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DRX Cvmax.png
Background Information
NameKim Dae-ho (김대호)
Country of BirthSouth Korea South Korea
BirthdayJuly 7, 1990 (age 29)
TeamDragonXlogo std.pngDragonX
Previous Role(s)Top Laner
Competitive IDsVision
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2014 - ??? 2014
Top Laner
Samsunglogo std.pngSamsung Blue
Jan 2014 - Jul 2015
Top Laner
Rebels Anarchylogo std.pngRebels Anarchy
Jul 2017 - Sep 2019
Griffinlogo std.pngGriffin
Nov 2019 - Nov 2019
DragonXlogo std.pngDragonX
Nov 2019 - Nov 2019
Suspendedlogo std.pngSuspended
Nov 2019 - Present
DragonXlogo std.pngDragonX

Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho (Hangul: 김대호) is a League of Legends esports player, currently coach for DragonX.


2014 Season[edit]

Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho originally played for Samsung Galaxy Blue under the name Vision as a top lane substitute. He never played any games with the team and he left sometime in 2014 to join Anarchy.

2015 Season[edit]

cvMax joined Anarchy before the start of ITENJOY NLB Summer 2014 where they made it to the platinum league but lost in the second round 2-0 to Incredible Miracle 2. They played in Challenger Korea Spring 2015 Series 1 and won with a 3-2 victory over Winners. Anarchy didn't fare so well in the Challenger Korea Spring 2015 Series 2 where they lost 2-0 in the first round to Hungry. They still earned enough points to qualify for the Champions Summer 2015 Promotion where they qualified for SBENU Champions Summer 2015 after going 1-1 against Incredible Miracle and Winners. Ikssu joined the team just after the tournament to share the starting top lane position with cvMax. CvMax retired on July 24, 2015.

After his retirement, cvMax started streaming regularly in China. His stream gained popularity and people praised him for his aggressive carry playstyle.

2017 Season[edit]

He continued streaming until July, when he joined Griffin as a coach.

2018 Season[edit]

cvMax was promoted to head coach of Griffin in preparation for the new season. He was praised by many for his new and innovative strategies, leading the team to an undefeated CK Spring Season. He and the team went on to qualify for LCK Summer via the LCK Summer Promotion.

2019 Season[edit]

On September 25, Griffin announced that cvMax had been released from the team, not long before their participation in Worlds 2019.[10]


Prior to cvMax's suspension, in October 2019, Riot launched an investigation into Griffin. During the investigation, they were notified that cvMax had taken physically and verbally violent measures during his time with the team. Riot investigated further, and following statements from witness(es), was able to identify that there was violence towards some of the players. As this is against LCK rules, Riot imposed an indefinite suspension on cvMax.[11] However, the suspension was withheld just over a week later, with Riot admitting shortcomings in the investigation procedure.[12]

For a timeline of events and related media, see here.


  • Despite being a substitute for Samsung Blue, he never played a single game on stage.
  • Is a huge fan of Slam Dunk and Batman.

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

CvMax Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2020-05-290050065 - 6 Mid-Season Cup 2020
2 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
DragonXlogo std.pngDRX Doran,  Pyosik,  Chovy,  Deft,  Keria,  cvMax,  Meosung
2020-04-160030003 LCK 2020 Spring
14 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
DragonXlogo std.pngDRX Chovy,  Doran,  Pyosik,  Quad,  Deft,  Keria,  cvMax
2020-01-040030043 - 4 KeSPA Cup 2019
0 : 3Afreeca Freecslogo std.pngAF
DragonXlogo std.pngDRX Doran,  Pyosik,  Chovy,  Deft,  Keria,  cvMax
2019-08-310020002 LCK 2019 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Doran,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax,  Chaos
2019-08-180010001 LCK 2019 Summer
13 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Doran,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax,  Chaos
2019-04-130020002 LCK 2019 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax,  Chaos
2019-03-310010001 LCK 2019 Spring
15 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax,  Chaos
2018-12-310010001 KeSPA Cup 2018
3 : 0Gen.Glogo std.pngGEN
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  Kabbie,  cvMax,  Chaos
2018-09-140030003 Korea Regional Finals 2018
2 : 3Gen.Glogo std.pngGEN
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax
2018-09-080020002 LCK 2018 Summer Playoffs
2 : 3KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT
Griffinlogo std.pngGRF Sword,  Tarzan,  Chovy,  Viper,  Lehends,  cvMax


  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020



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