2013 The Legends Circuit

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2013 The Legends Circuit
TLC no background.png
Tournament Information
FormatRound robin
Prize PoolRM 30,000
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline
CountryMalaysia Malaysia
Start Date2013-09
End Date2013-11

The 2013 The Legends Circuit is the first year of the TLC which from Singapore. After the first season, the tournament expand to Malaysia.



This year is divided into two seasons:

  • Season 1 (2013-01-04 — 2013-04-21)
    • 11 week season
      • Round robin format
      • Each match is best of one
      • Each team plays each of the other teams twice
      • Top 2 teams receive a spot for the final.
      • Final match is best of three, with the team in the first place starting with a 1-0 advantage
      • First team receives a spot for the Season 3 SEA Qualifier
  • Summer Season (2013-05-10 — 2013-08-18)
    • 7 week season
      • 8 teams from Singapore and Malaysia
      • Round robin matches
      • Each match is best of one
      • Each team plays all of the other teams twice
      • Top 2 teams from each regions receives a spot for Championship.


Season 1[edit]

1. Ssentinelslogo std.pngSingapore Sentinels 13-1
2. Absolute Legendslogo std.pngAbsolute Legends SG 11-3
3. InsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Outlaw 10-4
4. InsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Exile 7-7
5. Jakarta Scourgelogo std.pngJakarta Scourge 7-7
6. Team Infinitylogo std.pngTeam Infinity 6-8
7. Toukonlogo std.pngToukon 1-13
8. NoGAMESENSElogo std.pngnoGAMESENSE 1-13

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