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Did you fail elementary school math?

LS was cheating in 2007, he was born in 1993. 2007 - 1993 = 12??? seriously mate, engage your brain before you use your fingers ...

Hey, why was our team page deleted ? - It doesn't meet our notability guidelines: - Kaelegrisen

We have a lot of championships. We actively participate in ESM tournaments every week... Ex:

This doesn't count towards our notability guidelines, cause tournament is too minor. Team and players should at least play in an ERL or TCL/TCL Academy to be considered. - Kaelegrisen

i understand thank u, so if we are champions in the ESM tournament, can you open us an approved leaguepedia team page? because the ESM LoL Cup appears on your tournaments tab. (Europe)

No problem! ESM doesn't count either, sorry! - Kaelegrisen

Why did my picture of the roster change got refused ? did i forget something, did i do something wrong. Im new here and after some rules i still dont understand. I would like an explanation, ty -SK