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BULL Toliam 2019 Split 1.png
Background Information
NameTom Brandon
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BirthdayFebruary 28, 1997 (age 22)
TeamRadiant Esportslogo std.pngRadiant Esports
RoleTop Laner
Social Media & Links
Infobox LOLProslogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Feb 2016 - Jun 2016
Toprole icon.png
Enclave Gaminglogo std.pngEnclave Gaming
May 2017 - Jun 2017
Toprole icon.png
Macro Maniacslogo std.pngMacro Maniacs
Mar 2018 - Mar 2018
Toprole icon.png
Phelan Gaminglogo std.pngPhelan Gaming
Jul 2018 - Sep 2018
Toprole icon.png
Team Legion (Benelux Team)logo std.pngTeam Legion
Jan 2019 - Jul 2019
Toprole icon.png
Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports
Jul 2019 - Present
Toprole icon.png
Radiant Esportslogo std.pngRadiant Esports

Tom "Toliam" Brandon is a substitute top laner for Radiant Esports.


Tom "Toliam" Brandon was born in Taunton, Somerset in 1997. He moved to France at a young age before returning to the UK to complete his higher education, and graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Exeter University.

Toliam began playing League of Legends in 2013, and ultimately improved due to peer pressure from his fellow classmates. He began playing competitively for his university team Guck Files as a jungler in late 2015, before being taught toplane by a player named Whatley, also from Exeter.

Toliam's champion pool was primarily Singed and Gangplank, before eventually extending to include Heimerdinger, Shaco, Rumble, Illaoi, Jax, and Tryndamere.


  • Fluent in both English and French.
  • Favourite food is pasta, and takes no sugar in his tea.

Tournament Results

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Minimum place

Toliam Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
FoC 2019 Spring Promotion
0 : 2DarkSpawn Esportslogo std.pngDSG
Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBDG
UKLC 2019 Spring
2Blanklogo std.pngPts
Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBDG

BPL Season 1 Playoffs
1 : 2New Dynastylogo std.pngND
Team Legion (Benelux Team)logo std.pngTL
BPL Season 1 - Group A
1 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Team Legion (Benelux Team)logo std.pngTL
Red Bull 5G UK 2016 South Qualifier Finals
1 : 0Logo std.pngINDE
Exeter Esportslogo std.pngEXE
 Pink Teemo,
 Venom Shrew
Red Bull 5G UK 2016 North Qualifier Finals
0 : 1Team Sublimelogo std.pngSUB
Enclave Gaminglogo std.pngENC



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