Ultraliga Season 3 Promotion OQ

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Ultraliga Season 3 Promotion
Open Qualifier
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryPoland Poland
Start Date2019-07-15
End Date2019-08-05



  • Teams receive points according to their final position in each qualifier
    • 1st - 100pts
    • 2nd - 80pts
    • 3rd - 60pts
    • 4th - 50pts
    • 5th - 8th - 40pts
    • 9th - 16th - 30pts
    • 17th - 32nd - 15pts
  • The eight teams with the highest points after six qualifiers qualify for the Closed Qualifier
  • Show Tiebreaker Rules


SeedTeamQualifier 1Qualifier 2Qualifier 3Qualifier 4Qualifier 5Qualifier 6Total
1Logo std.pngPodróż za jeden uśmiech151001004030100385
2Team ESCA Gaminglogo std.pngTeam ESCA Gaming21006050801550355
3Logo std.pngCo Mówi Diss do Dissa158080608030345
4Together Esportslogo std.pngTogether Esports3030603010080330
5Diablo Chairslogo std.pngDiablo Chairs4030301003040270
6Logo std.pngteam comma18015-306040225
7Glitch Stormlogo std.pngGlitch Storm604030154040225
8WonderUslogo std.pngWonderUs405015403040215
9Logo std.pngMysiePysie4040-403030180
10Logo std.pngTeam Evolution (Polish Team)30-15505030175
11Logo std.pngThe Paradise301515304030160
12Logo std.pngKaktusy-304030-60160
13Logo std.pngEsportownia Academy151530401530145
14Logo std.pngTelter Team151530154030145
15Logo std.pngWe Ride153040-3015130
16Logo std.pngFearless (Polish Team)301530151515120
17Logo std.pngMoże być źle-40401515-110
18Logo std.pngFreeπ30-15301515105
19Logo std.pngThe Dream Team15-15153030105
20Logo std.pngUśmiech Bombelka3015151515-90
21Logo std.pngShiketsu3030--30-90
22Logo std.pngTeam CAMEL15-30-40-85
23Logo std.pngKitchen Chairs15153015--75
24Logo std.pngArctic@@@@@15-153015-75
25Logo std.pngInnovation Galaxy--1515153075
26Logo std.pngDevil Warriors eSport4015-15--70
27Logo std.pngKaruzela Emocjonalna50-15---65
28Logo std.pngCLAN IMPE153015---60
29Logo std.pngWGC1530-15--60
30Logo std.pngnazwij jak chcesz30--30--60
31Logo std.pngGromp Street-151515-1560
32Logo std.pngepapierosy :D-30-15--45
33Logo std.pngSKJ-D1 TELECOM--30--1545
34Logo std.pngCzekoladki--15-151545
35Logo std.pngCYRK6969-40----40
36Logo std.pngStark Industries--40---40
37Logo std.png:^)1515----30
38Logo std.pngPodwykonawcy-1515---30
39Logo std.pngAFT---30--30
40Logo std.pngLast Man Standing15---15-30
41Logo std.pngLast Chance----30-30
42Logo std.pngCleanKill----151530
43Logo std.pngnie wiem nie mam pomysłu15-----15
44Logo std.pngHPE15-----15
45Logo std.pngTornada Janny15-----15
46Logo std.pngGumki Terror-15----15
47Logo std.pngGenZ-15----15
48Logo std.pngPEST E-sport-15----15
49Logo std.pngPolar Bears esport just like that-15----15
50Logo std.pngBorki Boba-15----15
51Logo std.pngEmperorTeam--15---15
52Logo std.pngE1X.GG--15---15
53Logo std.pngiPhoneGalaxy--15---15
54Logo std.pngElement of Surprise---15--15
55Logo std.pngpo to żeby zagrać---15--15
56Logo std.pngJW Team---15--15
57Logo std.pngGreenTeam---15--15
58Logo std.pngVexon----15-15
59Logo std.pngG2 Academy (Polish Team)----15-15
60Logo std.pngMenele-----1515
61Logo std.pngORK-----1515
62Logo std.pngHTL Esport-----1515
63Logo std.pngFreePi academy-----1515
64Logo std.pngGramy na hotspocie z maka-----1515
65Logo std.pngTo determine-----1515
66Logo std.pngSagacity Gaming-----1515
67Logo std.pngBukowskie Koksowniki-----1515
1 team comma acquired at least 3/5 of team,'s roster after the 1st qualifier, therefore they acquired their points
2 Kto to? renamed to Team ESCA Gaming after the 4th qualifier, therefore they acquired their points



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