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Thorin's Thoughts
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General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Thorin's Thoughts is a series of videos produced by Duncan "Thorin" Shields that discuss various topics related to esports, primarily League of Legends and CS:GO. For the sake of completeness, all episodes are listed here, including those that are unrelated to League of Legends.

Episode List[edit]

Game Date Links Length Title Description
December 2014
CS:GO 2014/12/31 VOD 18m41s Who is TaZ? Some thoughts on TaZ, his history, his skills and his personality.
LoL 2014/12/30 VOD 33m36s Unraveling the Magic of Moscow Five/Gambit Gaming Some thoughts on what made Moscow Five/Gambit Gaming such a special team and so attractive to me.
LoL 2014/12/29 VOD 28m24s Potential is nonsense Some thoughts on the misuse of the word potential by the League of Legends community and how the concept gets in the way of reasonable analysis.
CS:GO 2014/12/28 VOD 22m53s KRiMZ and the power of unique stars Some thoughts on the way KRiMZ and others have been able to dominate and become the best players in the world, despite playing entirely different roles.
General 2014/12/27 VOD 23m46s Esports and the Tennis Model Some thoughts on applying the tennis circuit model to esports, with the example of Dota2's current circuit as the basis.
LoL 2014/12/26 VOD 22m58s League's lack of international rivalries Some thoughts on the lack of international rivalries in League of Legends
CS:GO 2014/12/25 VOD 18m29s A Eulogy for the Previous Titan Some thoughts on what made the previous Titan line-up (kennyS, KQLY, apEX, Ex6TenZ and Maniac) special.
General 2014/12/24 VOD 25m49s Playing to your individual strengths Some thoughts on the importance of playing to your individual strengths and how that philosophy has shaped the success of a number of esports careers.
CS:GO 2014/12/23 VOD 11m14s The Return of RpK Some thoughts on RpK's return to CS:GO as the fifth member of Titan.
LoL 2014/12/22 VOD 36m56s Contemplating the hate conundrum Some thoughts on how pro players, fans and the community at large considers the topic of hate towards pro players and criticism.
LoL 2014/12/21 VOD 18m24s The West's reluctance to fully commit to coaching Some thoughts on the West's reluctance to truly commit to the coaching paradigm, as far as infrastructure is concerned.
General 2014/12/20 VOD 18m39s The appeal of BW and unlocking new esports Some thoughts on how I came to love BW and how my approach to learning about it provides an example of how to get into other esports games.
CS:GO 2014/12/19 VOD 20m48s LDLC and their struggles Some thoughts on LDLC's inability to fully manifest their potential to be the world's best and most dominant CS:GO team.
LoL 2014/12/18 VOD 21m52s The Inconvenient Rekkles Riddle Some thoughts on Rekkles and his status as a world class carry level player.
CS:GO 2014/12/17 VOD 19m24s and Their Dilemma Some thoughts on and the dilemma of needing something to change to become a true champion, but knowing that removing a player may destroy their chemistry.
CS:GO 2014/12/16 VOD 15m55s Don't give up now, nitr0, you're almost there Some thoughts on nitr0 being removed from iBUYPOWER and the position this places him in, relative to this career.
General 2014/12/16 VOD 15m52s Oversaturation as a problem in Esports Some thoughts on players complaining about oversaturation with too many tournaments in Dota2, SC2 and CS:GO.
CS:GO 2014/12/15 VOD 16m22s It's time for NA Esports to invest in CS:GO Some thoughts on now being the appropriate time for North American Esports organizations to invest into CS:GO.
General 2014/12/14 VOD 23m57s When everyone is good, nobody is Some thoughts on misuse of the word "good" in describing professional players in CS:GO, SC2 and LoL, as well as the importance of making marked distinctions between different levels of pro players in those games.
LoL 2014/12/13 VOD 24m35s Demystifying Overblown EU Pro Toxicity Some thoughts on the stereotype that EUW is incredibly toxic and that EU pros are so toxic in comparison to NA.
LoL 2014/12/12 VOD 13m15s Thorin's Thoughts: Remembering Xmithie Some thoughts on the career of Xmithie, CLG's new Jungler
CS:GO 2014/12/11 VOD 25m22s FNATIC's Overpass Boost Some thoughts on the infamous FNATIC boost on Overpass, the deciding map of their quarter-final series against LDLC at Dreamhack Winter.
LoL 2014/12/10 VOD 26m58s The New Alliance and its Old Flaws Some thoughts on the new Alliance line-up's performance at IEM IX San Jose and how it highlighted the continued existence of some of their old flaws.
CS:GO 2014/12/08 VOD 17m47s What holds Cloud9 back from being elite? Some thoughts on what holds Cloud9's CS:GO team back from being considered an elite side.
LoL 2014/12/08 VOD 14m47s Defining What Mechanics Means Some thoughts on the wide application of the term "mechanics" in League of Legends and the problems it causes.
LoL 2014/12/03 VOD 17m10s Rewriting the story of Ryu the street-fighting Mid Some thoughts on people rewriting Ryu as a shit Mid laner, despite his history being that of one of the best Koreans to play the position.
CS:GO 2014/12/02 VOD 18m18s The Search for the NA Star Some thoughts on North America's lack of a true star player in CS:GO.
LoL 2014/12/01 VOD 25m30s The Backlash Against Tabzz Some thoughts on the community's backlash against Tabzz and his open and honest explanation of his thoughts on Alliance, their problems and his own experiences at Worlds.
November 2014
LoL 2014/11/25 VOD 10m37s No more excuses, FORG1VEN Some thoughts on his addition to SK Gaming representing the chance for FORG1VEN to put up or shut up in terms of showcasing what he is capable of, given the requisite resources to succeed.
CS:GO 2014/11/22 VOD 33m30s What makes CS a great esports game? Some thoughts on the concepts and principles underlying Counter-Strike which make it a great esports game.
CS:GO 2014/11/21 VOD 31m34s The Cheating Witch-hunt Some thoughts on the public reaction to KQLY and Sf being VAC banned and the witch-hunt mentality which appears pervasive.
CS:GO 2014/11/20 VOD 20m01s KQLY and pros potentially cheating Some thoughts on KQLY and other professional players potentially cheating in CS:GO.
CS:GO 2014/11/15 VOD 33m38s The CZ Effect Some thoughts about the effect the CZ pistol is having on CS:GO, why it's over-powered and what could be changed to remedy its effect.
LoL 2014/11/14 VOD 38m51s Making esports bigger, Harold Goldberg and mainstream acceptance Some thoughts about people's claims that X or Y will make esports bigger, the recent case of Harold Goldberg creating a kickstarter to produce more esports work and the trend of esports people's insecure desire for mainstream acceptance.
CS:GO 2014/11/13 VOD 23m21s Dignitas and the road to nowhere Some thoughts on Dignitas' CS:GO team, which has gone from a team who always choked in the semi-finals of tournaments to one which is now in danger of not even finishing top four anymore.
CS:GO 2014/11/03 VOD 20m39s Finding Fifflaren's Replacement Some thoughts on who NiP might replace Fifflaren with.
CS:GO 2014/11/02 VOD 33m26s The FNATIC era Some thoughts on FNATIC's victory at ESWC, ushering in 'The FNATIC era', as they have now won two events back-to-back and are the world's best CS:GO team.
October 2014
LoL 2014/10/30 VOD 19m47s The Super-team (Alliance) and what could have been Some thoughts on Alliance, Froggen's "super-team", and what could have been, had they gone in different directions.
LoL 2014/10/28 VOD 28m56s CLG's Missing Link Some thoughts about the problems CLG has faced in trying to establish their Mid laner Link as the second carry of their team.
CS:GO 2014/10/27 VOD 18m41s The frustrating inconsistency of HellRaisers Some thoughts about the HellRaisers CS:GO team and the flaws which hold them back from being a legitimately elite team.