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Thorin's Thoughts
General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
United Kingdom
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Thorin's Thoughts is a series of videos produced by Duncan "Thorin" Shields that discuss various topics related to esports, primarily League of Legends and CS:GO. For the sake of completeness, all episodes are listed here, including those that are unrelated to League of Legends.

Episode List[edit]

Game Date Links Length Title Description
December 2018
CS:GO 2018/12/30 VOD 13m47s The Multi-National Aim Drain Some thoughts on the impact the trend of talent being lured away to multi-national teams will have upon domestic teams.
CS:GO 2018/12/29 VOD 25m42s BIG Adds XANTARES Some thoughts on BIG adding XANTARES to their team.
LoL 2018/12/28 VOD 25m59s KT Arrows and the Trouble with Retconning Some thoughts on the KT Arrows team of 2014, who won OGN Champions Summer, and the trouble with people retconning the histories of players and teams.
CS:GO 2018/12/27 VOD 30m59s Teams Who Could Beat Astralis Some thoughts on what it would take to beat Astralis with consistency and which teams fit the bill.
LoL 2018/12/25 VOD 11m13s Region Discussion Dead-End Some thoughts on the irrelevance of regional narratives and analysis when it comes to international competition.
CS:GO 2018/12/24 VOD 10m43s The device MVP Dilemma Some thoughts on why device winning the most MVPs is not enough to make him the best player.
CS:GO 2018/12/23 VOD 13m59s TACO and zews Join MiBR Some thoughts on TACO and zews joining Made in Brazil (MiBR).
CS:GO 2018/12/22 VOD 14m40s Stewie and adreN Join Team Liquid Some thoughts on Stewie and adreN joining Team Liquid for 2019.
CS:GO 2018/12/20 VOD 21m48s FaZe Bent but Didn't Break CS Some thoughts on FaZe Clan's impact on Counter-Strike with their super-star line-up.
LoL 2018/12/19 VOD 12m27s Make MSI Double Elimination Some thoughts on why and how MSI (Mid Season Invitational) would be improved by being changed to a double elimination format for the play-offs.
CS:GO 2018/12/18 VOD 18m29s Big Changes to ESL Pro League for S9 Some thoughts on the huge changes ESL are implementing to their Pro League for Season 9.
CS:GO 2018/12/17 VOD 20m50s Context of SK's Summer 2017 Run Some thoughts on SK Gaming's 2017 Summer run, winning five of six tournaments.
LoL 2018/12/15 VOD 10m21s Dreaming of LS's Korean Underground Railroad Some thoughts on how LS becoming the coach of bbq Olivers and wanting to setup a bootcamp house in Korea for Westerners opens the door to importing them into the LCK.
CS:GO 2018/12/14 VOD 15m14s Don't Retire Until it's Actually Over Some thoughts on players retiring before they have to, sometimes due to fan pressure.
General 2018/12/13 VOD 23m35s Orgs Need Endemic Content Creators Some thoughts on the benefits of organizations (teams) working with endemic content creators to build their brands and grow the ecosystem.
LoL 2018/12/12 VOD 24m50s Impossible to Stop Poaching Some thoughts on the ridiculous nature of attempting to enforce the LCS poaching rules.
CS:GO 2018/12/11 VOD 19m40s Astralis Wins S1 of the Intel Grand Slam Some thoughts on Astralis being the team to win Season 1 of the Intel Grand Slam.
CS:GO 2018/12/10 VOD 19m37s gla1ve and Non-Star MVPs Some thoughts on players who aren't stars being MVP (Most Valuable Player) award candidates.
LoL 2018/12/09 VOD 21m00s Golden Guardians Get Good Some thoughts on the new Golden Guardians line-up for Season 9.
CS:GO 2018/12/08 VOD 13m47s Opposition Trap for Dominant Teams Some thoughts on a piece of circular reasoning used to argue against the dominance of the likes of Astralis, NiP and SKT.
CS:GO 2018/12/02 VOD 17m22s Elusive Definition of Cores Some thoughts on the meaning of the term "core" and why it's trickier to nail down that it might initially seem.
November 2018
CS:GO 2018/11/30 VOD 17m08s Astralis are the Georges St-Pierre of CS Some thoughts on how Astralis can be viewed as analogs of mixed martial arts champion Georges St-Pierre.
LoL 2018/11/29 VOD 24m24s G2's New Roster Gamble Some thoughts about G2's risky new roster for Season 9.
LoL 2018/11/27 VOD 26m10s SKT's Monster Rebuild Some thoughts on SK Telecom's huge rebuild of their Korean LoL squad.
LoL 2018/11/26 VOD 17m03s Smoothie Joins TSM Some thoughts on Smoothie joining TSM.
CS:GO 2018/11/24 VOD 15m58s A History of North American Hopes Some thoughts on the history of players who looked like the hope for North American CS:GO.
LoL 2018/11/23 VOD 20m16s The New Misfits Some thoughts on the new Misfits line-up for the 2019 LEC Spring split.
CS:GO 2018/11/22 VOD 17m49s Open Circuit Kills Hype Trains Some thoughts on how the open circuit kills hype trains.
General 2018/11/20 VOD 20m47s Who is Fatal1ty? Some thoughts on the career of hall of fame duel champion Fatal1ty.
LoL 2018/11/19 VOD 17m34s Jensen Joins Team Liquid Some thoughts on Jensen leaving Cloud9 and joining Team Liquid.
General 2018/11/16 VOD 14m23s All the Young Esports Dudes Some thoughts on a distinction in youth in esports that differs from their peers.
CS:GO 2018/11/15 VOD 17m27s Twistzz is NA's Best Hope Some thoughts on Twistzz and his potential role as the saviour of North American Counter-Strike and greatest ever talent.
CS:GO 2018/11/14 VOD 18m54s Misconceptions About the IGL Role Some thoughts on how the role of in-game leader (IGL) can be misunderstood.
CS:GO 2018/11/12 VOD 14m51s Astralis Take IEM XIII Chicago Some thoughts on Astralis' victory at IEM XIII Chicago.
LoL 2018/11/10 VOD 12m35s NA's EU Player Base Excuse Some thoughts on North American excuses regarding the size of the player base in Europe.
Quake 2018/11/08 VOD 14m48s Who is Blue? Some thoughts on the career of Blue, elite Quake dueler in the early 2000s.
CS:GO 2018/11/05 VOD 15m49s Arguments Against Astralis Some thoughts on the excuses and arguments used to down-play Astralis' era.
CS:GO 2018/11/04 VOD 13m03s NRG Take the cs_summit 3 Title Some thoughts on NRG's victorious campaign at cs_summit 3.
CS:GO 2018/11/03 VOD 11m08s IGLs Will Become Quarterbacks Solely Some thoughts on why in-game leaders will eventually become just the quarterbacks of CS:GO, if the industry continues to grow.
LoL 2018/11/02 VOD 24m10s Weldon Joins CLG as Head Coach Some thoughts on Weldon Green joining Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) as their new Head Coach.
CS:GO 2018/11/02 VOD 10m38s s1mple and the Case of the Missing AK Some thoughts on teams not prioritising their star producer with limited weaponry.
LoL 2018/11/01 VOD 18m15s Alex Ich Retires Some thoughts on the retirement of Alex Ich, legendary Mid laner of Moscow Five/Gambit Gaming.
October 2018
CS:GO 2018/10/31 VOD 16m48s FaZe Storm EPICENTER Some thoughts on FaZe Clan winning EPICENTER with a six game winning streak.
CS:GO 2018/10/27 VOD 9m09s The Day VG Dethroned NiP Some thoughts on VeryGames dethroning NiP as the number one CS:GO team, five years ago today, at EMS One Fall 2013.
General 2018/10/25 VOD 14m35s Amazing Women of Esports Expose Journalistic Hypocrisy Some thoughts on how the amazing women of esports, who are at the top of their respective fields, expose the hypocrisy displayed by so much of the journalism on sex in the industry.
LoL 2018/10/24 VOD 39m13s How Dare They Be Wrong?!? Some thoughts on fan backlash against analysts over their predictions and analysis at S8 Worlds.
LoL 2018/10/23 VOD 23m26s Zikz Added to TSM as Head Coach Some thoughts on Zikz, former head coach of CLG, joining TSM as their new head coach.
LoL 2018/10/22 VOD 32m36s Considering the Korean Collapse Some thoughts on Korea's worst ever Worlds performance.
CS:GO 2018/10/21 VOD 15m30s FNATIC's 6 LAN Streak is Over-Rated Some thoughts on why FNATIC's six tournament winning streak from late 2015 to early 2016 was over-rated.
CS:GO 2018/10/21 VOD 26m44s FACEIT's Major Talent Fiasco Some thoughts on how FACEIT handling talent for their recent Major in London.
LoL 2018/10/19 VOD 19m10s Improving Worlds Group Format Some thoughts on the flaws of the current Worlds group phase format and how they could be fixed or improved.
General 2018/10/18 VOD 10m31s Korea and the Geolocation Sore Point Some thoughts on how Korea highlights the difficulty esports will face in geolocation franchises with specific cities or regions.
CS:GO 2018/10/17 VOD 12m35s Skadoodle Steps Back Some thoughts on Skadoodle stepping back from competitive play in Cloud9.
CS:GO 2018/10/16 VOD 11m37s STYKO Returns to Mouz Some thoughts on STYKO replacing Snax in the starting mouz line-up.
LoL 2018/10/16 VOD 31m19s Worlds Fan Backlash Some thoughts on the backlash against casters and analyst for perceived bias at S8 Worlds.
CS:GO 2018/10/13 VOD 31m23s What We Lost With SK Some thoughts on what the MiBR core were during their time as SK and made them great.
General 2018/10/13 VOD 25m25s Underwhelming Selling of OWL and LCS Some thoughts on how the selling of the Overwatch League (OWL) and League of Legends Championships Series (LCS) has been underwhelming, in the context of each respective league and game.
General 2018/10/11 VOD 12m15s Korean Esports is a Misnomer Some thoughts on why Korean esports is a misnomer, since it should be called Seoul esports.
CS:GO 2018/10/11 VOD 22m09s STYKO Exposes the Flaws of International Teams Some thoughts on how STYKO's removal from mouz exposed the flaws of international teams.
General 2018/10/09 VOD 43m57s My Unstoppable Streak of Thoughts Some thoughts on my new streak of videos, which has broken my previous record, and the lessons or observations I've made in the process of reaching this point.
CS:GO 2018/10/08 VOD 39m20s Vitality Comes to Life Some thoughts on the new Vitality line-up: NBK, apEX, RpK, Happy and Zywoo.
CS:GO 2018/10/07 VOD 10m45s TyLoo's $800,000 Won Some thoughts on the surprising $800,000 prize money TyLoo has won in CS:GO.
CS:GO 2018/10/06 VOD 23m14s The FNATIC-nV Era We Almost Had Some thoughts on the FNATIC-nV shared era which could have existed from late 2014 to early 2015, but ended up disappearing in favour of the FNATIC era.
CS:GO 2018/10/05 VOD 17m34s Valve's Watered Down Weapon Balance Some thoughts on Valve's approach to and philosophy on balancing the weapons in CS:GO.
LoL 2018/10/04 VOD 14m17s The Pointless Golden Guardians Some thoughts on how pointless the Golden Guardians NA LCS franchise has been and their seeming lack of direction.
CS:GO 2018/10/03 VOD 19m08s Team Liquid and the Finish Line Some thoughts on Team Liquid's inability to get over the finish line and win big international tournaments.
LoL 2018/10/03 VOD 25m11s What's Good About LoL as an Esport Some thoughts on what is good about League of Legends as an esport.
LoL 2018/10/02 VOD 12m04s Gamania Bears: Taiwan's 'What if' Some thoughts on the Gamania Bears of S3 as Taiwan's 'What if'.
September 2018
CS:GO 2018/09/30 VOD 13m45s mousesports Wins ESL One New York 2018 Some thoughts on mousesports winning ESL One New York 2018.
General 2018/09/29 VOD 20m00s Effects of Format on Success and Perception Some thoughts on how the format used for a tournament or circuit can change the outcomes of the matches and thus people's perception of those players and teams.
CS:GO 2018/09/28 VOD 37m23s G2 Five Tournaments in Some thoughts on G2's performance over their first five tournaments with this line-up.
CS:GO 2018/09/27 VOD 12m05s North Benches MSL Some thoughts on North benching MSL, replacing him with cadiaN, ending niko's trial and taking on gade.
CS:GO 2018/09/26 VOD 10m30s ELEAGUE Don't Get Enough Out of their Premiers Some thoughts on how ELEAGUE has used their resources in CS:GO.
CS:GO 2018/09/25 VOD 18m13s ESL One New York 2018 Preview Some thoughts on ESL One New York 2018.
CS:GO 2018/09/24 VOD 19m43s Why the FACEIT Major London Sucked Some thoughts on why the FACEIT Major London was so bad.
CS:GO 2018/09/23 VOD 16m07s Astralis Win the FACEIT Major London Some thoughts on Astralis winning the FACEIT Major London.
CS:GO 2018/09/22 VOD 18m12s FACEIT Major London Final: Na`Vi vs. Astralis Some thoughts on the FACEIT Major London final between Natus Vincere and Astralis.
CS:GO 2018/09/21 VOD 15m16s FACEIT Major London Semis: MiBR-Na`Vi and TL-Ast Some thoughts on the FACEIT Major London semi-finals.
CS:GO 2018/09/20 VOD 13m02s FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals: TL-HR and Ast-FaZe Some thoughts on the last two FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals.
CS:GO 2018/09/19 VOD 14m42s FACEIT Major London Quarters: BIG vs. Na`Vi and coL vs. MiBR Some thoughts on the first two FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals.
BW 2018/09/18 VOD 13m55s The Royal Road Some thoughts on the players who walked "The royal road" in StarCraft: Brood War.
LoL 2018/09/17 VOD 16m09s EDG's MSI 2015 Win is Over-Rated Some thoughts on why EDG's 2015 Mid Season Invitational win is over-rated.
CS:GO 2018/09/16 VOD 26m03s FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals Draw Some thoughts on the FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals draw and the story-lines it suggests.
CS:GO 2018/09/15 VOD 18m22s FACEIT Major London Legends Stage Round 5 Preview Some thoughts on the round 5 match-ups of the Legends Stage at the FACEIT Major London.
CS:GO 2018/09/14 VOD 19m19s Five Versus Five Some thoughts on what the 5v5 team size means for Counter-Strike and the principles that dominate competitive play.
CS:GO 2018/09/13 VOD 16m37s Assessing New Talent is a Gamble Some thoughts on the gamble of trying to pick new talent.
General 2018/09/12 VOD 19m40s How Koreans Would Fare in All Games Some thoughts on how Koreans would fare in all games (CS, Quake and Dota) based on the games they dominate (BW, SC2, LoL and OW).
CS:GO 2018/09/11 VOD 25m55s FACEIT Major London Legends Stage Preview Some thoughts on the FACEIT Major London Legends Stage.
LoL 2018/09/10 VOD 13m08s Score was Already a Legend Some thoughts on Score's legendary career and eventual LCK championship victory.
CS:GO 2018/09/09 VOD 21m02s I Wish MLG Still Did Events Some thoughts on why I miss Major League Gaming (MLG) running events in CS:GO.
LoL 2018/09/08 VOD 13m16s Doublelift is the MVP at Last Some thoughts on Doublelift being voted the NA LCS S8 Summer Most Valuable Player (MVP).
General 2018/09/08 VOD 17m54s Can't Go Out Gracefully in Esports Some thoughts on why legends can't go out gracefully in esports.
General 2018/09/06 VOD 20m10s Unpaid Work in Esports Some thoughts on unpaid work in esports.
LoL 2018/09/05 VOD 20m29s Uzi on the Road to G.O.A.T. Status Some thoughts on Uzi's 2018 which sees him on a path which will make him a legitimate candidate for best LoL player of all-time.
CS:GO 2018/09/04 VOD 19m47s IGLs are the Most Hard Done By Some thoughts on why the in-game leader role is the most hard done by in Counter-Strike in terms of success.
LoL 2018/09/03 VOD 17m09s goldenglue's Glittering Narrative Doesn't Stick Some thoughts on goldenglue's career and the narratives haunting it.
CS:GO 2018/09/02 VOD 13m37s North's Dreamhack of Destiny Some thoughts on North winning Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018.
CS:GO 2018/09/01 VOD 14m27s Dreamhack Masters Stockholm Semi-Finals Preview Some thoughts on the semi-finals of Dreamhack Masters Stockholm: NiP vs. Astralis and mouz vs. North.
August 2018
CS:GO 2018/08/31 VOD 39m50s Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018 Quarter-Finals Preview Some thoughts on the quarter-final match-ups at Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018.
CS:GO 2018/08/30 VOD 11m37s Valve Remove 2 Major Auto-Qualification Spots Some thoughts on Valve's removal of two major auto-qualification spots for the next major and their system of deciding who gets those spots.
CS:GO 2018/08/29 VOD 22m31s Age is Not an Excuse for NA Talent Some thoughts on why using age as an excuse for top NA talent under-performing doesn't work.
CS:GO 2018/08/28 VOD 27m27s Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018 Preview Some thoughts on the stacked Dreamhack Masters Stockholm.
LoL 2018/08/27 VOD 52m46s Worlds Budget Implications Some thoughts on the implications of Riot reducing the budget for the S8 World Championship from previous years.
CS:GO 2018/08/26 VOD 16m32s Principles: Trade-Fragging Some thoughts on trade-fragging, a concept at the core of modern day competitive play.
Dota2 2018/08/26 VOD 20m05s OG's TI8 Miracle Some thoughts on OG's impossible run to the TI8 championship.
General 2018/08/25 VOD 17m22s The International is the Best Tournament in Esports Some thoughts on why Dota2's The International is the best tournament in esports.
CS 2018/08/24 VOD 21m29s The Titans Tease Some thoughts on The Titans, the team of 2004.
CS 2018/08/23 VOD 23m06s Who Was Bullen? Some thoughts on the career of Bullen, a now deceased Swedish Counter-Strike player.
Dota2 2018/08/22 VOD 39m23s My Favourite TI Runs Some thoughts on my favourite runs in history at The International.
CS:GO 2018/08/21 VOD 13m27s fnx Frustratingly Fades Away Some thoughts on fnx being released by NTC and the implications for his career.
LoL 2018/08/20 VOD 33m36s Why Talk Shows Fail Some thoughts on why so few talk shows have found a successful formula, in any context, in League of Legends.
CS:GO 2018/08/19 VOD 13m56s The Snappi Spot Some thoughts on the tough position Snappi has been in during his CS:GO career and why his position in OpTic has brought him to a key point.
CS 2018/08/18 VOD 14m10s elude: The Other Gilbert Some thoughts on the other Gilbert in Counter-Strike: elude.
CS:GO 2018/08/17 VOD 20m48s Competitive Map Pool History Some thoughts on the competitive map pool and its changes throughout the years.
OW 2018/08/16 VOD 19m20s Blizzard Ignoring the Endemic Press Some thoughts on Blizzard's mishandling of the endemic press in Overwatch.
CS 2018/08/15 VOD 20m31s Who is Ksharp? Some thoughts on the career of Ksharp, legendary NA CS 1.6 player.
CS:GO 2018/08/14 VOD 10m58s Making Legends Spot Ownership Fair Some thoughts on making the Legends spot ownership situation for the major fair for both parties, the organization and the players.
LoL 2018/08/13 VOD 12m50s The Notoriously Consistent P.O.B. Some thoughts on the career and strengths of Pobelter, currently of Team Liquid and formerly of CLG and IMT.
CS:GO 2018/08/12 VOD 23m35s Rethinking Flawed Recruitment Concepts Some thoughts on how players are currently recruited and how that should change in an era of General Managers.
CS:GO 2018/08/11 VOD 18m36s Snatchie Joins Some thoughts on Snatchie joining as their new fifth.
CS:GO 2018/08/10 VOD 36m13s FACEIT's Troubling Handling of the Major Thusfar Some thoughts on three incidents involving FACEIT and rule confusion during the major cycle for the FACEIT London major and how troubling FACEIT's response to and handling of such incidents has been.
CS:GO 2018/08/09 VOD 19m35s Golden Joins Cloud9 Some thoughts on Golden, former IGL of FNATIC, joining Cloud9.
OW 2018/08/08 VOD 43m23s OWL S1's Compromised MVP Voting Some thoughts on the egregious abuse of their voting rights by some of the Overwatch League Season 1 Regular Season Most Valuable Player award voting panel.
CS:GO 2018/08/07 VOD 20m17s coldzera and FalleN are CS:GO's Brady and Belichick Some thoughts on coldzera and FalleN's parallels with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots.
CS:GO 2018/08/06 VOD 23m35s Never Been Easier to Make it as a Pro Some thoughts on how much easier it is to become a pro player in CS:GO than it was in 1.6 or Source.
General 2018/08/05 VOD 23m17s Improving at Interviewing Some thoughts on interviewing.
CS:GO 2018/08/04 VOD 12m12s NA's Triumph at ESEA S16 Finals Some thoughts on the run of top NA teams at ESEA S16 Finals, slaying top European sides.
CS:GO 2018/08/03 VOD 16m47s Classes and Tiers of Teams Some thoughts on replacing "tier" terminology in Counter-Strike with classes.
LoL 2018/08/02 VOD 28m16s S8 Worlds Location and Schedule Mess Some thoughts on Riot's late announcement of the locations and schedule of the S8 World Championship.
CS:GO 2018/08/01 VOD 30m45s YNk Becomes the Coach of MiBR Some thoughts on YNk joining Made in Brazil (MiBR) as their new coach.
July 2018
CS:GO 2018/07/31 VOD 21m10s Astralis Contrasted Against Their Past Some thoughts on how good this Astralis line-up is contrasted with line-ups the core featured in in the past.
CS:GO 2018/07/30 VOD 36m20s Pros Lashing out at Me Some thoughts on pros getting mad and lashing out at me on social media.
CS:GO 2018/07/29 VOD 19m12s B1ad3 Can Be a Game Changer as a Coach Some thoughts on how B1ad3's coaching of Gambit, on loan, might be a game-changer in changing how the role is thought about.
CS:GO 2018/07/28 VOD 24m21s ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Final Preview: Astralis vs. Team Liquid Some thoughts on the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 final between Astralis and Team Liquid.
CS:GO 2018/07/27 VOD 32m56s ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Semi-Finals Preview Some thoughts on the EL Premier 2018 semi-finals: Astralis vs. mouz and Na`Vi vs. TL.
CS:GO 2018/07/26 VOD 39m27s Principles: Three Columns of Counter-Strike Some thoughts on a model dividing up Counter-Strike teams based on their strengths and weaknesses in three different columnts: skill, tactics and team-play.
CS 2018/07/25 VOD 33m27s TSO: NA's Great False Start Some thoughts on The Speakeasy Offensive (TSO) line-up who represented North America's evolution in Counter-Strike, to a point.
CS:GO 2018/07/24 VOD 21m05s Making a Top French Team Outside of G2 Some thoughts on creating a second French team to compete at the top, from players not in the active G2 line-up.
LoL 2018/07/23 VOD 24m39s PraY and GorillA are League's Tragic Two Some thoughts on PraY and GorillA's tortured careers as iconic losers, despite having had success as well.
OW 2018/07/22 VOD 17m11s OWL Infected By Skip to Semis Curse Some thoughts on the OWL S1 semi-finals being upsets and it mirroring history with a similar format in Counter-Strike.
CS:GO 2018/07/21 VOD 20m01s Danger of Upgrading Support for Skill Some thoughts on the dangers of replacing supports or supportive players with more skilled players or star players.
CS:GO 2018/07/20 VOD 32m51s The Forgotten LDLC Some thoughts on the top French team few seem to remember.
CS:GO 2018/07/19 VOD 21m41s Building an NA Super-Team Redux Some thoughts on building the best team of North American players.
CS:GO 2018/07/18 VOD 34m33s FACEIT London EU Minor Preview Some thoughts on the upcoming EU Minor for FACEIT London.
LoL 2018/07/17 VOD 17m30s SKT are an Incompetent Disgrace Some thoughts on why SKT are an inexcusable mess of incompetence.
CS:GO 2018/07/16 VOD 31m19s The Maligned Astana Dragons Some thoughts on the Astana Dragons team of 2013, which aimed to be a CIS super-team.
CS:GO 2018/07/15 VOD 18m05s s1mple is in an Elite Team! Some thoughts on why s1mple is finally in an elite team.
CS:GO 2018/07/14 VOD 28m56s tarik Joins MiBR Some thoughts on tarik leaving Cloud9 to join Made in Brazil.
CS:GO 2018/07/13 VOD 17m52s MiBR and Coaching Some thoughts on why Made in Brazil adding a coach likely would be of benefit to the team and should have been considered earlier.
CS:GO 2018/07/12 VOD 23m17s IEM Katowice is the Next Major Some thoughts on IEM Katowice being announced as the 14th CS:GO major.
CS:GO 2018/07/11 VOD 18m15s The Golden Contract Cage Some thoughts on the contract trap many players and teams must operate around.
CS:GO 2018/07/10 VOD 20m40s olof Returns to FaZe Some thoughts on olofmeister returning to FaZe.
CS:GO 2018/07/07 VOD 17m39s Counter-Strike: The First True Grass Roots Esport Some thoughts on why Counter-Strike is the world's first true grass roots esports game.
CS:GO 2018/07/06 VOD 14m47s Home Crowd Effect Some thoughts on the effect the home crowd has on CS:GO teams.
CS:GO 2018/07/02 VOD 26m29s ESL One Cologne 2018 Preview Some thoughts on ESL One Cologne.
CS:GO 2018/07/01 VOD 25m06s Major Qualification is a Joke Some thoughts on why the major qualification system for CS:GO is one of the worst for the world championship of any major esport.
June 2018
CS:GO 2018/06/30 VOD 35m28s Talent and Dedication Some thoughts on talent and dedication as lenses to view great players through.
CS:GO 2018/06/27 VOD 17m39s Snax Joins mouz Some thoughts on Snax leaving and joining mouz, replacing STYKO.
CS:GO 2018/06/25 VOD 11m54s FNATIC Are the New NiP Some thoughts on how FNATIC have become the new NiP with their core of players.
CS:GO 2018/06/17 VOD 24m06s Outliers Who Carry Some thoughts on god-like players who carry bad to mediocre teams and how they end up in those circumstances.
General 2018/06/15 VOD 29m26s Esports Retirement Age Some thoughts on the age pros retire in esports and perceptions of what it should be.
CS:GO 2018/06/08 VOD 31m14s The New G2 Some thoughts on the new G2 line-up.
May 2018
LoL 2018/05/31 VOD 43m04s Hypocrisy Surrounding H2k's Top 4 at Worlds Some thoughts on why H2k Gaming's top four finish at Worlds 2016 is viewed unfairly and in a hypocritical fashion in contrast to the great finishes of other Western teams throughout history.
CS:GO 2018/05/28 VOD 20m28s Counter-Strike's Casual Problem Some thoughts on Counter-Strike's lower player numbers than the other big esports games and its difficulties retaining casual players.
General 2018/05/27 VOD 32m39s Mods Are Esports' Past and Present Some thoughts on why mods are both the past and present of the top tier of esports games.
CS:GO 2018/05/26 VOD 15m13s The Team-Play Conundrum Some thoughts on the ephemeral yet essential nature of team-play.
CS:GO 2018/05/25 VOD 22m19s Xizt Joins FNATIC Some thoughts on Xizt joining FNATIC, replacing lekr0 and taking over as IGL.
CS 2018/05/21 VOD 29m28s Who Were Astralis? Some thoughts on the history of Astralis going back into CS 1.6.
OW 2018/05/20 VOD 18m12s Koreans Boost the Overwatch League Some thoughts on how essential Korean players have been to the non-Korean squads in the Overwatch League.
CS:GO 2018/05/19 VOD 21m26s Stars Embrace Responsibility Some thoughts on players embracing the responsibility of becoming the star player of a team.
CS:GO 2018/05/14 VOD 39m10s Dissecting the Astralis Choking Problem Some thoughts on Astralis' infamous choking problem, most notable from 2014-2016, and how to divide up responsibility for it.
CS:GO 2018/05/10 VOD 23m34s Missing Fixes in the French Scene Some thoughts on the French scene's ignoring of "fix" or fill players, more on the supportive end.
OW 2018/05/08 VOD 44m35s OWL's Journalism Vacuum Some thoughts on the lack of journalists and content creators covering the Overwatch League, relative to its size and the precedent of past games in esports history and why that might be.
CS:GO 2018/05/07 VOD 30m30s Exploring FalleN Fallacies Some thoughts on the fallacies in how people often analyse the play and career of FalleN, legendary in-game leader of SK Gaming.
General 2018/05/03 VOD 21m40s Esports Is the Only Truly Equal Sport Some thoughts on the often under-played or ignored factors which make esports the only truly equal sport, despite often being portrayed in the mainstream media in a negative light.
April 2018
CS:GO 2018/04/27 VOD 1h32m11s Handling stanislaw's Statement Some thoughts on stanislaw's statement about his time in the recent three quarters Danish OpTic line-up.
CS:GO 2018/04/26 VOD 26m55s dust2 Replaces cbblestone Some thoughts on cbblestone being replaced by dust2 in the competitive map pool.
LoL 2018/04/20 VOD 21m33s KingZone Are the Exceptions Some thoughts on why KingZone are the exceptions in a number of areas.
CS:GO 2018/04/17 VOD 42m39s Dreamhack Masters Marseille Preview Some thoughts on Dreamhack Masters Marseille.
General 2018/04/14 VOD 21m51s Mourning the Loss of Esports Classics Some thoughts on why so many classic esports games and pieces of content are now lost and unlikely to be recovered.
CS:GO 2018/04/13 VOD 28m24s TACO Replaces steel in Team Liquid Some thoughts on TACO replacing steel in Team Liquid.
CS:GO 2018/04/12 VOD 28m21s Murky Implications of SK's Reputation Some thoughts on allegations and rumours surrounding the SK Gaming organization which, according to my investigations, are incorrect but have given the organization a bad name with some.
LoL 2018/04/11 VOD 29m57s Doublelift Destroys the Haters Some thoughts on how Doublelift's career success has destroyed the narratives haters created around him.
LoL 2018/04/10 VOD 12m18s Make An LCS Play-Off MVP Award Some thoughts on why Riot should creat an LCS Play-off MVP award.
LoL 2018/04/08 VOD 21m57s Team Liquid Reaches the Promised Land Some thoughts on Team Liquid winning the organization's first ever NA LCS title.
General 2018/04/04 VOD 21m40s Sports Psychology Is Not a Magic Pill Some thoughts on why sports psychology is not the obvious answer to complex problems with player performance.
CS:GO 2018/04/02 VOD 39m24s SK Adds Stewie2k Some thoughts on Stewie2k leaving Cloud9 for SK Gaming.
March 2018
CS:GO 2018/03/28 VOD 16m54s f0rest and NEO Some thoughts on how f0rest and NEO were contrasted in 1.6 and how we contrast players like coldzera and NiKo in CS:GO.
LoL 2018/03/27 VOD 19m11s LCK Gauntlet Flaws Some thoughts on why the gauntlet play-off format LCK uses is flawed.
CS:GO 2018/03/24 VOD 20m43s Down-Playing Underdogs' Success Some thoughts on why it's important to down-play the success of underdog teams.
OW 2018/03/20 VOD 23m09s Korean Creep in OWL Some thoughts on the creep of Korean players into the OWL and why it is likely to continue.
CS:GO 2018/03/19 VOD 33m11s Dissecting shox's Gambit Some thoughts on shox's attempted changes in G2 and the path they have taken instead, with NBK as IGL.
OW 2018/03/09 VOD 35m04s Trying Too Hard to Police Emotes Some thoughts on the Overwatch community, including the OWL, attempting to police the use of twitch chat emotes on the grounds of racism.
CS:GO 2018/03/08 VOD 15m54s Don't Weep for Virtus.Pro Some thoughts on why it's not a tragedy that has made roster changes.
February 2018
CS:GO 2018/02/19 VOD 12m22s Recruiting Talent vs. What You Need Some thoughts on why recruiting the best player you can rather than simply one who fits the role your team lacks if often the better approach.
LoL 2018/02/18 VOD 19m14s Kingzone Are Headed for Greatness Some thoughts on people not getting as excited about Kingzone DragonX's amazing run of form in the LCK, which suggests they are on a truly great trajectory.
CS:GO 2018/02/16 VOD 29m38s Denmark Will Miss k0nfig's Confidence Some thoughts on k0nfig's confidence and the extent to which the top Danish teams will miss it.
CS:GO 2018/02/13 VOD 25m05s dennis Replaces Xizt in NiP Some thoughts on NiP benching Xizt and replacing him with dennis.
LoL 2018/02/12 VOD 23m35s Burn-Out: LoL's Elephant in the Room Some thoughts on the high degree of burn-out and player turn-over in LoL, contrasted with other esports titles.
CS:GO 2018/02/11 VOD 30m56s OpTic Goes Danish Some thoughts on OpTic swapping out their entire line-up and going 60% Danish.
CS:GO 2018/02/09 VOD 24m12s The Danish Shuffle Some thoughts on North and Astralis' roster moves.
CS:GO 2018/02/06 VOD 33m51s Bench TaZ; MICHU Stands In Some thoughts on benching TaZ and bringing MICHU in as a stand-in to replace him.
CS:GO 2018/02/04 VOD 43m17s The Rise and Fall of kNg Some thoughts on the rise and fall of kNg, former player for Immortals/100 Thieves.
January 2018
CS:GO 2018/01/29 VOD 45m07s Cloud9 Wins ELEAGUE Major Boston Some thoughts on Cloud9's victorious campaign at ELEAGUE Major Boston, the 12th CS:GO major.
CS:GO 2018/01/28 VOD 23m30s ELEAGUE Major Boston Final Preview: FaZe vs. Cloud9 Some thoughts on the final of the ELEAGUE Major Boston, between FaZe and Cloud9.
CS:GO 2018/01/27 VOD 24m26s ELEAGUE Major Boston SK-FNC and Semis Preview Some thoughts on the last quarter-final match, between SK and FNATIC, and the semis of FaZe vs. Na`Vi and the winner of SK-FNC vs. C9.
CS:GO 2018/01/26 VOD 27m44s ELEAGUE Major Boston First 3 Ro8 Preview Some thoughts on the first three ELEAGUE Major Boston quarter-final match-ups.
CS:GO 2018/01/24 VOD 11m21s Celebrating Astralis' 2017 Some thoughts celebrating Astralis' impressive and unique approach to achieving their consistently excellent accomplishments in 2017.
CS:GO 2018/01/23 VOD 21m45s Respect What the Major Represents Some thoughts on why pro players, notably including SK Gaming members, criticising the premise of the major itself is damaging and to be chastised.
CS:GO 2018/01/15 VOD 1h02m15s Events Worked in 2017 Some thoughts on the events I worked at in 2017.
CS:GO 2018/01/11 VOD 32m28s ELEAGUE Boston Major Talent Hires Some thoughts on ELEAGUE's decision to hire only a few analysts for their Boston Major and cycle commentators onto the desk.
CS:GO 2018/01/07 VOD 18m17s Greatness Is Not Linked to Clutch Ability Some thoughts on how people are often biased in favour of clutch play, of all varieties, and thus over-value it.
LoL 2018/01/06 VOD 26m56s CJ Entus Should Have Made the Super-Team Some thoughts on why CJ Entus should have made a super-team line-up rather than choosing the team they went into S5 Spring LCK with.
CS:GO 2018/01/05 VOD 16m59s fer's Career is a Shounen Anime Some thoughts on why the career of fer, of SK Gaming, bears similarities to the plot of a Shounen anime.
CS:GO 2018/01/03 VOD 29m59s Making Another Elite Brazilian Team Some thoughts on a line-up composed of non-SK Brazilian players which could in its own right contend as an elite team in CS:GO.
General 2018/01/03 VOD 14m27s My Patreon Some thoughts on the launch of my Patreon and the premise behind it.
General 2018/01/01 VOD 23m18s Everyone Needs a Rival Some thoughts on why great players need a true rival to establish just how good they were and elevate their own play to new heights.


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