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Time Warp Tonic (Rune)

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Consuming a potion or biscuit grants 50% of its health or mana restoration immediately, but puts that consumable on a short cooldown. In addition, gain 5% Movement Speed while under their effects.

Cooldown: equal to the duration of the consumable.

Patch History[edit]


Potion and biscuit regen is front-loaded but no longer extended. No longer affects elixirs.

We like having a rune that alters the way you think about consumables, but Time Warp Tonic's added so much extra sustain to mid and top laners (via Corrupting Potion) that it's become near-mandatory for scaling champs. It also boosts the strength of Biscuit Delivery so much that the two runes are almost always picked together, effectively eliminating a choice in Inspiration rune setups. Front-loaded—rather than extended—regen moves Tonic out of lane attrition (keep yourself topped off for longer) into combat utility (pop a potion for a small heal). PS: No one really caught onto this, but three minutes of +5% movement speed was kind of bonkers. We're removing Tonic's interaction with elixirs before it becomes a major abuse case.

CHUGGING Consuming a potion or biscuit grants 50% of its health and/or mana restoration immediately but prevents that consumable from being used again until the effect ends. Health/mana per tick is then reduced by half for the effect's regular duration.
SIPPING Potions, biscuits, and elixirs no longer last 20% longer
SUGAR RUSH : You still gain 5% movement speed while under the effect of a potion or biscuit
BOTTLE SERVICE Time Warp Tonic no longer affects elixirs


THIRSTY : Your potions, elixirs, and biscuits last 20% longer
POWERTHIRST : While under the effect of potions, elixirs, or biscuits, gain 5% increased movement speed