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Team has disbanded.
ThunderBot SPARTA
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ThunderBot SPARTA is a French League of Legends team which is currently participating in the challenger circuit.


The first iteration of Sparta was a French team called Team HD with a lineup consisting of Doigby, Shaunz, ShLaYa, Nono, and hyrqBot. They competed in and won French LAN tournaments. In July 2014, the team merged with ThunderBot to form a lineup consisting of Spontexx, Shaunz, ShLaYa, Nono, and Lounet. With this lineup, Sparta placed second at Gamegune 2014 and played in the Paris Games Week 2014 and FACEIT Gamescom Challenge.

On October 12, Spontexx became a substitute, and Steve joined the starting lineup as the new toplaner. The team qualified for the EU Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder, placing in the top ladder seed under the name SPARTA KAPPA. Sparta were knocked out in Round 1 of the online phase after being beaten by Different Dimension.


  • 2015
  • 2014

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Role Next Team
Steve Etienne Michels Top Logo std.pngMashallah Gaming
Shaunz Kévin Ghanbarzadeh 12Jungle Milllogo std.pngMillenium
Istari Ugo Simon-Meslet 13Mid Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Nono Rim-Raimon Amanieu 14Bot PunchLine Esport Clublogo std.pngPunchLine Esport Club
Lounet Léo Maurice 15Support Aaalogo std.pngagainst All authority
Spontexx Eric Peugeot 11Top Aaalogo std.pngagainst All authority
ShLaYa Tony Carmona 13Mid Logo std.pngMashallah Gaming


ID Name Position
hyrqBot John Velly 80Owner
Ladjuna Anthony Baudras Manager
LsY Youcef Benmoussa Coach


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Minimum place

ThunderBot SPARTA Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2018-11-241 Le Match des Légendes
1 : 0GG Call Nashlogo std.pngGG CN
 Steve,  Shaunz,  Shlaya,  Nono,  Lounet
2015-02-064 Challenge France 2014
 Steve,  Shaunz,  Istari,  Nono,  Lounet
2015-02-04NQ EUCS 2015 Spring Qualifier
1 : 2SK Gaming Primelogo std.pngSKP
 Steve,  Shaunz,  Istari,  Nono,  Lounet
2015-01-099 - 16 International Invitational Tournament 4
0 : 2HWA GamingLogo std.pngHWA
 Steve,  Shaunz,  Istari,  Nono,  Lounet
2015-01-081$10,000$ 10,000€ 8,468.33 LoL Pro League Season II
3 : 0Aces High Esports Clublogo std.pngAH
 Steve,  Shaunz,  ShLaYa,  Nono,  Lounet
2014-12-21NQ EU LCS 2015 Spring Expansion
0 : 2Different Dimensionlogo std.pngDD
 Steve,  Shaunz,  ShLaYa,  Nono,  Lounet
2014-12-152 EPS France Season 8
2 : 3Milllogo std.pngMIL
 Steve,  Shaunz,  Nono,  Lounet
2014-11-027 - 8 Paris Games Week 2014
0 : 1NFacultyLogo std.pngn!
 Steve,  Shaunz,  ShLaYa,  Nono,  Lounet
2014-07-062€4,000$ 5,400€4,000 Gamegune 2014
0 : 2Dragons E.C.logo std.pngDRG
 Spontexx,  Shaunz,  shLaYa,  Nono,  lounet
Total Prize:USD 10,000 • EUR 4,000

as Spartiate Team[edit]

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Minimum place

Spartiate Team Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2014-08-175 - 6 FACEIT Gamescom Challenge
0 : 1Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNiP
 Spontexx,  Shaunz,  ShLaYa,  Nono,  Lounet
Total Prize:USD 0

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