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True Sight
General Information
HostTim "Mag1c" Sevenhuysen
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The True Sight Podcast is a talkshow hosted by Tim "Mag1c" Sevenhuysen. The show provides in-depth looks into many League of Legends esports topics from the perspectives of industry insiders, broadcasters, writers, team staff, and more.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Link Length Guest Topic
15 2016-03-01 Link 23m10s Emily Rand "Are Longzhu Gaming Korea’s Second-Best Team?"
14 2016-01-25 Link 19m59s Froskurinn Snake Team Profile
13 2016-01-06 Link 26m30s Naser "Empyre" Al'Naqi "How High is NRG’s Ceiling in 2016?"
12 2015-11-25 Link 15m02s InnerFlame "How did Dignitas go about building their 2016 LCS roster?"
11 2015-11-16 Link 29m18s Jenny "Reira" Lee "What is LGD like when they're off the Rift?"
10 2015-11-13 Link 22m46s Ryan Tang "What's wrong with the NA LCS?"
9 2015-11-11 Link 37m20s Bryce "eSportsLaw" Blum The legal dispute between TSM and H2K
8 2015-11-09 Link 35m46s Kelsey Moser "What were your top five storylines from Chinese League of Legends in 2015?"
7 2015-11-04 Link 16m46s LeDuck "What are the biggest challenges facing a League of Legends coach?"
6 2015-11-01 Link 30m35s Chris Ehrenreich "What does the future of LCS coaching look like?"
5 2015-10-26 Link 22m09s Hussain Moosvi "What are the Renegades looking for in their new AD Carry?"
4 2015-10-21 Link 18m20s Shaunz "What can we learn from Europe’s success at Worlds?"
3 2015-10-19 Link 18m40s Clement Chu "How far has the LMS come?"
2 2015-10-15 Link 21m08s PapaSmithy "How much has the gap narrowed between Korea and the rest of the world?"
1 2015-10-13 Link 17m44s Emily Rand "Is KT Rolster’s Jungler, Score, a stud or a sidekick?"

True Sight Post-Game[edit]

Date Link Length Guest Game/Set
2015-10-31 Link 1h01m11s VeteranEU SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT vs. KOO Tigerslogo std.pngKOO (2015 Worlds Finals)