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Ultraliga Season 2 Promotion OQ

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Ultraliga Season 2 Promotion
Open Qualifier
UL2018 logo.png
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryPoland Poland
Start Date2019-02-25
End Date2019-03-14
Streams Twitch
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Social Media & Links
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  • Teams receive points according to their final position in each qualifier
    • 1st - 100pts
    • 2nd - 80pts
    • 3rd - 60pts
    • 4th - 50pts
    • 5th - 8th - 40pts
    • 9th - 16th - 30pts
    • 17th - 32nd - 15pts
  • The eight teams with the highest points after six qualifiers qualify for the Closed Qualifier
  • Show Tiebreaker Rules


SeedTeamQualifier 1Qualifier 2Qualifier 3Qualifier 4Qualifier 5Qualifier 6Total
1Delta Fivelogo std.pngDelta Five100100304080100450
2Logo std.pngSmutne Chmurki 86060100806080440
3Logo std.pngmy favorite inters4040401004030290
4Logo std.pngWszyscy Szczurami-80-5010050280
5Vortex Fivelogo std.pngVortex Five405080154040265
6Glitch Stormlogo std.pngGlitch Storm303030404060230
7Logo std.pngfajnanazwapl8015-304030195
8ProXima Gaminglogo std.pngProXima3301560301540190
9Logo std.pngNightmares recall Torment154040303030185
10Logo std.pngImitacja Masnej Organizacji403030153040185
11Świdrujące Tygrysylogo std.pngŚwidrujące Tygrysy--30605030170
12Logo std.pngPomarańczowe Ogórki153030153040160
13Logo std.pngLittle Kittens4501530151530155
14Logo std.pngThe Paradise-4050-3030150
15Team ESCA Gaminglogo std.pngTeam ESCA Gaming1540-301530130
16Logo std.pngTeamIntensiVeLOL30-154030-115
17Logo std.pngForsaken (Team)1530401515-115
18Logo std.pngOldBoje30-303015-105
19Logo std.pngX (Team)2303040---100
20Logo std.pngPrzemek Hopes40153015--100
21Logo std.pngquali do ultraligi POGGERS-15-15303090
22Logo std.pngDragon's Horizon30151515--75
23Logo std.pngWe here shooting15-1530-1575
24Logo std.png1STCAV ESPORT CLUB 161.R15-1540--70
25Katastrofa Awionetkilogo std.pngKatastrofa Awionetki1-15151515-60
26Logo std.pngMotywacjaPL-3015---45
27Logo std.pngBroken down-30-15--45
28Logo std.pngOrki disa---3015-45
29Logo std.pngdas Pferd--151515-45
30Logo std.pngVarcast Tigers esports---1530-45
31Logo std.pngAutisticGaming----301545
32Logo std.pngISHI GAMING30-----30
33Logo std.pngTornado team30-----30
34Logo std.pngCoinFlippers-30----30
35Logo std.pngPodwykonawcy15-15---30
36Logo std.pngZeusi o baben---30--30
37Logo std.pngGKZA--1515--30
38Logo std.pngPionki Frasha--1515--30
39Logo std.pngKameralna Kolacja---1515-30
40Logo std.pngKatastrofa Kolumny Państwowej-15---1530
41Logo std.pngTeam CAMEL15-----15
42Logo std.pngTeam Heartbeat15-----15
43Logo std.pngKlub Nocnych Dziewic15-----15
44Logo std.pngAlvernia Gaming15-----15
45Logo std.pngTeam 250415-----15
46Logo std.pngMagowiePolSl15-----15
47Logo std.pngOrzeł i Reszka15-----15
48Logo std.pngTrzeszczoszczobina15-----15
49Logo std.pngSzczepanejros15-----15
50Logo std.pngAkademia Valkiria Esports-15----15
51Logo std.pngWildManiacs-15----15
52Logo std.pngLazarus (Team)-15----15
53Logo std.pngSUP3R-15----15
54Logo std.pngmaćki12-15----15
55Logo std.pngWybrzeże Klatki Schodowej-15----15
56Logo std.pngGronostaje Puszcza-15----15
57Logo std.pngkrefdelashmil-15----15
58Logo std.pngEnergetyk eSports--15---15
59Logo std.pngAlbiven Sports--15---15
60Logo std.pngdede ulaniec--15---15
61Logo std.pngForceOne--15---15
62Logo std.pngjd maffija--15---15
63Logo std.pngBanany Harpoona--15---15
64Logo std.pngSuperius Gaming---15--15
65Logo std.pngPrime4Team----15-15
66Logo std.pngPsiny----15-15
67Logo std.pngBlue Dragons-----1515
68Logo std.pngHristun ni vlachi-----1515
69Logo std.pngRóżowe Kucyki Pony-----1515
70Logo std.pngwyrzudki c:-----1515
71Logo std.pngNo tak było-----1515
72Logo std.pngmy pro-----1515
73Logo std.pngKozaki Szymona-----1515
74Logo std.pngRefleks Szachisty-----1515
1 Katastrofa Awionetki acquired 4/5 of Fake Team's roster after the 3rd qualifier, therefore they acquired their points
2 ProXima Gaming renamed to X after the 4th qualifier
3 PEST E-sport renamed to ProXima Gaming after the 4th qualifier
4 Little Kittens acquired 4/5 of Kysiek i Spolka's roster after the 4th qualifier, therefore they acquired their points



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