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v8 eSports

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Team has disbanded.
v8 eSports
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Team Information
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North America
North America
SponsorEnuzi Clothing
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The v8 eSports League of Legends team was created in 2011 some time before the IEM New York qualifiers. In 2012 after IPL4, four of the active starters, muffinqt, aphromoo, Unstoppable, and TakashiX left the team. v8 has since become inactive. V8 was a fresh team, giving chance to new found talent to prove themselves in the ring of professional gaming. Not everybody gets to compete with or against the very best, but a lot would love to be given the chance, and that is the exact ideology that was driven V8 eSports. V8 gave the opportunity to teams to compete at a high level by supplying them with any VOIP needs and Dedicated Server support. V8 closed the door by the end of 2011 due to some internal conflicts with it's staff and players.


  • 2011
  • 2012

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
TreeEskimo Ian Glinsman 11Top None 2011-10-012011-10-01 ???
Lexvink Kelvin Li 12Jungle Monomaniaclogo std.pngMonomaniac eSports 2011-10-012011-10-01 2012-06-162012-06-16
Muffinqt Jacob Lowry 15Support Mtwlogo std.pngmTw North America 2011-10-012011-10-01 2012-04-262012-04-26
TakashiX Keith Horita 80AP 4notlogo std.pngTEAM4NOT.NA 2011-10-012011-10-01 2012-04-222012-04-22
Aphromoo Zaqueri Black 14Bot Epik Gamerlogo std.pngEpik Gamer 2011-10-012011-10-01 2012-04-132012-04-13
Unstoppable Johnny Tran 12Jungle Epik Gamerlogo std.pngEpik Gamer 2011-10-012011-10-01 2012-04-132012-04-13
PhantomL0rd James Varga 80AP Ordinancelogo std.pngOrdinance Gaming 2011-10-012011-10-01 2011-10-182011-10-18
Cop David Roberson 14Bot Logo std.pngBlight Gaming ??? ???


ID Name Position
Hexo Sam Bouchard Co-Founder
Simon Co-Founder
Alex Graphical Director


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

v8 eSports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2012-04-085 - 6$1,250$ 1,250€ 950 IPL 4 Las Vegas
0 : 2Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG
 TreeEskimo,  Unstoppable,  TakashiX,  Aphromoo,  Muffinqt
2012-02-261 IPL 4 Las Vegas Qualifiers
2 : 1Aaalogo std.pngaAa
 TreeEskimo,  Unstoppable,  TakashiX,  Aphromoo,  Muffinqt
2012-02-245 - 8 Curse Invitational - Online
1 : 2Epik Gamerlogo std.pngEPIK
 TreeEskimo,  UnstoppableX,  TakashiX,  Aphromoo,  Muffinqt
2011-12-185 - 6 NESL Premier League 2
0 : 2Dignitaslogo std.pngDIG
2011-10-167 - 8$2,000$ 2,000€ 1,440 IEM Season 6 New York
0 : 2Unrlogo std.pngUNR
 TreeEskimo,  Lexvink,  Phantoml0rd,  Aphromoo,  Muffinqt
2011-10-095 - 8 IPL 3 Atlantic City
0 : 2Epik Gamerlogo std.pngEPIK
 TreeEskimo,  Lexvink,  PhantomL0rd,  Aphromoo,  Muffinqt
Total Prize:USD 3,250

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