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Thorin's Thoughts
General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Thorin's Thoughts is a series of videos produced by Duncan "Thorin" Shields that discuss various topics related to esports, primarily League of Legends and CS:GO. For the sake of completeness, all episodes are listed here, including those that are unrelated to League of Legends.

Episode List[edit]

Game Date Links Length Title Description
August 2019
CS:GO 2019/08/26 VOD 17m21s Starladder Berlin New Legends Preview Some thoughts on the teams that will play in the New Legends stage of the Starladder Berlin major. I do my pick 'em as I preview the teams.
LoL 2019/08/20 VOD 16m17s A Multitude of Misfits Mess-Ups Some thoughts on how Misfits as an organisation fucked up not only their main LEC squad but much more and with wider implications.
CS:GO 2019/08/17 VOD 14m41s Starladder Berlin New Challengers Preview Some thoughts on the teams that will play in the New Challengers stage of the Starladder Berlin major. I do my pick 'em as I preview the teams.
LoL 2019/08/12 VOD 19m38s Weldon is the Coach of the Split Some thoughts on why CLG's Weldon Green is the coach of the split for S9 LCS Summer, in my book.
LoL 2019/08/10 VOD 16m06s TSM's Load-Bearing Approach to Blame Some thoughts on TSM's flawed mentality to apportioning blame.
CS:GO 2019/08/02 VOD 14m46s Break Up FaZe Some thoughts on how breaking up FaZe could make the top end of the scene much more competitive and interesting.
July 2019
General 2019/07/30 VOD 15m15s A World Without Burn-Out Some thoughts on whether or not we'll ever get to a an esports world without severe player burn-out as a concern.
Quake 2019/07/29 VOD 19m17s Quake is Back on the Menu Some thoughts on how Quake has changed to again look like a legitimately entertaining esport.
CS:GO 2019/07/25 VOD 16m56s zews's Part in this Team Liquid's Success Some thoughts on the role zews, former coach of Team Liquid and currently of MiBR, played in establishing the basis for success the current line-up enjoys.
General 2019/07/24 VOD 12m01s Ring Rust Some thoughts on the concept of ring rust and how it applies to competing in esports at the top level.
CS:GO 2019/07/23 VOD 11m41s The Messy Major Metric Some thoughts on the problematic significance of the major to a great player's career and legacy as well as teams hoping to define an era.
CS:GO 2019/07/21 VOD 22m31s Team Liquid Trample IEM Chicago Some thoughts on Team Liquid's dominant victory at IEM Chicago.
LoL 2019/07/19 VOD 13m41s PoE, Keane and Eschewing the Global Meta Some thoughts on how PowerofEvil and Keane flaunted the global meta and the implications of their choices.
LoL 2019/07/16 VOD 11m45s Rehabilitating Rift Rivals Some thoughts on how Riot's Rift Rivals tournament could be rehabilitated into an exciting and meaningful competition.
CS:GO 2019/07/12 VOD 18m14s Team Liquid Speed-Runs the Grand Slam Some thoughts on Team Liquid winning the Intel Grand Slam S2 in record fashion.
CS:GO 2019/07/11 VOD 18m23s s1mple's Hidden Insights Some thoughts on examples of s1mple's advice working as wisdom but not a plan of action or method of improvement.
LoL 2019/07/02 VOD 24m48s The Riddle of Perkz's Power Level Some thoughts on the difficulty of evaluating Perkz's ability as an ADC in the context of his team.
June 2019
CS:GO 2019/06/29 VOD 28m29s Liquid's Misfits Find Their Fit Some thoughts on how Team Liquid is made up of misfits who have found their corresponding parts in each other, enabling them to become the best team in Counter-Strike.
CS:GO 2019/06/24 VOD 17m50s adreN the Coach Some thoughts on adreN as the coach of Team Liquid, half-way into a very successful year already.
CS:GO 2019/06/23 VOD 21m17s Team Liquid Topple ESL ProLeague S9 Some thoughts on Team Liquid winning ESL ProLeague S9 Finals and further establishing their stay at the top of the rankings.
General 2019/06/21 VOD 14m22s Orgs and their Missing Legends Some thoughts on the poor history of great esports organisations promoting their legendary players and retaining ties with them.
General 2019/06/14 VOD 33m16s The Reddit Revolution Some thoughts on how reddit changed the paradigm of content publication.
CS:GO 2019/06/11 VOD 19m01s stanislaw Replaces daps in NRG Some thoughts on stanislaw replacing daps as the IGL of NRG.
LoL 2019/06/10 VOD 19m58s Key Context of the Season One Championship Some thoughts on why the Season One Championship in LoL is significantly different enough from the World Championships which followed that it should not be considered one.
May 2019
CS:GO 2019/05/24 VOD 16m13s Five Tough Girls Some thoughts on a project for women's CS:GO that could transcend esports.
CS:GO 2019/05/15 VOD 14m50s The NiP Flip Some thoughts on Ninjas in Pyjamas' status within the scene as a coin-flip side.
LoL 2019/05/14 VOD 28m27s First Contact and International Play Some thoughts on how teams playing so rarely for the first time, in a number of contexts, is an issue with viewing and predicting international LoL.
CS:GO 2019/05/13 VOD 14m47s FaZe Add NEO Some thoughts on NEO joining FaZe Clan on trial.
CS:GO 2019/05/12 VOD 23m33s Astralis Sacrifice Their Era to Blast Some thoughts on Astralis letting them era end by attending no big meaningful international competitions.
CS:GO 2019/05/10 VOD 28m24s The Next Super-Star Some thoughts on who the next super-star in CS:GO might be.
CS:GO 2019/05/07 VOD 17m46s Team Liquid Triumph in Sydney Some thoughts on Team Liquid's win at IEM XIV Sydney and the significance of that victory for them as a team.
LoL 2019/05/06 VOD 11m48s Mechanics and the Korean Distinction Some thoughts on a distinction Koreans make regarding the term "mechanics".
CS:GO 2019/05/05 VOD 20m46s Astralis and Their Infrastructure Advantages Some thoughts on Astralis' infrastructure advantages.
CS:GO 2019/05/04 VOD 13m22s Valve Set Major Dates Some thoughts on Valve setting the dates for the CS:GO majors in 2020 and 2021.
LoL 2019/05/03 VOD 23m47s It's Bjergsen More Than TSM Some thoughts on why Bjergsen has been more important to TSM than TSM has been to Bjergsen at this point.
April 2019
LoL 2019/04/30 VOD 43m59s How Riot Treats People in the Industry Some thoughts on how Riot Games f*cked me out of a hosting gig and how this is just another data point in a pattern of behaviour from them regarding industry professionals in their game.
LoL 2019/04/28 VOD 19m32s LCK's Top Seed is a Curse Some thoughts on why receiving the top seed in the LCK seems to be more of a curse than a blessing.
General 2019/04/27 VOD 11m04s Liquipedia's Never-Ending Mistake Some thoughts on the big mistake Liquipedia has made with how they label tournaments and its impact upon esports history.
CS:GO 2019/04/25 [VOD 17m45s Team Liquid Have the Best Chance to Topple Astralis Some thoughts on why Team Liquid are the team with the best chance to not just beat but dethrone Astralis.
LoL 2019/04/22 VOD 18m21s Not Just Paid by Steve Some thoughts on Team Liquid as an elite NA team not just by virtue of buying the best players, as many suggest.
CS:GO 2019/04/21 VOD 20m59s Downfall of Brazil's Second Team Some thoughts on the disappearance of the second best Brazilian team from being relevant on an international level.
CS:GO 2019/04/19 VOD 20m52s Astralis Gamble Their Legacy Some thoughts on how Astralis are gambling their epic legacy by skipping events in the coming months.
CS:GO 2019/04/14 VOD 10m35s electronic and the Elusive MVPs Some thoughts on why electronic will likely not win MVPs in this Na`Vi line-up, regardless of his level.
CS:GO 2019/04/13 VOD 11m25s CS:GO Needs Dedicated Stats-Men Some thoughts on what dedicated stats-men would bring to CS:GO broadcasts.
CS:GO 2019/04/06 VOD 13m04s cajunb Joins Cloud9 Some thoughts on cajunb joining Cloud9.
CS:GO 2019/04/03 VOD 16m50s Create a Spectacle Some thoughts on how to create a more consistent spectacle in CS:GO's circuit.
March 2019
CS:GO 2019/03/31 VOD 27m16s Team Liquid's Exciting Map Pool Some thoughts on the exciting nature and prospect of Team Liquid's new map pool.
CS:GO 2019/03/30 VOD 30m26s The Value of Real IGLs and Coaches Some thoughts on the clear value of real IGLs and coaches.
CS 2019/03/25 VOD 10m34s coL and the Closing of the Gap Some thoughts on how compLexity's line-up in CS 1.6 closed the gap with the best European teams.
CS:GO 2019/03/24 VOD 18m36s Problems with Blast Pro Series Format Some thoughts on the flaws in the Blast Pro Series format.
LoL 2019/03/23 VOD 10m42s Teams Not Trying in Round Robin Some thoughts on why it's an issue that 100 Thieves will not be fielding their normal starting line-up for this weekend's LCS games.
LoL 2019/03/20 VOD 40m38s Community Role of Reddit and Social Media Some thoughts on the role of reddit and social media in the community.
CS:GO 2019/03/19 VOD 27m36s Contemplating Top Teams' Skill Level Some thoughts on the most skilled teams in CS:GO.
CS:GO 2019/03/15 VOD 18m32s New Look Mousesports Some thoughts on the major changes to the mousesports line-up.
LoL 2019/03/11 VOD 28m52s Echo Fox are Clueless Some thoughts on Echo Fox's failures as an organisation to produce teams in line with their spending power and opportunities.
General 2019/03/10 VOD 17m27s What's a Kong Anyway? Some thoughts on what makes a player or team a kong, which is more nuanced terminology than simply someone who has lost a lot of finals.
CS:GO 2019/03/09 VOD 27m29s f0rest and G.O.A.T. Status Some thoughts on f0rest being called the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All-Time) for the Counter-Strike franchise and how he is characterised as a player now.
CS:GO 2019/03/08 VOD 11m03s AmaNEk Joins G2 Some thoughts on AmaNEk replacing bodyy in G2.
CS:GO 2019/03/06 VOD 12m05s Cloud9 in No Man's Land Some thoughts on the positions Cloud9's CS:GO roster finds itself in.
LoL 2019/03/04 VOD 14m48s A New Approach for North America Some thoughts on a new approach to scouting talent which could make North American LoL teams stronger.
CS:GO 2019/03/03 VOD 18m14s Astralis Go Back-to-Back Some thoughts on Astralis winning IEM Katowice, the 14th CS:GO major, and going back-to-back at the majors.
CS:GO 2019/03/02 VOD 20m49s IEM Katowice Final Preview Some thoughts on the IEM Katowice major finals of ENCE vs. Astralis.
CS:GO 2019/03/01 VOD 18m34s IEM Katowice Semi-Finals Preview Some thoughts on the IEM Katowice major semi-finals of Na`Vi vs. ENCE and MiBR vs. Astralis.
February 2019
CS:GO 2019/02/27 VOD 53m16s IEM Katowice Play-Off Preview Some thoughts on the IEM Katowice major play-offs. I fill out my pick 'em for the whole bracket.
CS:GO 2019/02/24 VOD 14m26s ECS Format Changes Some thoughts on radical changes to the ECS format for S7.
CS:GO 2019/02/23 VOD 14m42s The New ScreaM Team Some thoughts on ScreaM's new international line-up.
LoL 2019/02/22 VOD 33m00s Riot Russia Reads Minds Some thoughts on Riot Russia issuing warnings to ROX and Vega Squadron over behaviour related to their LCL matches with Vaevictus, an all female line-up.
LoL 2019/02/21 VOD 16m48s Griffin Overshadow LCK Revolution Some thoughts on how Griffin's success has distracted from the general rise of numerous inexperienced cores of players in the LCK.
CS:GO 2019/02/18 VOD 13m54s IEM Katowice New Legends Stage Preview Some thoughts on which teams will progress from the New Legends Stage of the IEM Katowice major. I fill out my Pick 'Em Challenge.
CS:GO 2019/02/12 VOD 19m28s IEM Katowice Challengers Stage Preview Some thoughts on which teams will progress from the Challengers Stage of the IEM Katowice major. I fill out my Pick 'Em Challenge.
LoL 2019/02/11 VOD 26m13s Building an NA Super-Team Some thoughts on how I'd construct a super-team of North American LoL players.
CS:GO 2019/02/09 VOD 17m30s smooya's BIG Exit Some thoughts on smooya's self-benching from BIG.
CS:GO 2019/02/04 VOD 16m03s mouz Down to Three Some thoughts on mousesports removing STYKO, chrisJ and lmbt.
LoL 2019/02/02 VOD 18m36s LEC Play-Off Format Change Some thoughts on the new LEC play-off format.
January 2019
CS 2019/01/30 VOD 21m13s Who is elemeNt? Some thoughts on the career of the erratic but exceptional elemeNt.
LoL 2019/01/29 VOD 10m11s G2's Flex ADC Potential Some thoughts on G2's potential to swap who their Mid and ADC players are, as a reality and a hypothetical.
CS:GO 2019/01/28 VOD 24m06s Vitriol Over kjaerbye's Move to North Some thoughts on kjaerbye's move to North, in light of Astralis' success over 2018, and the public response to it.
CS:GO 2019/01/27 VOD 14m16s Astralis Proved Valve Wrong Some thoughts on how Astralis' strengths shows how wrong Valve were with their coaching rule change back in 2016.
CS:GO 2019/01/24 VOD 22m22s The Next s1mple Some thoughts on why calling someone "the next s1mple" is not just misguided but suggests the person making the statement doesn't know the context of s1mple's career.
CS:GO 2019/01/22 VOD 14m51s IEM Katowice Gets Format Tweaks Some thoughts on format tweaks for IEM Katowice, the 14th CS:GO major.
General 2019/01/19 VOD 23m28s Pursue Only Greatness Some thoughts on what can drive competitors.
OW 2019/01/19 VOD 15m34s Korea's Missing KeSPA Elephant Some thoughts on the significance of KeSPA's absence from the Korean esports scene for Overwatch.
CS:GO 2019/01/15 VOD 13m12s felps is MiBR's Fifth Some thoughts on felps being announced as Made in Brazil's fifth player for their new line-up.
CS:GO 2019/01/14 VOD 31m59s The Unique autimatic Some thoughts on what makes autimatic unique as a North American player.
CS:GO 2019/01/12 VOD 17m05s How Aboot those Canadians, Eh? Some thoughts on the surprising strength of the talent in Canadian Counter-Strike right now.
LoL 2019/01/11 VOD 42m08s Reginald, TSM and Team Culture Some thoughts on the significance of team culture in the success of League of Legends organisations, with a focus upon Reginald and TSM.
General 2019/01/10 VOD 33m17s Mainstream Media Ownership of Esports Some thoughts on how the concept of a small amount of big corporations owning media companies has overlapped into the esports world.
CS:GO 2019/01/09 VOD 25m14s The IGL Hangover Effect Some thoughts on how what IGLs bring to teams remains for some time after their departure.
LoL 2019/01/08 VOD 27m51s Styles Make Stars in the West Some thoughts on considerations to be taken in mind when deciding who star players are in the Western regions.
CS:GO 2019/01/07 VOD 24m13s Unravelling the MVP Some thoughts on how MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards are determined and the criteria that needs to be considered.
CS:GO 2019/01/06 VOD 30m58s AdreN and YNk Join FaZe Some thoughts on AdreN, former Gambit player, joining FaZe Clan for the major, along with YNk joining as coach.
CS:GO 2019/01/05 VOD 13m16s AttackeR and Summer Rejoin TyLoo Some thoughts on AttackeR and Summer returning to TyLoo for 2019.
CS:GO 2019/01/01 VOD 14m23s refrezh Joins OpTic Some thoughts on former fragsters player refrezh joining OpTic Gaming.


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