-08-22 VOD 17m16s The Grand Finale
18 2019-08-20 VOD 15m08s Nothing Like A Good Massage Before The Game
17 2019-08-15 VOD 18m00s This Is NOT The End
16 2019-08-13 VOD 16m19s We KILLED Fnatic's Twitter?!
15 2019-08-08 VOD 16m56s Clutching On To A Miracle
14 2019-08-06 VOD 16m10s Oh Mickey, You're So Fine
13 2019-07-31 VOD 14m46s We Are Making HISTORY
12 2019-07-30 VOD 14m32s Unofficial World Champions
11 2019-07-22 VOD 10m03s Did Boaster Get FIRED?
10 2019-07-17 VOD 13m55s The COMEBACK is on!
9 2019-07-16 VOD 8m57s Mystiques Gets A Facial
8 2019-07-08 VOD 9m40s What Do Our Pro's Think Of Our Chances Returning To The LEC Stage?
7 2019-07-01 VOD 9m09s Kasing Debuts His Acting CAREER?!?
6 2019-06-25 VOD 14m47s Excel fans are CRAZY
5 2019-06-17 VOD 15m54s Hjarnan drops his pants?
4 2019-06-11 VOD 12m10s The REAL Reason Our Game Got Moved
3 2019-05-24 VOD 5m00s A Musical GENIUS Has Been Born
2 2019-05-22 VOD 16m55s Esports vs. Rugby
1 2019-05-17 VOD 6m24s Hjarnan's First Day in the Office

Season One[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title
18 2019-03-21 VOD 5m44s Caedrel Cuts Expect's Hair
17 2019-03-17 VOD 5m47s Let's Punch Them in the Face
16 2019-03-15 VOD 5m08s Caedrel vs Bwipo - Who'd Win in a Fight?
15 2019-03-10 VOD 6m30s A Mechanical What?
14 2019-03-07 VOD 5m48s Daehan the Puppy
13 2019-03-05 VOD 6m16s Not sure they're meant to be doing that...
12 2019-02-25 VOD 6m12s Expect Trolls Kasing. Again.
11 2019-02-24 VOD 6m52s Perkz Slaps Expect's Butt
10 2019-02-17 VOD 6m35s Expect's Hilarious Socks
9 2019-02-16 VOD 6m06s Something Special
8 2019-02-14 VOD 5m04s What did Expect do?!?
7 2019-02-11 VOD 5m59s Caedrel 🧡 Jeskla
6 2019-02-04 VOD 4m19s Boaster's Found a Bidet...
5 2019-02-03 VOD 6m25s When Baehan Smites
4 2019-01-31 VOD 4m47s It SKs To Lose
3 2019-01-29 VOD 5m18s Trust Me Daehan
2 2019-01-21 VOD 7m09s Better Caedrel Wins
1 2019-01-19 VOD 5m22s Don't Feed the Snek
0 2019-01-18 VOD 1m51s Welcome Boaster

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