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Player has retired.
BKT Valen IWCI 2015.png
Background Information
NamePanupong Pimdee
Country of BirthThailand Thailand
Competitive IDsPhreak
Team History
May 2013 - Jun 2013
Flashdivelogo std.pngFlashdive
Jun 2013 - ??? 2014
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH Flashdive
Nov 2014 - May 2015
Btlogo std.pngBangkok Titans

Panupong "Valen" Pimdee is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously support for Bangkok Titans. He was previously known as Phreak.


Season 3[edit]

Panupong "Phreak" Pimdee joined Flashdive as the starting support for the 2013 LCS Pro League Thailand June. The team achieved a 1st place finish and was afterward picked up by Made in Thailand Esports (MiTH) to become MiTH Flashdive. Phreak renamed to Valen and continued to compete for the team. MiTH Flashdive also came in 1st for the July season, receiving the highest seeding into playoffs. However, the team fell in the finals to Bangkok Titans, ultimately achieving a 2nd place finish. The team bounced back at the Thailand Grand Championship 2013, where they defeated Bangkok Titans 3-0 in the final round.

2014 Season[edit]

Valen filled in as AD carry for part of the 2014 Thailand Pro League Winter, before returning to support for the rest of the tournament. The team ultimately finished 2nd, behind Bangkok Titans. Afterward, Valen left MiTH Flashdive. He remained teamless for most of the year, but joined Bangkok Titans in November as a substitute support.[1] The starting support, InTreso, left a month later, and Valen was called to fill in for the team.

2015 Season[edit]

Valen competed with Bangkok Titans during the 2015 Garena Premier League Spring. The team performed well, finishing with an 11-1 record in Group Stage. During playoffs, they made it to the finals, where they were defeated by Saigon Fantastic Five. However, Saigon Fantastic Five encountered visa issues shortly thereafter and were unable to attend the 2015 International Wildcard Invitational. As a result, Bangkok Titans were asked to attend instead. Before the tournament, the team picked up Moss from rival organization Team Infinite. Moss replaced Valen as the starting support, while Valen returned to a substitute role. In May, Valen left the team.


Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Valen Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2015-08-021 TPL 2015 Summer Season
3 : 0Go To Sleeplogo std.pngGTS
Btlogo std.pngBKT WarL0cK,  Moss,  007x,  G4,  Lloyd,  Valen
2015-04-122 GPL 2015 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3FantasticFiveLogo std.pngSF5
Btlogo std.pngBKT WarL0cK,  007x,  G4,  Lloyd,  Valen,  SVBU
2015-03-302 GPL 2015 Spring
3-2-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
Btlogo std.pngBKT WarL0cK,  007x,  G4,  Lloyd,  Valen
2015-03-281 TPL 2015 Spring Season
3 : 1Team Toxiclogo std.pngTTX
Btlogo std.pngBKT WarL0cK,  007x,  G4,  Lloyd,  Valen
2015-01-285 - 6 IEM Season 9 Taipei
0 : 2Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngyoe.FW
Btlogo std.pngBKT WarL0cK,  007x,  G4,  Lloyd,  Valen
2014-01-122 TPL 2014 Winter Season
0 : 3Btlogo std.pngBKT
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH FD PSK,  Decrow,  XIII,  G4,  Valen,  Sek,  Zanfas,  Laymonoob
2013-11-299 - 17 World Cyber Games 2013
2 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH FD PSK,  XIII,  G4,  Boss,  Valen
2013-10-201 Thailand Grand Championship 2013
3 : 0Btlogo std.pngBKT
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH FD PSK,  XIII,  G4,  Boss,  Valen
2013-07-211 WCG 2013 Thailand Qualifiers
3 : 1Team Infinitelogo std.pngiFin
MiTH Flashdivelogo std.pngMiTH FD PSK,  XIII,  G4,  Boss,  Valen




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